Friday, April 30, 2010

My Birthday

That's right.  

It's my birthday. 

I'm 35 today.  

And I have no internet so I've been forced to come to the library and mooch off of their wireless (which they encourage, btw).

The first day of my next 35 years is not starting out very well.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

AI: Results, Labor of Love

Hey, did you know there's a new Shrek movie coming out?  There is.

Bottom Three:


Here are the current point standings:

Jespy: 2 (25)
Eeka: 5 (24)
Landee: 4 (23)
Memz: 5 (22)
AV: 4 (20) 
HotP: 5 (20)
Flem: 2 (19) 
Jana: 2 (19)
Anna: 4 (19)
 Markie: 2 (17)
 Stands: 0 (16)
 cog: 1 (16)
 Stacky: 1 (14)
 Mikey: 4 (14)
 Kimi: 1 (13)
 RoddTodd: 4 (13)
 SolidGold: 1 (10)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A paint salesman, a high school student, a mother, a father, a construction worker blower?

PS I can't believe that crappy show raised $45mill.  I mean, I'm glad I guess. I just can't believe it.
PSS What the heck is Kara wearing around her neck??  Looks itchy.  And ugly.
PSSS Shania week.  Gag.

"You're Still the One"

I love Lee.  I really do.  He seemed a bit nervous tonight though.  I don't know why, he just did.  And he did have a bit of a crooked mouth kickin' tonight which I've never seen him do before.  But yeah.  I still like him.  I'm just thinking that if this was the first time I'd ever seen him I wouldn't be all that impressed.

"It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"

 Is it a compliment to be told you sound like Luther Vandross?  I'm gonna go ahead and say no.  I think Ellen was trying to tell America Mike is lame without having to come out and say it.   And what was with Shania swaying?  And tearing up?  C'mon.   I wonder if Mike had this song in his Super Secret AI Song Wishes journal. 


OMGosh!!!!!!  Casey & I have the same hair!  He must use BigSexyHair Curly stuff, Biosilk and a flat iron to curl that gorgeous mane of his.  But besides that, best. of. the. night. so. far, dawg.  He's back to channeling Eddie Vedder and I like it.  A lot.  Well played, Casey.  Well played.

"No One Needs To Know"

I am so sick of her voice and schtick I cannot even tell you.  Just hearing her practicing with Shania made my skin crawl.   And that huge feather earring is not the salve to my itchy skin.   Her performance sucked.  I don't even buy that it was just the lesser of her plethora of brilliant performances.  It was boring.  And she has no eyes, btw.

"You've Got A Way"

I had forgotten about him.  Here comes the high school student.  Eh.....k.  He's not sucking in his usual fashion.  Leave it to him to make picking who goes home tonight difficult!  Seeing him on the verge of tears when he mentioned making love to his aunt/mom was heartbreaking.

"Any Man of Mine"

Gave birth.  Wearing a gun holster.

(photo courtesy of SolidGold who got it from who-the-freak-knows??)






Kim:crystal, she___, AARON
Mikey:crystal, aaron, SHE___
Flem:aaron, casey, MIKE
Markie:mike, she___, CRYSTAL
Memzy:crystal, mike, SHE___
Cog:lee, crystal, MIKE
Anna:crystal, aaron, SHE___
AV:aaron, crystal, SHE___
Jespy: aaron, she___, MIKE
Eeka:mike, aaron, SHE___
Stands:(on a friggin' cruise)
HotPants:aaron, mike, SHE___
Jana:aaron, she___, MIKE
Stacey:crystal, mike, AARON
RT:crystal, aaron, SHE___
SolidGold:crystal, she___, AARON

Monday, April 26, 2010

We Made It.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AI: Idol Gives Baby Got Back

I'm talking about Alicia Keys up there, y'all.  What in the sateen pleated jumpsuit???  Hideous.

Other scary sights: Michelle Obama's eyes and muscles, Fergie's inner thighs, Tati's hair cut, Victoria Beckham

Btw, seeing the Top 12 back is like seeing people raised from the dead.  Cuz, this season,  that's what their careers are the second they get kicked off.

::FFWD through most of this freakin' show::

Bottom Three: Casey, Aaron, TIM

Congrats to Flem for being the only person with Casey in the bottom three (although she took it too far and said he got booted) and congrats to HotPants and Mikey for being the only people to choose Tim to go this week.  And Mikey picked two weeks ago!  Amazing.


