Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween, etc.

And a Happy Halloween to you too!

This year we had the Zombie Football Player, the Ran Over Now Dead Crossing Guard and the cutey Tutu Witch.

I'm also feeling like a little catch up post is in order.

Who is still blogging these days anyway?  ::ahem::

JBird just finished up his second season of tackle football.  He caught the only completion for BOTH seasons during their fourth game this year.  The kid is money.  I don't get why they don't pass to him every time.  He also had fun taking down kids twice his size (which is almost every kid, btw) on defense.   As one super cheesy/lame football commentator said once.... "They forgot to measure his heart."  
He was also elected Student Body Vice President due to his genius campaign posters (such as the one below) and super funny speech.  Oh, and because he is Chrissi, Shelly & Stacey's nephew.

TBone has finally (after 6 years) decided that Pokemon might not be as awesome as he once thought it was.  And this is the outfit he chooses to shovel snow in (snow day TODAY... no school!).  No socks, in case you were wondering.

He has also turned into a reading FOOL this year.  He read the entire Lightening Thief series in about 4 weeks.  He would walk around with his nose in his book like he used to do with his Nintendo DS.  We often go up to bed at 11:30 or midnight and find this going on:

But how can you get mad at your kid for READING?  You can't.  So that's annoying.

Beebs started Kindergarten this year and was sad today was a snow day because she "misses school."   She's doing the usual 5 year old girlie stuff like gymnastics, dance and getting her Dad to do anything she wants.

She also has taken to posting signs on her door and laying out her clothes (complete with accessories) the night before.  This only worries her mother a lot.

Feeling all caught up now?

Good.  I feel sad at the cobwebs over here... and they aren't Halloween decor.