Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween, etc.

And a Happy Halloween to you too!

This year we had the Zombie Football Player, the Ran Over Now Dead Crossing Guard and the cutey Tutu Witch.

I'm also feeling like a little catch up post is in order.

Who is still blogging these days anyway?  ::ahem::

JBird just finished up his second season of tackle football.  He caught the only completion for BOTH seasons during their fourth game this year.  The kid is money.  I don't get why they don't pass to him every time.  He also had fun taking down kids twice his size (which is almost every kid, btw) on defense.   As one super cheesy/lame football commentator said once.... "They forgot to measure his heart."  
He was also elected Student Body Vice President due to his genius campaign posters (such as the one below) and super funny speech.  Oh, and because he is Chrissi, Shelly & Stacey's nephew.

TBone has finally (after 6 years) decided that Pokemon might not be as awesome as he once thought it was.  And this is the outfit he chooses to shovel snow in (snow day TODAY... no school!).  No socks, in case you were wondering.

He has also turned into a reading FOOL this year.  He read the entire Lightening Thief series in about 4 weeks.  He would walk around with his nose in his book like he used to do with his Nintendo DS.  We often go up to bed at 11:30 or midnight and find this going on:

But how can you get mad at your kid for READING?  You can't.  So that's annoying.

Beebs started Kindergarten this year and was sad today was a snow day because she "misses school."   She's doing the usual 5 year old girlie stuff like gymnastics, dance and getting her Dad to do anything she wants.

She also has taken to posting signs on her door and laying out her clothes (complete with accessories) the night before.  This only worries her mother a lot.

Feeling all caught up now?

Good.  I feel sad at the cobwebs over here... and they aren't Halloween decor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

School House Rawks

I now interrupt this blogging silence to inform you that I am officially a "mother of school-aged children."  This past week all three kids headed into the public school system as our summer came to an abrupt but not altogether unwelcome end.  

Judging from this picture, this will be one heckuva year.

Tbone: 4th Grade, has same teacher JBird had.  This should be interesting.
JBird: Big 6th Grader, they switch classes throughout the day to "mimic middle school."  I might mimic the fetal position thinking about my little JBird in middle school next year.

Then, on Wednesday, a little sweetykinz became a Kindergartener!  What's funny is she has the same teacher that both TBone and JBird had.  She likes having her two brothers there and asks every adult she comes in contact with "Do you know my brothers? I look just like Tbone."  The librarian told JBird all about it.

She is in the afternoon class and that morning of the first day of school was torture.  She asked me if it was time to go every 5 minutes.  I finally had to threaten that if she asked me again she wasn't going to kindergarten.  Thank goodness she didn't call my bluff.  

There was a mom there who was crying.  She was wiping the tears away under her sunglasses.

This emotion on such a glorious day is foreign to me.

I high-fived Standsmom and got the ayche outta there.

Hooray for school!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AI: Best Night Ever...

...for that fiddler dude.

Did you see him and his highlighted bob haircut??? He was in 5 out of the 6 songs! Earlier this season when I told him this wasn't about him I was wrong.

He made it to the finale

And he played that fiddle like...well, like a fiddle.

So congrats to him.

As for the rest...well, you know my feelings on the matter.

The one bright spot? David Cook and that 4 second shot of David Archuletta in the crowd. Made me long for the days of yore.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AI: Top 3

I'm in a bit of a shame spiral right now.

I actually liked Scotty's first two songs last night.  

I didn't want to.  But his boyish charms won me over.  For two songs.  Then the last song I hated which felt good.   My guess is he will win this thing.  If he can make a curmudgeon like myself smile in spite of myself, what did he do to all of America?  Oh well.  I did love being reminded Baby Lock Them Doors though.  I laughed and laughed.  By myself.  So....anyway.

Haley.  Was.  Awesome.  I LOVED her dad out there.  It made me get a little emotional thinking about how amazing that must have been for them both.  Her songs were cool.  She is cool.  I can't even believe she is the same person who had that red lipstick smudged all over her chin from the microphone.  She was practically a baby then!  Now she's all growed up.  Her fall was nervous-making for me but the judges were so good about it.  Steven Tyler made me cry a little too when he said "It's not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up."  I know it's cliche but it was a totally cute thing to say right then.  And she did carry on with very little disruption.    I'm always worried about those girls bounding up & down those stairs in those crazy heels though.  FINALLY my worries were for a good reason!  Loved her Stevie Nicks song too.  And I liked the chorus of You Outta Know but the verses seemed a bit low for her.  I have no idea what kind of album she'll put out.  Should be interesting.