Jespy: 2 (23)
 Eeka: 1 (19)
Landee: 2 (19)
 Flem: 2 (17) 
 Memz: 2 (17)
 Jana: 2 (17)
 Stands: 2 (16)
 AV: 2 (16) 
 HotP: 5 (15)
 cog: 0 (15)
 Anna: 2 (15)
 Markie: 2 (15)
 Stacky: 2 (13)
 Kimi: 2 (12)
 Mikey: 3 (10)
 SolidGold: 1 (9)
 RoddTodd: 1 (9)

AI: Top 7 Recap

I'm tired.  I have a busy day tomorrow.  I've only eaten half of the normal amount of chocolate I usually eat a day.  I'm gonna make this short.  Luckily I only had seven people to sit through.  Lucky for you too.

"Inspirational songs," let's go.

"Don't Stop"

 What in the Huey Lewis?  I feel we are growing apart.  I'm not willing to kick him to the curb just yet but, dude.  Go back to the Pearl Jam vibe. Quick.

"The Boxer"

Chills. This reminded me of Kris Allen's performance of Once.  The song choice?  Perfect.  The execution of said song choice?  Fabulous.  I loved it.  I love him.  He's definitely in the front of the pack now.  Not even close.

"Better Days"

I'm not a fan of French Onion soup.  So I guess Timmy is my French Onion soup this week, as per Ellen.  He sounded OH KAY but I wasn't into it.  It was like he was fake connecting to the song.  I think someone told him that if he tipped his head back a little and closed his eyes that we'd think he was feelin' the song.   I'm not falling for it.  But yes, he did look good in that henley.  Like, super good.

"I Believe I Can Fly"

 Oh GAG.  Is there a worst song than this out there?  Huh?  HUH?  I couldn't even stand to listen to this crap.  He's soooooo cliche and lame.  Elvis week=Blue Suede Shoes.  Inspirational Song=this.  Can you imagine the ridiculous music he'd try to put out later if he won this thing?  I shudder at the thought.

"When You Believe"

"It sounded like a musical," said Kara.   I totally agree.
"The leaves distracted me," stated Simon.  I couldn't agree more.
"She speaks at half the speed of a normal person," said I.  And then had to remember Lee to think of why I still watch this show.


Lemme get this straight, out of the 200 songs he had written in his little dream journal, he chose this one?  Hmmmm...o.....kay?   I'm so glad they replaced his normal sized guitar (which looked like a ukulele next to his hulking mass of a body) with one made for a half-giant.   Proportions are key.  As for the  Who cares?

"People Get Ready"

I think someone read my post last week about how all her performances were the same.  Cuz this one was very different from her other performances.  I liked the acapella stuff at the beginning.  So I'm going along, kinda enjoying myself,  moving my head a little with the beat...then what in the ugly cry??  Choking sobs! Yuck!  So embarrassing!  I physically cringed.  Plus, just because someone cries does not automatically make their performance brilliant.  Fhs.  It was good but standing ovation?  Tears shmears.  Did you just think pap?  Yer gross.  ::EDIT:::  Tooootally forgot to mention the no cry in the recap!!!  They must have used the footage from the dress rehearsal??  I call foul! That's cheating!  We needed to see the hideousness again at the very end to make sure no one voted for her.  I think the AI Execs have a favorite ::singsongy::

 My picks for the bottom three:


Going home:


I'm sure ^^^ is wishful thinking but I'm hoping that by writing it down it will make it come true. 


Flem: Aaron, Siobhan, CASEY
Kimi: Aaron, Tim, MIKE
RT: Mike, Aaron, SIOBHAN
SolidGold: Aaron, ShaButterflies, MIKE
HotPants: Aaron, Tim, (she'll get back to me)
AV: Tim, Aaron SIOBHAN
Markie: Tim, Mike, AARON
Mikey: Mike, Andy, TIM (remember she had to pick two in a row.  I think Andy might be int the bottom tho, teehee)
Jespy: Tim Mike AARON
Memzy: Aaron, Tim, SHELOSER
Jana: Tim Shebangs AARON
Anna: Aaron, Tim, SHEBANGS
Stands: Aaron, Tim, SIOBHAN
Eeka: Siobhan, Mike, AARON
Stacey:  Siobhan, Tim, AARON

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oscar & Felix

A little quiz for you.  And I apologize in advance because it's a toughy.  But I think that if you put your thinking cap on and try reeeeeeeal hard, you might be able to figure it out.

