Thursday, October 29, 2009

Please Move Here Anyway

I don't want this post to be a deterrent to anyone who is thinking that Colorado is the place for them. It still is the place for them. I've lived in seven states previous to Colorado and I'm tellin ya.... CO is as near perfection as you're going to find. It's practically translated.

Its one flaw (aside from the crazy $$ to register a car) is these random, ill-timed snow storms. I mean really? An October 27-29 snow storm? Why must you? I'm not saying a good snow storm isn't fun, I just wish you'd wait until it was expected & anticipated. Not before I've even had a chance to rake the leaves.

All that being said, it has actually been a really fun couple of days. This is the second day that school has been canceled and we've hunkered down & enjoyed it for what it is. Gty is out of town (he has impeccable timing, doesn't he?) so it's just been the kids & I.

JBird led the crew in a fort building exercise. It didn't amount to much but they tried. I think it ended up being a fort big enough for a rabbit or other small rodent.

TBone's first order of business was to go get all the snow off the satellite dish. His reception was getting all screwy and he (read: I) can't have that on a snow day.

Beebs joined in & can actually hold her own in the snow this year. Last year walking around in it was not so easy. Her snow fun ended yesterday with a snow ball to the face but, you know, it was fun while it lasted.

My fave pic I took with my phone from up on the deck. BeeBee's first snow angel!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons I Love This Snow Storm:

5) I stayed up way late on Tuesday night watching The Biggest Loser so I was happy to wake up, check my email on my phone next to my bed and see school was canceled. I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep until 10am. It was bliss. The email saying today was canceled came last night so I stayed up way too late again catching up on SYTYCD and then never even set my alarm.

4) I had just gone to the grocery store. I have plenty of Diet Dr. P, GoGurts and chicken nuggets to get us through.

3) Tons of stuff has been canceled....and I love a ton of stuff getting canceled. YWs, scouts, TBone's TaeKwonDo, helping in TBone's class, etc.'s like a vacation at home.

2) I burned a bajillion calories shoveling off the driveway. Snow blowers are for chumps (::looking into getting Gty a snow blower for Christmas::)

1) I've been wearing jammy pants for two days straight and haven't started the car since Tuesday. This made playing a board game with my kids actually enjoyable because, c'mon, what else do I have to do?

{plz still move here}

Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Soon, Much Too Soon

Dear Peppermint Bark from Costco,

Why are you on the shelves already? You don't have anything better to do than hone in on all the other holiday treats? You're taunting me but I won't give in. Not yet anyway. Don't be fooled, I will purchase you and I will eat you. I will eat the crap outta you. But it won't be until the day after Thanksgiving--at least. I need to pace myself this season. I need to get through all the orange Kit Kats first, various flavors of pie next and then it will be your turn.

Until then, my sweet.


Landeelu Landerson

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like A Moth to A Flame

I have been kidding myself into thinking that the upcoming release of New Moon is not that big of a deal to me. This became apparent to me as I was strolling through the WalMart (with camera ready, of course, in case I saw a goodie for didn't tho ::saddy face::). I had acquired all the non-processed, whole grain, and lean products that I usually purchase and feed to my family and was at the register. That's when I saw this:

I instantly went in to a trance and started chanting in my head "MUST HAVE THIS. MUST HAVE THIS. MUST HAVE THIS" as my arm reached out, of its own accord, and grabbed it off the magazine rack. Most people would think it was because of "Edward's" sexy come hither looke but is the pic of the shirtless werewolf that drew me in, and unspoken promises of more inside. When the cashier's face snapped me out of my trance, I asked him to plzthanks not judge me and I was getting it as a joke. I'm pretty sure he believed me. $5 jokes are always worth it.

I knew I made the right decision when I opened it to this page.

This pic didn't make me wanna return it either (see? I can look past the washboard abs).

But the best was when I got to this page! Ah, such memories!! I may have gotten a little teary is all I'm sayin.

And finally, cuz I don't wanna leave "Edward" completely out of it, here is an "exclusive preview from Eclipse!" Apparently they sit in a field and stare at each other...again.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hoover Dam and Jenny's iPhone

One day on our trip down to the lovely city of Las Vegas, we decided to get up at a normal-ish time and head out to Hoover Dam. Apparently it's one of the most visited places in America. Who knew? Not me. I thought it was gonna be lamerz.

In case you don't even know where Hoover Dam you go (I know my readers).

Some scenic photos so you can get your bearings. That first pic is of the parking garage they built into the side of the mountain. It's quite an engineering feat in and of itself. And that second pic is of the newfangled visitors center/museum they have created in recent years. Before all you had to go to was that third pic down there (practically original to the dam itself) and you had to park along the road. I'm sooooo glad we didn't try and visit then. Parking on the road is for chumps.