Lauren.  First song = two thumbs down.  Second song= I can't even remember what it was cuz she's so forgettable.  Third song= ANYONE can sing I Hope You Dance and sound good.  That's why people like it so much.  Even I can wail that song in my car and sound amazing.  I give her no props for that one.

So, the bottom line is LAUREN better be gonzo tonight.  Because if we have an all country finale I just might shoot myself/not blog about it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Topic #1:  Randy is mean and stupid.  And a bad dresser.  But mostly mean & stupid.  Proof of stupidness ... if he says "in it to win it" one more time I may throw whatever is near by through my TV.  If he says he feels like he's at one of the contestant's concerts again I may groan myself to death.  Proof of meanness... him saying after round one that it was a tie for first between everyone but Haley.  I don't even think Simon has ever been so mean.  Gty said it reminded him of a time when his friend Matt said to another kid "One of us stinks, and it's not me."   

Topic #2:  Lady Gaga is skuuurrrrry.  I bet Scotty was scared out of his mind to go have to look at her royal creepiness.  Why was I thinking she would show up there looking half way normal?  Yikes.  And gross.

Topic #3: Leiber & Stoller... your songs are lame.

Topic #4: I'm sorry I didn't blog about last week's performances.  Especially since it was the one we have all been waiting for.... buh-bye Jacob!

Now, let's proceed to some random thoughts on each contestant tonight.


By far the winner tonight (not even tied with Scotty & Lauren).  He killed Don't Stop Believing.  I was actually glad that Stupid Mean Randy (as he shall henceforth be known) pointed out the difficulty of that song because James makes it seem so easy.  I loved it.   Even his rocked out version of Love Potion #9 had me smiling.  He is Adam Lambert without the.... you know (::whispering::  guyliner).


She looked like she was so pissed she was going to cry there after her first song.  Stupid Mean Randy totally piled on the criticism unnecessarily BUT she shouldn't have been arguing her case with the judges.  Just smile and say you did your best and you were moved by your song and that's it.  But she has some spunk which I like.  That song was a terrible choice though.  Really... of all the songs you pick that one?  It might show some poor judgement (like her unreleased Gaga song she did...why?).  I did enjoy her dramatic I, Who Have Nothing song though and I've never heard that one before.  I hope America remembers that one the most.


I've gone from tolerating the lad to despising him in one show.  That Alan Jackson song is everything that I hate about country music.  Lame, cheesy, unoriginal lyrics combined with an unbelievable amount of twang.  I had to kiss my own cross when he finished because I felt so yucky.  And then his second song??  What in the County Fair was he doing?  Totally lame, cheesy & unoriginal.  Yes, he & country music were made for each other.  I wish them well.  


I can actually handle this kind of cross-over country stuff.  I thought Lauren looked great singing Anyway by Martina McBride and she sounded really really good.  I liked it.  The second song?  Notsomuch.  Really bad outfit I couldn't take my eyes off of and really cheesy performance.  Plus, did Leiber & Stoller not write any other songs that didn't have the word "evil" in it?  I mean, if you're that uncomfortable with it, pick another song, right?  That was weird and, once again, reminded me of her subpar personality.  

Bottom Two:  Lauren & Haley
Going home: Lauren (hoping she & Scotty split the country votes)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Questionnaire

{photo taken today after church}

Happy Mother's Day!  This has been "one for the books" as they say.

This morning started out fairly awful as I had a "run in" with TBone.  What it was about is unimportant but, needless to say it ended with me freaking out and taking away everything that is near and dear to him... namely his DSi.  He was screaming "I hate my family!" and the like for a good 20 minutes afterward.  I know these things happen but when it happens on Mother's Day it is an immediate and sharp reminder that I suck as a Mom.  I had no business reacting the way I did and I felt awful.  But I was still mad.  Things were not looking good for Mother's Day 2011.

We then go to church & TBone glared at me from the stand as the Primary sang their Mother's Day songs.  Awesome.  (Luckily JBird and Beebs were smiling and pointing at me as the words said "all flowers remind me of you.")