The question is this..... Whose toothpaste & toothbrushes are these??  (Answer at bottom of post)

 We have Person A:

 Neatly rolled up tube of toothpaste.  Cap on.  6 month old toothbrush rinsed thoroughly.  Bristles used but not abused.

Person B:

 Toothpaste tube looks as if it's been strangled to death.  Cap no where to be seen.  Nasty residue over the entire tube.  6 month old toothbrush appears as if it has never been rinsed.  Bristles splayed like they've been used to scrub a brick wall clean.  Bristles feel like Elmer's glue had been poured on and then allowed to dry.

Here are some hints:  These two people share a bathroom.  A while ago one of these mysterious persons asked if they could plzthanks have their OWN tube of toothpaste rather than having to share with other mysterious person. Both of these people were raised by the same people and, subsequently, taught to brush their teeth in the exact same way. 

K.  Make your guesses.  I know, it's a doozy.

                                                                                                     A                                                                   B

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


First, here's the votes as compiled by me via text, comments, emails, FB (bold peeps going home):

Anna: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
AV: Katie, Andy, Aaron
Kimi: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
RT: Aaron, Andy, Shebone
Mikey: Andy, Aaron, Shebone
Landee: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Memzy: Katie, Andy, Aaron
HotPants: Aaron, Andy, Shebone
Eeka: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Jespy: Aaron, Andy, Katie
Jana: Shebone, Aaron, Andy
Markie: Tim, Andy, Shebone
SolidGold: Shebone, Andy, Aaron
Cog: Katie, Aaron, Andrew
Flem: Aaron, Mike, Andy
Stands: Shebone, Andy, Mike
Stacey: Shebone, Katie, Andy

Results Show Notes:
  • Most painful group number to date.
  • This was Andy's chance to sing Str8 UP!  What the?  He deserves to go if he's gonna put us all to sleep with his parting song fhs. ::putting 3 points in my column::
  • "No mas malaria!"
  • Brooke White singing with some creepy vampire lookin' dood.  
  • Adam sings.  TBone is watching.  TBone has strange look on his face.  During chorus I say "Well, TBone....whattaya want from him?"  TBone says, "A new song."
  • Katie gone!!  ::adding 3 more points to my column and getting bugged Jespy and Eeka copied me::
  • Watch recap of Andy and Katie's "journeys" on AI and realize Lee is gonna be super saddy facin.  I saddy face for Lee for .02 seconds til I see my 6 points again then I'm over it.
  • Realize they never said who the 3rd person was in the Bottom Three. Crap.
  • Did you know Ricky Miner is gonna take over for Kevin Eubanks on The Jay Leno Show? AI can lose Pauler.  They can lose Simon.  They can add Kara.  But without Ricky this show blows.
 Point Standings:

Jespy: 8 (21)
 Eeka: 8 (18)
Landee: 8 (17)
 Flem: 4 (15) 
 Memz: 4 (15)
 Jana: 4 (15)
 cog: 5 (15)
 Stands: 4 (14)
 AV: 5 (14)
 Anna: 4 (13)
 Markie: 4 (13)
 Stacky: 8 (11)
 Kimi: 4 (10)
 HotP: 4 (10)
 SolidGold: 4 (8)
 RoddTodd: 4 (8)
 Mikey: 1 (7) <--- in her defense, she submitted her picks a couple of days ago as she is off gallivanting around Europe.  She already made her picks for next week too.  She's gonna be ticked when Andy won't be in the bottom three next week.

I am soooooo back in this!  ::giving myself a hand-made "Most Improved" award::

AI: Top 9 {again}

Whattaya want from me???   Whattaya want from me?

 I'm telling you, these posts are becoming more and more difficult to write.  The contestants (for the most part) are blah. Their performances (for the most part) are blah.  And now I have to endure ELVIS week with Adam Lambert as the mentor?  Srsly?  AI is practically begging me to stop watching.   If I were on the show I wouldn't listen to a thing Adam said.  He came in second place fhs.  Which, really, is just first loser.  He's not gonna be on the poster behind future auditions, is he?  No.  ::plugging ears and singing LALALALALA really loud when he gives me advice:: <---cuz we're still pretending like I'm a contestant, remember?

 Anyway, let's begin....