This newfangled visitors center has all kinds of modern conveniences like escalators and stuff.

But what they don't tell you is that you might wanna use the bathroom before heading out there cuz all the exhibits overlook the restrooms. They should put this in the brochure, fhs.

Here is Gty reading every bit of information in the place. I forget this about him until we go somewhere like this. I skim & glean what information I can from said skimming. Gty reads every word, leaves no stone unturned and files all the info away for his next Trivial Pursuit game. Also captured on film below...a tender moment between Jespy and Tony...and Jespy's iPhone. See her tenderly caressing it in her back pocket? Yes, I know you do.

Another engineering miracle is occurring in this area right now. Maybe it'll be historical some day as well. They are building a bridge to go over the raging Colorado River so people don't have to go across the two lane road created by the dam itself. Apparently the traffic there gets crazy, especially on holiday weekends.

Plzthanks note what Jespy is doing in the above photo. Uh-huh. & Gty sitting near a dam, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Except we're not kissing.

Jespy wanted a wind swept look here. She got it (her had is most likely on her phone in her back pocket again).

Gty in Nevada ::two seconds later:: Gty in Arizona. He looks grumpier on the AZ side cuz he hates AZ. It's subtle, but the hatred is there, seething under the surface.

Cord in Arizona while most of his hair is in Nevada.

Here is Gty and Tony sharing a tender moment as well. But look what's marring the foreground. Yeah... the phone.

While waiting for the boys to....uh...something, I can't remember exactly what took them so long coming out, but anyway, while we were waiting Jespy and I noticed we could take some self-portraits. We took full advantage. Her phone was involved, of course.

Thank you Jenny & Anthony for being the hostesseses with the mostesses. It was such a fun & relaxing vaycay. The boys gave up their "wing" of the house so Gty & I had it all to ourselves. Speaking of those boys.... love them! Always entertaining, as you can imagine, and so so so nice. Homer loved me so much he never wanted to go to bed. Like, ever. Best compliment in the world.

Next time its you gize, us gize, and the Denver Mint. Nerd up!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greetings From Hoover Dam

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting Smithy on Your Heinys

This is what happens when Uncle Gty breaks out Dominion.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Because Sharing is Caring

I just thought I'd post a few things that have made me happy in the last little while. And not happy in the "pure joy that only comes from keeping the commandments" type happy, but in the friggin hilarious makes me lollerz daily type of happiness.

If you haven't already, add these following websites to your Google Reader now....

PREMISE: People take pictures of the hooligans that shop at the local WalMart and send then in to be posted and ridiculed. Best. Idea. Ever. Oh, you want an example of what you'll see? Ok, here...

oh, and....

This site is updated every day sometimes multiple times a day. It's a can't miss. And now, my WalMart shopping trip is made more interesting as I keep my phone handy and in the camera mode. I will send something in to this site if it's the last thing I do. Promise.

PREMISE: People send in (what else?) awkward family photos. Some are more awkward than others but they are all entertaining in their own way.


....and my personal favorite for reasons I can't explain...

PREMISE: People order cakes and the cake decorators take it upon themselves to misspell words, misunderstand the order, create disgusting looking cakes, and make the cakes as unappetizing as possible....these people then send in a photo of these cakes and hilarious commentary ensues. Stands and I had plans of going to the book signing of the founder of this site last week but for various reasons (including the swine flu) we didn't quite make it.

This site runs the cakes, Lenin cakes (yes, Lenin), creepy birthday cakes. It's the site that makes me go ::smacking head:: WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS????? I also browse the bakery at every grocery store I go into hoping to see something worthy of a picture to send in. This one will be a bit more difficult to get published on than though... the bakers around here are so far proving themselves to be undumb.

So add these to your Google Readers, add the Google app to your iPhone and you will never be bored while sitting and waiting for an oil change, sitting in the carpool lane at your local school or during sacrament, I mean at a particularly long stop light. Thank me later.

As for TV, I have officially broken up with Heroes. We grew apart. It wasn't me, it was them. Dumb storylines. I was sick of most of the characters. I don't have 40 minutes to spend a week watching it anymore. Gty is trying to carry on without me. We'll see how long he lasts.

In it's place I have added Hoarders and will begin watching Obsessed (as soon as my DVR catches one) both on A&E. These kinds of people were always my favorites on Oprah and Dr. Phil...why not a full hour dedicated to them? Why not indeed.

And my new favorite TV show?

I adore Joel McHale and, not surprisingly, the directors and producers are from a couple of my all-time favorite shows....Scrubs and Arrested Development. If you haven't given it a chance, give it one now.

I think that's it for now.... my life revolves around being entertained so I'm a bit of an expert on the matter. If you don't like any of these endorsements I offer a full money-back guarantee.