But then, during the last hour of church, someone tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a Mother's Day Questionnaire TBone had filled out during his Sunday School class.  Due to our current standing with each other I was very nervous to read it...not to mention my guilt over that morning was at an all time high at that moment.... and here is what I read (I left the spelling as is):

Why did God make mothers?  To be helpfull
How did God make mothers?  He mixed awsomeness with hair
What ingredients are mothers made of?  sugar and spice and everything nice
Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?  we're both crazy
What kind of little girl was your mom?  I have no idea
What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?  How he would raise the kids
Why did your mom marry your dad? she was crazy
Who's the boss at your house?  Mom
What's the difference between moms and dads?  ones a girl ones a boy
What does your mom do in her spare time?  blog
What would it take to make your mom perfect?  zero
If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?  zero

Zero.... I started crying and didn't stop.   He then came in to find me after church and handed me a card he had colored in class.  All it said on the inside was "Sorry Mom."  I hugged him, said I was sorry too & we've been best friends ever since.

Ah, motherhood.

So,  how has your day been?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AI: Carole King Week

Carole King and Babyface.  Of course.  That makes total sense.

This will be my abbreviated thoughts on the subject at hand tonight.  And I won't be putting on their pictures.  If you don't know these people by name now then I don't know what to tell you.

"Oh No, Not My Baby"

  • No amount of decent, in tune singing and distracting plaid sport coat will get rid of that personality.  
"Where You Lead"
  • Who told her to pull some random guy out of the audience?  I hate that.  It's distracting.  The whole time I'm wondering "What is he going to do now?  Sit there?"  and "How long will he be she going to go back to him at some point?"  "Is that her brother or something?"  "Will she tell him when to leave or what?"   
  • I was so distracted by the dude I don't even know how she sang the song but the judges loved her voice cracking. Wha?
"I Feel the Earth Move"
  • Um yeah.... they're doin' it.
"You Got A Friend"
  • This was actually quite refreshing.  I was sooooo sick & tired of the same ole, same ole from him.  Babyface worked a miracle here.
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
  • Jimmy has a man crush on James.
  • I'm developing a bit of a regular crush on him myself.  He was so nice about Scotty and then gushed about his wife afterward... plus the singing & guitar playing.
  • This is where he differs from Adam Lambert.  AL could never have pulled something like this off.  
  • I loved this performance.  He might be my favorite at this moment.
"Up On the Roof"
  • Um yeah.... nothing is going on between these two adorable virgins.
  • Entertaining & edgy but so not my thing.  I would never turn this on in the car.  Never.  
  • I still like him but..... eh.
  • She is blossoming right before our very eyes!!  I think Casey is probably the cause.
  • I really liked this performance, minus the intense arm waving she had going on.
"I'm In For Something Good"
  • Two dudes should NEVER sing a duet together.  Especially if one of the dudes is Jacob.




Wednesday, April 20, 2011

AI: 21st Century

I must address that opening number from the cast offs.

::said in british accent like Simon::  What.  Was.  That?   Abysmal with a capital A.

Why did they feel the need to put us through that?  First of all, I had all but forgotten every single one of them.  Three of the girls I didn't even recognize, let alone remember their names.  And Paul.  Oh PAUL.  Wha?  The only words he even knew were "I wanna start a fight!" at the end.  The rest he just mumbled.  Off key.  Terrible.  

K, let's hop to it.  It's late.

Swingin' by LeAnn Rimes

Good: the low part.  His deep voice is a force to be reckoned with.  So glad they mocked the way he holds his mic, btw.

Bad Stuff:  The eyebrow waggling.  Why must he?  Stop it.  He's a 50 year old trapped in a 17 year old's body.

Whatever Stuff:  Yes, it was "safe" but if that's not the very word that describes country music then I don't know what is.  Country music panders to the lowest common denominator in this country.  Not to generalize here but I'm talking rednecks, back woods honkey tonks and white trash.   Ha!  I kid.  (not really tho)  What I'm saying is there are no unsafe country songs.  Try and name one.... see?  All safe.  It's what they do.

Uprising by Muse

Good: I may be a bit biased because I LOVE that song but song choice was huge here.  It fit him like the proverbial glove.  Very very cool performance.  I found myself smiling through the whole thing.

Bad Stuff:  That get up he was wearing seemed so out of place with his normal colored mouse-brown hair.