 I don't remember and refuse to go back and rewatch

 This performance reminded me of something....what was it....hmmm.....::tapping finger on side of head and looking thoughtful::  Oh yeah!  All. Her. Other. Performances.  That's what the judges mean when they say "another solid performance" btw.  It's code for "you're boring but you don't suck so what can we say?"  You're lucky you have me here to crack the judges' codes and stuff.

 Hound Dog song

::ggghhuuuuccchhhhhssssszzzz::  <--- that's me snoring the second he started singing.  Wow.  That was a str8 up snoozefest!  I mean, I can't even pretend to like that performance.  Superdeedooperdee boring.  I hate to say it but I think I'm falling out of like with Andrew.  I'm gonna have my BFF tell his BFF that we are breaking up.  Or I guess these days I could just text him?  Man, kids have it easy now.

 Can't Help Falling In Heart With You

Adam loves Tim, Adam loves Tim ::said all grade school taunty::  Adam was practically begging Tim to sing in his upper register so he'd sound more feminine.  He claimed it "sounded pretty."  Turban didn't listen, btw.  The last thing this Catholic boy was gonna do was take orders from Adam Lambert, believe me on this.   This reminded me of Jason Castro's performance of Hallelujah.  Very simple, tender, raw.  I liked it.  I like him.  I might make him my new boyfriend since Andy and I broke up.

Little Less Conversation

Oh he would sing my favorite American Idol Elvis song!!!  Of course he would!  Remember when Jon Peter Lewis did this one??  And Daughtry?  This is the song all the cool kids pick.  Lee now being added to this prestigious list.  Loved it.  Love him.

Blue Suede Shoes

 He's, like, the opposite of Lee.  Of course he's got his collar's Elvis night!  Duh!  And of course he's gonna sing Blue Suede Shoes!  What other Elvis songs are there, right?'re young and dumb.  I'm done.

Suspicious Minds

Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Her hair--sideburns!  Her outfit-- naughty senior executive suit!  Her singing-- eh.  I mean, she worked in her screechy high note so that's good (for her).  But I did like her sassing back to the judges a bit about "what kind of singer she is" because I've always disagreed with their philosophy that every performance needs to be the same as the others (i.e. Crystal).   I like a little variety.  I've heard it's the spice of life.

In the Ghetto

Oh man.  This song reminds me of Taylor Hicks.  That is not a good association, btw.  My nose was wrinkled up in disgust from the get-go.  And then there was Mike sitting there "telling a story" as usual.  I just wanted to stand up and scream BLAH BLAH BLAH already!  Then the judges were all rushed (they all wanted to watch Glee just as bad as we did) so Simon laid it on reeeeeal thick how good he had done to make it seem like they had made the right decision in saving him.  Whatevs.  I'm not falling for that crap. I hope you didn't either.

Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do? (or something like that)

I took no notes here cuz I was too busy making Katie Grandma jokes via text.

Down in Misery (?)

Jenny thought it might have been called "Lawdy Miss Claudy."  Who cares tho, right?  He looked good with his hair back in a pony.  No curling iron for him this week.  And it was entertaining.  And he kills on that guitar.  It's a bit "another solid performance-y" but I forgive him more than Crystal. 


Double whammy this week so choose carefully, my friends.

My bottom three:


PS Ryan's Dunkleman joke was the funniest thing ever.  I forgot to mention.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Somethings Are Best Forgotten

I'm kind of at a strange point right now where, if I'm gonna have another baby, I should probably get going on that ASAP.  I mean, Beebs is four years old now so there is already quite a gap and it's not getting any smaller.  But then I think that having my youngest be four and not having anymore kids could actually be quite heavenly.  I know what I'm dealing with now, right?  Who knows what I'd get next!!

This is all just abstract thinking however, because our history of getting pregnant isn't exactly easy.  We may not be able to have anymore.  Who knows?  With Clomid helping it took us 1 month to get pregnant with JBird.  3 months to get pregnant with TBone and then 8 months with no success, taking a break, trying again for 3 months to get pregnant with Beebs.  Do you see a pattern here?

Anyway, as some of you know I used to have another blog on another blogging site.  It's telling me I've had it since March 18, 2005, to be exact.  Having my sister join blogspot has made me nostalgic for my old posts so I went there today to peruse some of my posts from long ago.  I got to around when Beebee was born and, I'm telling ya, I shouldn't have read these posts at this point in my life.  It might have tipped the scale in the "I think we have enough kids" direction.

Check out this one:


So, in case you hadn't heard, I'm 8 months pregnant and stuff.  I know I hardly ever mention it but lately it has become all consuming.  It's like I can't do anything with out being reminded that I'm in such a state.  I thought I'd do a quick top ten list in honor of this situation.


10.  Getting up in the morning and walking to the bathroom with out having to a) take a breather on the edge of the bed first just from sitting up and b) limp because my lower back is killing me.

9.  Blow drying my hair and whatnot with out having to sit on a chair (it's exhausting).

8.  Eating when ever I want and whatever I want.  Not when Fokker RN tells me to.

7.  ***** (edited for blogspot)

6.  Wearing pants that actually stay up.

5.  Laying flat on my back and reading a book or laying on my stomach to sleep.  This left or right side only thing is killing me softly.

4. I'm not a fan of random people pretending to be sincere and asking "How are you feeling?"   "How are you doing these days?"  I mean, how good could I possibly be doing . . . really.

3.  Putting on a pair of socks with out having to hold my breath and contort my leg to the point of pain.

2.  No back fat.

1. Coughing without peeing myself a little.  

And this one regarding life with a newborn:


Beware: Baby On Board

Consider this your official warning:  THE ROADS ARE NOT SAFE!!

Why, you ask?   It's not because of the inexperienced teen-age drivers.  It's not because of the old people who still feel they are capable of driving but, in fact, haven't had the capacity to drive for 10 years (Grandpa Grumpy was a prime example of this).  It's not even because of the drunk drivers out there. 

No, it's because of all the mothers on the road.  The mothers who are speeding as fast as they can home from a soccer game because their baby is SCREAMING in the back seat.  The mother who is reaching back to said baby and trying to stuff a binki in his/her mouth which is only ticking the baby off more.  The mother who is trying to drive with the screaming baby and two boys who are arguing over whether or not YuGiOh and Pokemon are the same show.  At the same time this mother is trying to remain calm by drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper and changing CDs to something a little more soothing. 

Srsly, as I was driving home last night with my perfectly behaved children in the back riding along in silence and my hands at 10 and 2, I saw all of this occurring in the mini-van next to me.  It was disturbing to say the least.  ::ahem::

And this one cuz it was so funny but has nothing to do with pregnancy:


Conversation which took place 10 minutes ago:

Me: Tbone, how many boogers do you think you eat a day?

Tbone:  All of them.

That last one makes me remember how funny kids are though.  

Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AI: I'm Sooooo Done with this Stupid Show

This week was not my fault.

No one could have seen this coming and, my friends, no one did.

 I knew from the start something big was gonna happen as Ryan did a little foreshadowing in his intro..."Prepare yourself for a surprise or two. A-MERican Idol."  ::cue music::  Fine. 

That and the fact that Mikey told me on FB it was gonna be a shock fest prepped me for the worst.  But it wasn't enough.  My jaw still dropped open.  Twice.

 Anyway, bullet points:
  • Archy2 is the worst lipsyncer on earth.
  • Shilame is the best lipsyncer.  She looked like she was singing a glam rock song into her bathroom mirror at home.
  •  Is the band fake playing?  
  • Of COURSE Katie was singing to her Grandma!  "Let the alzheimer's Be, let it be, let it be, oh let it be..."  Totally makes sense.
  • All girls are safe...I hate this show.
  • Jason "MJ" DeRulo.  Those moves were ungood.  It was like he took a "Michael Jackson Dance Fever" class at his gym.  But I didn't FFwd.
  • Archy1.0: The Original!  He sounded really good.  Like, really really good.  It made me miss him and I never was a huge fan.  He looks older too, which I didn't think was possible.  Is it the combed forward hair?
  •  Rihanna.  You're terrible.  ::FFwd::
  • Gee, I wonder which of the two groups here are the bottom three??  (hint: it better be the one on the right so I at least get one point) Yay!  One point for me! <--- insert sarcastic voice cuz one point blows.
  • Aaron sent to safety????  K, now I really hate this show.
  • Not one person picked BigMike to go home.
  • Thank goodness no one picked BigMike to go cuz now I don't have to decide what to do with points since the judges wasted their save on his huge derriere. 
Point Totals for Tonight and (Overall):

 Jespy: 2 (13)
 Flem: 3 (11) <--- only one to nail the bottom three correctly.  Wha? How did we let this happen? 
 Memz: 2 (11)
 Jana: 2 (11)
 cog: 2 (10)
 Eeka: 1 (10)
 Stands: 2 (10)
 Anna: 1 (9)
 AV: 2 (9)
 Markie: 2 (9)
 Landee: 1 (9)
 Kimi: 2 (6)
 Mikey: 1 (6)
 HotP: 1 (6)
 SolidGold: 1 (4)
 RoddTodd: 2 (4)
 Stacky: 1 (3)

Soooooper low scoring week, you gize.  We were all bamboozled.  But now next week could potentially be enormous for a few people who are smart enough to pick the TWO peeps being sent home.  That's 6 points right there.  Plus a correct bottom three could net someone a cool 9 points just like that!

I'm gonna focus on next week and forget this week ever happened.  I'm guessing most of you are going to do the same.

AI: Most Votes Are Cast

America has voted & the polls are closed but you can still submit your picks here (where your votes actually count for something unlike the electoral college system)!  You can still join in the festivities even if you've never voted before cuz some peeps are sucking and you won't have much ground to make up.

Here are the votes so far.  The one chosen to go home is in bold.

Landee: Katie, Aaron, Siobhan

Mikey: Shiobhan, Aaron, Tim

Memzy (caught her before surgery): Andy, Aaron, Siobhan

Flem: Mike, Andy, Aaron

AV: Aaron, Andy, Siobhan

Jana: Mike, Siobhan, Aaron

Kimi: Siobhan, Andy, Aaron

RT: Siobhan, Aaron, Andy

SolidGold: Siobhan, Andy, Tim

Stands: Aaron, Katie, Andy

Jespy: Aaron, Katie, Andy

Markie: Andy, Siobhan, Aaron

Anna: Aaron, Tim, Siobhan

HotPants: Aaron, Tim, Shiobhan <--she'll get back to me.

Eeka: "bottom three: timmy archie shebangs.  Going home is archie and judges will not save him ecen tho Simon will take pity on him and wish him the best of luck.  Also think Ryan will ask Randy who he thinks is going home and Randy will say "I dont know I dont know.  Thats a hard one".  How many points do I get if I get it all right?"

Cog: Tim, Mike, Andy & his necktat.

Stacky: Aaron, Tim, Katie

AI: Top 9 Didgeridoos

It's the Golden Show!  Top 9 of the 9th Season!  I'm obviously trying to get excited about something this season.

So, srsly tho folks, I've decided the beauty of this season is that there really are no clear favorites.  It seems like with other seasons we just sat back and watched as one-by-one got picked off but all the while knowing who the top 2 or 3 would be.  This year we have no idea.  It literally could be any of these losers.  I mean, that has to be something, right?  PS Mamasox made that hat up there in that pic.  She told me so on Twitter.  Knitted it.

K, Lennon/McCartney week.  I've already mentioned my extreme to obsessive Beatles phase that lasted a goodly portion of my adolescence.  About 5th grade through college actually.  So I was excited about this evening.  A major step up from The Rolling Stupes and R&Boo weeks.  Let's see how they did, shall we?

Aaron "Archy2.0" Kelly
"The Long & Winding Road"

Ugh.  I can't stand this song.  Even the original is kinda lamerz. I always skipped it when it would come on. But with Archy2 singing it?  Eh.  I thought he switched it up enough to keep it interesting but you already know how I feel about him.  He does nothing for me.  And I don't get the Yoda references either cuz Yoda is awesome.  The opposite of awesome Archy2 is.

 Katie "Alzy" Stevens
"Let It Be"

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it..."  What was that all about??  How many different times and in how many different places did they make her do the Single Ladies dance for them to clip all that together?  Embarrassing.  ::secretly jealous she knows that dance and I don't::  Now, the performance.  Unfortunately my boyfriend, Kris Allen, just sang this song but a few weeks ago and moved me to the core.  This performance was normalish.  Not sucky, not great.  I was too focused on her "tummy pooch accentuating" dress and bumpit pony.  Or her performance was lame so my mind wandered.  Either way it's not good news for her.

Andrew "Andy" Garcia
"Can't Buy Me Love"

"Yeah-huh he does too have a personality!"  "He has the best personality of anyone I've ever met!"  "How could anyone say he doesn't have a personality??  He's a wild & crazy guy!!"  Hmmmm... I felt they were selling me hard on that one.  It's not that I don't believe them, I just think this was a team effort.  They're like the Friends cast.  They stick together.  Too bad they forgot they were competing against each other.  Which is why I kinda believe them, but still.  Anyway...the performance.  I agree with the judges that it was a bit old-fashioned but I liked it.  It was fun.  And he funkified it a bit.  He funkified it enough.  That is my least favorite place for them to perform from but whatev.  He must have had his reason for that lame move.  I also love he & Lee's friendship.  I know what it's like to meet your BFF.  It's magical.

Michael "BigMike" Lynche
"Eleanor Rigby"

HYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   Gosh.  How friggin annoying would that be after a while?  Am I right here?  And yeah, yeah, yeah...he's a teddy bear.  He snores.  So in other words, no surprises.  As for his take on Eleanor Rigby, what the?  He gospelized it.  He Broadway'ed it.  Basically he sucked it up.  Jenny did not appreciate them comparing it to a Glee performance, I can tell you that.  I hated all the dumb runs and the reaching up the heavens.  Way too dramatic.  Not a fan, Michael.

Crystal "Dreads" Bowersox
"Come Together"

She's a mother.  Can you believe that??  She.  Is.  A.  MOTHER!!!!  Big whoop.  Who isn't?  It's almost as bad a story as the grandma with Alzheimer's.   I mean, I love mothers.  I think they're great.  But they all act like it's the craziest thing ever that Dreads has a kid.  "Mamasox"....pshaw.   My question is, what makes one think that a didgeridoo would be the perfect touch to a rendition of "Come Together?"  Of ALL the instruments in the world, this is what she requested?   Nothing has confused me more than when I learned she was straight.

 Tim "Timmy" Urban
"All My Lovin'"

Mr. SmileyPants <--- that's what I would call him if I were part of his AI Family.  Or maybe Twinkle Tooth.   I liked this performance.  I really did.  I like that song too tho which helps.  He didn't change it up much which was a good thing.  And did he say he did something different with his hair?  What, exactly did he do that was different?  Maybe he used a straightener a little there on the ends?  Sara may have to help me out here as the resident hair dresser.  But I'm liking Timmy a lot these days .  He's grown on me quite a bit.  Not like mold either.  More like pretty ivy on the side of a building.

Casey "Casey" James
"Jealous Guy"

Playboy, Soap Opera star, Fabio, Goldilocks....Trevor?   Ooookay?   I will say that new perm he was sporting tonight isn't gonna help the Goldilocks wise cracks.   But wow.  I LUH-HUVED this performance.  I had never heard this song so I have no idea what the original is like but I went ga-ga over this.  Did anyone see Pearl Jam on SNL recently?  I think Jude Law was the host.  Anyway, Casey sounded JUST like Eddie Vedder did on SNL.  I also had quite a Pearl Jam obsession there for a while in high school/college too so this fit perfectly.  It also helped that Casey toned down the goofy smiling during his performance as well.

Siobhan "Shizzham" Magnus
"Across The Universe"

Oh, she's so unique.  She's her own person.  She's amazingly....weird.   Bladdidyblahblah.  How do you sneak up on a unique AI contestant?  Unique up on it.  Get it?   Anyway, her so-called own drummer that she's walking to is whack yo.  And getting annoying.   Jespy texted me that she "looks like the fairy god mother from a new hiphop version of Cinderella the Musical."   The performance was geh.  Nasally.  Boring.  Lip glossy.  And that speech she gave about why she chose that song?  ::snore sounds::  <---that's me falling asleep.   And bringing "Earl" up out of the audience for a hug because he yelled something stupid?  Bad move on AI's part.  That's just rewarding bad behavior.

Lee "Flem" DeWyze
"Hey Jude"

I love his humility.  I love that he thinks he's going home every week.  And I want him and Andy do eventually have little Danny Gokey babies together (for Memz to adopt).  You know I love Lee, right?  Yeah, I don't know, dawg.  I wasn't feeling this performance this week.  It just didn't work for me.  I mean, it was aaaaight.  But it was a titch pitchy and I found the bagpiper to be an interesting choice, and not in the good way.  Don't get me wrong.  I still liked it OK.  And if the polls weren't always closed by the time I got around to watching the blasted show I would have definitely voted for LeeDog.  He's my fave contestant.  And he'll be back next week, no worries.

My picks for the bottom three this week are:


Going home: Siobhan

Leave your picks in the comments/on FB/via text/via email/whatev.

PS Memzy is having back surgery today.  Pray it all goes well and she will be back to her old self before too many meals have to be brought in by the Relief Society.  :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Photo Lab Luck

Gty & I stopped by Costco the other day to pick up several 8x10 photos we had ordered via the interweb machine.

The lady in the photo lab told us that she's afraid someone else's order my have gotten mixed up with ours.  She said she had reprinted the other people's order so if we come across some pictures that weren't ours we could go ahead and throw them away.

We go home & continue on with our day.

About an hour later I walk down the hall and see these taped up on the wall.

Now my kids are asking when they are going to be taken down.

Um, never?

Luckiest trip to Costco ever.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Brizzzeak (with 3 Zs now)

Now for some warmer weather activities cuz, you know, it's Spring afterall.

On Saturday we celebrated Easter in a grandiose way.  It actually started Friday night with the dying and decorating of 4 dozen eggs (no pics were taken).    Then Saturday the group pictured above hiked from Grandma & Grandpa's house up to Utah State campus for the Annual Anderson Easter Egg Roll down Old Main Hill!  The rest of us drove up & parked like normal people.

See?  We all stand at the top of this super steep hill and roll our decorated eggs down the hill.  There are contests to see whose egg goes the furthest and stuff, of course.  The womenfolk then stand at the top while the children and menfolk run down and pick up the eggs/egg pieces.  Or some menfolk roll down themselves.

He felt sick to his stomach the rest of the day, btw.  His mom warned him not to do it.

A couple of the womenfolk.  Milly & NutShell.

Rosebud & Jbird.

We then went over to the "A"on campus for a little photo shoot.  Do you know about the "A" on USU's campus?  Well you should.  

See, there is this thing called a "TRUE AGGIE."  It's a prestigious title to hold at Utah State.  My SIL, NutShell, made many many boys True Aggies during her tenure there at USU.  Apparently in order to become one, you must stand atop the "A" and be kissed by another True Aggie.  If neither of you are True Aggies you have to kiss on the "A" on Homecoming night.  Also maybe something about a full moon?  Any True Aggies out there feel free to correct me.  I didn't get a chance to read the little plaque they have posted there.  

 Here is Phil with his grandkids.
 Can you tell I had just gotten mad at TBone for not following directions??  Yay for photo shoots!

 Then we headed back to the house for some more Easter fun.  NutShell had created an extravagant scavenger hunt complete with 7 or 8 rhyming clues which were hidden all over the neighborhood.  The kids ran from spot to spot as they figured out the riddles.  It ultimately ended with them finding their Easter baskets in "it's down by the river and it looks like a house, but nobody lives there, well, maybe a mouse."  Can you guess? The shed, doyeeeee!

 Here are the kids enjoying their spoils on the deck.

The kids all loved it & I was grateful for NutShell's energy as I would never do anything like this on my own.   This is exactly why she has the title of "Favorite Aunt" pretty much in the bag.  Grandma was integral as well and I just played along.  

 We then packed up the car the next day and headed home exhausted from all the fun.  Thank goodness we had another week of Spring Break at home to recover before school started again although all of us would have loved to stay a lot longer.  Thanks for everything Grandma & Grandpa!

{this is the end of my Spring Break photos & commentary, in case you were wondering}


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring BriZZeak 2

Toldja I wasn't done.

So, on Friday Gpa Phil was kind enough to tote 4 beginner skiers up to Beaver Mountain for a day on the slopes.  That's right.  All by himself.  He's a trooper, that Phil.  Aunt Stackey was able to go up for the second half of the day which was nice & Milly & I went up to the lodge to have lunch with the crew.

Here are the future downhill skiing Olympians in the lodge at lunch.

::humming Which Of These Things Is Not Like the Others::  I don't even try anymore.  Srsly.

And in action on the slopes.

My boys had skied once last year and apparently didn't forget a thing.  They were beeboppin' and skattin' all over the hill.  At one point Gpa Phil got held up a little and when he got to the bottom of the hill, Tbone and JBird had already gotten back on the lift and were on their way.  This was Rosebud and Vee's first year and I think they enjoyed it as well. 

They have a thing here in Colorado where all 5th graders get free season passes to a few of the ski resorts nearby.  I'm thinking we will be taking advantage of that badboy.  JBird and TBone want to try snowboarding next year as does Gty.  I'm guessing I'll either stick with skiing or staying home with Beebs.  It all depends on my mood, ya know.  And how cute my end-of-season snow gear I'm gonna buy this year is. 

Part 3 is coming.  Don't worry.