Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School House Rawks

I now interrupt this blogging silence to inform you that I am officially a "mother of school-aged children."  This past week all three kids headed into the public school system as our summer came to an abrupt but not altogether unwelcome end.  

Judging from this picture, this will be one heckuva year.

Tbone: 4th Grade, has same teacher JBird had.  This should be interesting.
JBird: Big 6th Grader, they switch classes throughout the day to "mimic middle school."  I might mimic the fetal position thinking about my little JBird in middle school next year.

Then, on Wednesday, a little sweetykinz became a Kindergartener!  What's funny is she has the same teacher that both TBone and JBird had.  She likes having her two brothers there and asks every adult she comes in contact with "Do you know my brothers? I look just like Tbone."  The librarian told JBird all about it.

She is in the afternoon class and that morning of the first day of school was torture.  She asked me if it was time to go every 5 minutes.  I finally had to threaten that if she asked me again she wasn't going to kindergarten.  Thank goodness she didn't call my bluff.  

There was a mom there who was crying.  She was wiping the tears away under her sunglasses.

This emotion on such a glorious day is foreign to me.

I high-fived Standsmom and got the ayche outta there.

Hooray for school!