Whatever Stuff:  Were the marching band people really necessary?  ::shrugging shoulders::

Rolling In The Deep by Adele

Good:  I think this is the first night that I've thought to myself "She belongs here."  I really like how distinct and different her voice is while still being really good.  She is growing on me in a big way.  Loved her dress & hair too.

Bad Stuff:  I got nothin'.

Whatever Stuff: Are she & Casey really dating?  Someone send me a link.  I'm too lazy to google.

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

Good:  I got nothin'.

Bad Stuff: I have lots of "this explains things" jokes but I can't use them because I'd look like a jerk.  I have a sneaking suspicion that at least 50% of his "emotions" up there were fake.  He is the divaiest divafied diva to have ever graced the AI stage.  His tears were out of frustration because his ear piece wasn't playing the right thing...nothing to do with his Dad.

Whatever stuff:  Did he call everyone a "sweetie pie?"  He's lame.  And un-creative.

Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5

Good:  I rewound and watched and laughed my head off at the part where he slaps James and chases Scotty about 10 times.  That kid killlllls me.  He's so Jack Black-y, which I love.  Maybe he can find a less attractive partner and they can be the Tenacious E?  Loved what he did with the song.  Very cool.

Bad:  Kissing JLo.  C'mon Casey.  That was....weird.

Whatever stuff:  Casey is the guy who I look at and wonder what he's going to look like 5 years from now after being in "the biz" for a while.   Will he be all clean cut, chiseled and Hollywood-ized?  Or will he go all Nick Nolte/Marlon Brando?  Cuz there is no in between.  He will be changed.  We just don't know in what way.

Closer by Ne-Yo


Bad Stuff:  Oh my gosh.  No no no.  Bad bad bad.  Gross gross gross.  Was I the only one disgusted by how schmoozy and greasy he is with the ladies??  And then his facial expressions on stage?  And his "moves?"  Yuck.    And the judges didn't call him on any of it.  Tonight I missed Simon.  He would have had NONE of that.

Whatever Stuff:  I needed to take a shower after watching that.

Born to Fly by Sara Evans

Good:  Her hair looked good and that outfit was cute.

Bad Stuff:  Eh....she's so booooring.  Forgettable even.  The song was so-so.  I think she has zero personality too.  It could be an age thing but really, I just think she's boring.  She's lucky she has Stefano this week to take the fall for her.

Whatever Stuff:  Someone needed to have a little sit-down with that fiddler player and explain to him that this performance had nothing to do with him.  He practically elbowed poor Lauren out of the way.

Bottom Three:  Lauren, Stefano, Jacob (hoping people aren't all mushy over the dad dying thing)

Going home: STEFANO (easiest pick I've ever made)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

AI: Guest Blogger!

In an act of true heroism, my underbar SIL is filling in for me this week at the very last second.  I haven't been able to watch this week's AI yet, let alone mock it.  You people were probably dying for a fresh perspective anyway... well Chrissi delivers!

Thank you, Chrissi.  You are the wind beneath my wings. And I love Joe's inputs as well.  

 I didn't know I was going to be the guest blogger until after it was over, so it's going to be the take-away, not the in the moment details.  I would appreciate if Tiff would add the pictures, but please not the one of Jacob as the devil, since I wouldn't go that far. :)
 Might I first begin with a few notes about Pia.  There has been all sorts of buzz about changing the voting so that America votes and the judges make the final decision. Even Pia in an interview said she thought the judges should have some say.  Okay, that would be, in the voice of Antoine Dodson, "so dumb, for real."  It would ruin the show. They did have their say, like when they did a billion auditions and selected the top 24 and then 3 bonus people. Pia was pretty, she could sing, but if you didn't already know the song, you would have no idea what she was singing about.  She sang words, not stories or feelings. no connection.
You need to be quirky in someway to get a passionate voting fan-base, and she was just too boring.

Soooo, I will now discuss who I think has fans that will sit by the phone for two hours and hit redial.

Jacob: Loved that Jimmy what's-his-butt lectured him on not lecturing America. Jacob looked humbled... and then sang about his troubled waters. His voice. my goodness, that voice. that range. crazy incredible.  In my 9 yr old's words last week, "He's emotional."
He will not be in the bottom three this week, because his fans were so frightened by his close call that they will redial in all their holy southern glory.

Haley: Ridiculously dumb song. There are a total of three words, and three notes in the song. dumb. But that outfit was By Far her best ever. If I looked like her and could wear stuff like that, I totally would. She's been safe for two weeks, and her fans are not as passionate as they once were.  Joe think she has Pia's votes. I think Pia's peeps quit voting. Bottom Three

Casey: The judges did a standing-O because they wanted to trick America into thinking that was an awesome performance. He is a brilliant musician For Sure. He plays that base without even thinking about it, but the vocals This Week were lame. I think his fans love him as much or more than some of the other fans love their person, but I don't see Jazz people sitting by the phone for two hours. Still, safe.

Lauren: her worst performance. She's good, but I just don't see a star in her. not sure who's taking the time to vote for her, really. the country folks are voting for Scotty, I'd think.

James: Not his best. I think he's probably a favorite of many. I don't see the 40 somethings voting (Joe is a great example. He likes him a lot, but has not picked-up the phone once).
This is not meant to be rude AT ALL, but I'm sure the autistic kids will sit and vote for 2 hours.  He is to Autism and Turrets, as Jimmer is to Mormons.  I would sit and vote for Jimmer for two hours. In fact, I did. and I cheered and cried and wondered if he'd like me if we met. James is safe.

Scotty: Not his best, but his fans started calling yesterday.

Stefano: I thought, originally, that he had the David Archuleta girls, but Stefano is not adorable like I had thought.  He is not engaging like he wants to be. I don't know if you can learn to be engaging in a week; he's just cute and can sing.  Bottom Three

Paul: I still love him, Joe hates him. I think his fans will keep him safe tonight.

So Bottom: Stefano, Lauren, and Haley (Joe thinks Paul here, for the record)
Stefano goes home.

loves to you all!!! Chrissi

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AI: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week

This should be good.  Let's get right to it....

Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Oh no he di'int just try to guilt trip America into voting for him!!!  "If I'm in the bottom three this week, it won't be because I didn't sing'll be because America isn't ready to look at themselves in the mirror."  I hate you Jacob.  I love that song but I hate you.  I may go vote for everyone BUT you since that's as close to voting against you as I can get.  He's dead to me.

Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin 

I liked it.  It showed her personality a little more and it suited her voice.  I don't really know what else to say.  I think her being a "contender" is probably an over-statement but she did well tonight.  I still don't think people click with her but who knows.

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? by CCR

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I love the upright bass.  I love it.  It's the whole reason that one guy is my favorite in the Bare Naked Ladies.  It has to be done right though.  It has to seem like the person barely even knows it's there and yet their fingers just go go go.  Casey did it right.  Loved it.  Not to mention his little grunts and crooked mouth like he's up there telling a joke.  That boy is thoroughly enjoyable.

Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Christian Slater is a fan.  So that's good.  She is a great singer.  Really really good.   I will say, however, that Gwen Stefani's clothes did her no favors.  Everything is black except big poofy pockets right at her thighs?  No.  And she is not a fauxhawk type.  P!nk? Yes.  Gwen?  Yup.  Lauren?  No.  It was unsettling.  I like her dimples though (on her face).  

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison

I'm calling this his "Tracks of my Tears" moment.  Sitting on a stool.  Guitar player by his side.  Textbook Adam Lambert.  I wonder when he'll have his "Born to Be Wild" moment.   And then his bird cage shoulder pads moment.  Eeek!  Let's keep him around a bit longer, ok?   He reminds me of my cousin Ben a little.  I know there are only a few of you who will get that but it needed to be said because I just figured it out.  If he ever sings "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden I will FREAK.  OUT.

That's All Right, Mama by Elvis Presley

Those girls running up?  I told you he was the Southern Beiber.  I thought this performance was cute.  His Elvis Halloween costume was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I kinda want one of my boys to develop an Elvis fascination.  They've seen Lilo & Stitch though and nothing has happened.  I'll figure something else out.  But I digress.... my only complaint with Scotty (other than the fact that I would NEVER buy one of his songs in the future) is how he holds that microphone.  The off-to-the-side-with-just-the-fingertips-on-the-one-hand thing?  Lame.  Someone needs to coach him on that. shoulda stepped in there rather than doing his math equations (Country + Rock = Country Rock).  

River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner

It should be illegal for Gwen Stefani to make clothes.  Worst.  Outfit.  Ever.  Singing was good.  You can add more commentary on her in the comments if you have any.  I don't.

When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge

Ok, so here's how it's going to be with Stefano.  It'll be a roller coaster ride.  Some weeks he'll be cheesy and lame and other weeks he'll be pretty good and mostly tolerable.  Ok, it's more like a kiddie roller coaster but still, it's enough to keep us on our toes.  This week was pretty good and mostly tolerable.  He nailed that key change, didn't he?   Good week, Fano.  Let's see if it'll be enough.

Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

Well that was fun, wasn't it?  Somehow, though, the lyric "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" doesn't have quite the impact when those pearly whites are grinning at you but he can't help it.  He's fun. I liked it.

So, there you have it.   Here are my picks.  Please leave yours in the comments.

Bottom Three:  Haley, Lauren, Jacob (wishful thinking)

Going Home: Haley

Thursday, March 31, 2011

AI: Sir Elton John Week

My apologies to anyone who was worried for my health because I haven't posted anything about American Idol this week (that would be AV and my parents).  The fact is that I'm on spring break with the family and didn't even watch it yet!  What kind of AI Blogger am I?  A sucky one.

I'll be back next week.

In the mean time, if you have anything to say about this week please feel free to do so in the comments.  My dad claims everyone one was stellar and any one of these people could have won the whole thing on any past season.  Overstatement?

Who sang Tiny Dancer?   At least tell me that.  It's a perennial AI favorite of mine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AI: Motown Week (um....)

This is the week where I question why I do this.

Why do I watch this show?  Why do I spend my time blogging about it?  Why does AI inSIST on doing this to me?  I don't want any more Motown weeks.  Who can I write a letter to?  Srsly.  Someone get me an email address.


But let's make the best of it I guess.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about the fact that the contestants have these amazing producers working with them this year.  I LOVE it.  And I'll tell you why.... the comment I hated the most from the judges (and it was nearly every song) was "I don't really like what you did there with the arrangement" and every variation of that comment thereof and forthwith, etc and etc.  What, praytell, does that have to do with ANYTHING???  I got so sick of hearing that when this was not a "who can arrange the song the best way" contest, but a singing competition (<---that's another phrase I hate but only when other people use it, duh).  They insisted the kids "make the songs their own" and yet would thrash them if they tinkered with it in a way they did not approve of.  It was maddening.     So, long story short, I'm so glad they have these producers helping the kids out.  It takes that whole aspect out of it & the judges can't say P. Diddly Squat.

Now, on to ::deep breath with eyes closed::...Motown week.

I Heard it Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

Ok...he's got the semi-slicked back hair which gives me just a hint of what he might look like "cleaned up."  Not bad.  I mean, not great, but not awful.  We all know Casey is not about his looks anyway but still.  As he was groovin' through the audience he suddenly made me imagine him as some kind of Will Farrell character.  And Markie's comment that he was just another Taylor Hicks has stuck with me & has tainted me.  Thanks a lot, Markie.  I now see him as entertaining but am constantly wondering about his marketability.  The fact that, as JLo said, there is no one out there like him may not be a good thing.  There's no one out there like a lot of people.  For a reason.   Buuuut, I liked him.  Of course.

Heat Wave by Martha & the Vandellas

First of all, loved her dress tonight.  Cute & age appropriate.  Not modest, but still, I can appreciate it without letting my daughter wear it.  I'm good at separating like that.  Secondly... why did it seem like she forgot some of the words?  Were those ooooohs on purpose?  Confusing.  But the judges didn't mention so either it wasn't a big deal or she didn't forget anything.  Anyway, what she did sing was great.  I still feel like she doesn't have a ton of personality but she tried and was pretty much successful.  Much better than her Pocahontas crap from last week.  Oh wait... I just ffwd'ed through the commercials and she does admit to forgetting the words there in her backstage thingy.   Good.  Glad to know I wasn't going crazy on Motown week.

You're All I Need by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Dangit.  Shoot.  Now I'm ticked.  Shoooooot!  I actually really liked this.  Like, a lot.  Why did he have to use restraint?  Why did he have to be a little silly?  Why did he stay right on pitch?  Dang you Jacob.  Now what am I gonna do?  It even made me kind of like Motown week, fhs!  This is getting bad.  I may have even watched it twice because I liked it so much.  Now I'm not saying I'd like the "future Jacob who puts out original music" but tonight, I liked him.  And his eyebrows are perfection.

You Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes

TBone:  I like this girl.  You can't even hear her accent when she sings.  It's like she's just a regular American.

I remember hearing Phil Collins talk when I was about 11 and freaking out.  What??  He's BRITISH??? It blew my mind.   So yeah, I get it Tbone.   Back to Lauren, she done good.  I loved her dress as well.  She had some attitude.  She walked around.  She sounded good.  What else can I say?  Lauren is solid.  And yet seems fragile.  I'm not sure how she'll hold up in this business.

Hello by Lionel Richie

Obviously I was alone with this inside my mind.  Doesn't he have a single FB friend that posted that?  And did he really mouth "I love you" at the end??? Nooooooooooo!   Please no!!!!!!!!  So yeah,  can't take him seriously.  Weirdest song choice of the night.  ::stepping off the Stefano Train::  Yikes.

You Really Got A Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I really wish they wouldn't say "We've been working on her eye contact and walking more confidently" because then the whole time I'm thinking "she practiced making eye contact and walking."  I think there are people who connect with America and there are people who don't.  She don't.   She has an interesting voice & it's decent enough but I just don't think there's anything there to make people vote for her.  Sorry! ::said in a British accent like Simon::

For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

Well, he certainly "Scottyed" the crap outta this one, didn't he?  The song was practically unrecognizable.  I wish I knew how many people in America have a Randy Travis album on their iPods because then I could give you a ballpark number of how many votes he's going to get each week.  Again, not my thing but I think he does my non-thing well.   If it were my thing and I was 15, I'd be dialing & redialing and voting online like a maniac.  I'm assuming he's the South's Justin Beiber.

All In Love is Fair by Stevie Wonder

Bobblehead Pia.  Someone make one now and I will buy one.  While listening to the judges her head does not stay still.  It's awesome.    She's good.  And, like Jacob, it annoys me.  Why can't I be head over heels gaga over her?  Someone please explain this to me.  She's an amazing singer.  I'm wondering if next week when she "kicks it up a notch" if it'll be good or cringe worthy.  I just can't see her bebopping all over the stage.  But I guess we shall see as she is going nowhere this week.

Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

 I loved this.  With all my heart I loved this.  His guitar and mic stand kept him in one spot which was huge.  I was worried when he first said what song he was doing because I thought Adam Lambert's version was nothing short of genius.  I didn't think Paul could do as well or top Adam's but I really think he did.  Very singer/songwriter-y.  Like a seasoned veteran.  He seems completely unaffected by the whole AI thing (read: opposite of Lauren) Memo to Paul: More of this please.  Maybe even sitting on a stool next week, mkay?  More of that "tear in your voice" as JLo said.  You'll be glad you did.  Love, Landee

Dancing In the Street by Martha & the Vandellas

::cut to tomorrow night::  Ryan Seacrest, "Naima....Steven Tyler said it was 'E to the Z, ooh twiddly dee.  Jlo said you gave her goosebumps.  And Randy said everything you did was 'smart.'"  Dangit.  Again, I was completely taken off guard by enjoying her tonight.  Motown, what are you doing to me??  I was even waiting around prepared to hate the African dancing and then I didn't.  It even made me smile.  Which bugged.   I'm not joining the Naima Fan Club or anything but tonight was fun.  Oh, and she sounded great too.  It's like Bizarro AI tonight.    PS She is the black Hilary Swank.  K, I'm done now.

Livin' for the City by Stevie Wonder

If James ever shows up with bird cages on his shoulders I'll know his transformation into Adam Lambert is complete.  Well, that and some "persuasion" issues.   I reeeeeally liked this.  Again, he knows when to hold back and when to let 'er rip.  He's comfortable.  He doesn't make me worried about what he's going to do.  All good things in my book.    I just noticed he has sunglasses hanging off his shirt in his promo pic up there.  I wonder whose idea that was.  <---just trying to think of something to criticize about him for once.

Sooooooo.....::getting serious now::  I'd like to apologize to Motown week.  I should not have said the things I  said earlier.  You were very enjoyable and I think I forget that every year.  Aside from Stefano, you nailed it.  You can come back to AI again, if you want.  Again, I'm sorry.

Bottom Three: 


Going Home:


I just don't think she did enough to win America back.

Yikes, this is hard this week, you guys!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts....