Thursday, May 27, 2010

Redecorating Pains

So I'm redoing my living room a bit.  I have had the furniture in there for a good 10 years.  I have become so sick of it.  I had no accessories in there to speak of & it was blah blah blah.   After a trip to TJ Maxx and Target and HomeGoods it now has a bit of a personality.  I changed the color scheme, got a new chair, moved an old one out, and pillows pillows pillows!   I may post a pic of the final product but there are a few things I need to do first (i.e. get my huge canvas wrapped family pic I ordered, get some curtains up, etc).

Anyway, I had moved the old chair into a little alcove thingy in my entry way.  It is a bit big for the spot but I kinda like it.  It does stick out of the alcove a bit though (<---important information for later).

So last night I go downstairs to turn off all the lights.  It's about 1am and pitch dark.  I'm not scared, however, because I know every inch of this house.  Helen Keller herself couldn't do a better job navigating around here at night than I.

But I had forgotten about that dang chair...

(plzthanks ignore chipped toenail polish, cracked cuticles, dry feet skin, overall grossness of my feet, etc)

Due to the fact that it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to wake everyone up, all I could do is stand there, doubled over in agony, leaning against the stair banister, biting my knuckle to stifle my screams.  I was sure that when I looked at it in the light I would be down one toenail but luckily they all survived.  

I no longer think this joke is funny:

Q: How did Helen Keller's parents punish her?
A: They rearranged the furniture. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AI: Finale Sponsored by the AARP

I counted two "guest performers" under the age of 68.  Two.


I declare 87% of this show unwatchable.  I mean, I watched it.  But only because I had to in case something awesome happened.

A few "awesome" things that DID happen:  Ryan's mic being left on for a bit as Kris Allen (I miss him so much it hurts) started singing, that dood taking over the mic from Dane Cook & saying he's taking over for Simon until they cut away to a commercial, Christina Aguilera forgetting pants, William Hung/Pants on the Ground duet, Janet Jackson's Spock ears and unsightly unitard.

Best Song Lyric Change EVER: "Would she go down with you to the theater?"  ::insert loud laughter from me for about 3 minutes::  What, pray tell, is perverted about that?  I'm surprised Alanis went along with that but I'm soooo glad she did.  Too funny.

And, of course, congrats to all those who voted for Mr. Lee.  I obviously wanted him to win but I was being strategic.   And a BIG congrats to Mizundastood herself, Eekareeka!!  After changing her vote about 3 times she finally decided on Lee and I'm sure she's happy she did.   Here are the final tallies of those near the top (meaning they voted for Lee):

Eeka: 133
Jespy: 130
HotPants: 126
cog: 122
Mikey: 119
AV: 115
Kimi: 101

Please leave suggestions for Eeka's customized gift in the comments.  REASONABLE suggestions, that is.  I have a couple idears but you might come up with something better and I'd hate for her not to have the best of the best for all her hard work this season.

Thank you to all who participated in any way, shape or form!  You made an otherwise intolerable season less intolerable.

AI: Votes So Far...Get 'Em IN!

Just so you know, the prize will be customized depending on who wins it...that's right... A CUSTOM prize!  For example, if Jana wins I would probably seek out the best burger recipe book I could find.  If Jespy wins she'll get that Hunger Games t-shirt I designed that she's had her eye on.  If HotPants wins she'll get the Twilight statue she's been wanting.

If YOU win, you'll like it.  That's allz I'm saying.





Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AI: Thank Goodness It's Almost Over

I can barely bring myself to type something up here as my interest level has all but vanished.  But let's see what we can do...

 His Choice: The Boxer
 Producer's Choice: Everybody Hurts
 Single if He Wins: Beautiful Day

My little shorter, better looking version of the guy I dated Freshman year at BYU.  My little guy who I used to refer to as Zero Exposure because that is exactly what he got during the audition portion of this show.   My little parched singer... did you see those nasty saliva strings as he sang The Boxer??  Someone get that boy a drink fhs!  Gross.  I was thoroughly disgusted.   And during Everybody Hurts, the camera panned the audience and there was a freaking TELEPROMPTER scrolling the lyrics.  Did anyone else see that?  I've always been amazed at how these guys can learn these songs every week, and at the end they are learning several different I feel duped....bamboozled...speckledorfed (spongebob).  PS I guess they realized the original Idol songs were a bust, eh?  Beautiful Day was O.K.  Kinda lackluster though he did almost smile a little once.

 Her Choice: Me & Bobby McGee
 Producer's Choice: Black Velvet
 Single If She Wins: Up To The Mountain

 Glad her unshowered, hippy look made another appearance.  It's always good to remind people how you'd look if it weren't for the stylists.  Yuck.  I've decided that her voice reminds me of how Kathryn Hepburn spoke.  Or maybe how Martin Short impersonated Kathryn Hepburn speaking.  Either way, it's choppy & e-e-e-e-h-y.  You know what I'm sayin?  I did NOT like her Black Velvet performance.  First of all, it was like she was building up the courage to walk down those stairs in those heels.  Then she waddled along like a man and sucked.  Jespy said she walked like E.T.  And I laughed uproariously.    But here is where it gets interesting.... I actually kinda liked Up To The Mountain.  I wonder how many other fence-sitters agree with me here.  That may have been the song that made it so Lee doesn't have a guarantee win on his hands.  Huh?  Huh?  What do you think?  Granted, her beyond lame & corny jokes at the end ("I'm beside myself...well, actually I'm beside Ryan Seacrest" and "Meows the time...") were a total turn off for ME, but there may be others out there who either didn't hear them or doesn't care about such things. 

So, on that note, I'm saying CRYSTAL wins.  Just to clarify, this is not what I desire.  I like Lee way better.   I just think tonight may have been the butterfly wings that caused a tsunami (if this season were at all as dramatic as a tsunami, that's really more like the allergy in the air that caused a sneeze).

Pick the winner in the comments.  50 points for a correct answer.


Points from last week, btw:

Eeka: 40 (83)
Jespy: 40 (80)
Memzy: 40 (80)
Jana: 40 (79)
Landee: 40 (78)
Anna: 40 (77)
HotPants: 40 (76)
Flem: 40 (73)
cog: 40 (72)
Stands: 40 (71)
Mikey: 40 (69)
Stacey: 40 (69)
RT: 40 (68)
AV: 40 (65)
SolidGold: 40 (55)
Kimi: 20 (51)
Markie: 0 (19)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zeus Almighty

Introducing the newest member of the Anderson Family.  

Zeus Almighty Anderson

Can you tell someone has enjoyed The Lightening Thief series?  That someone is JBird.

He has wanted "his own pet" (apparently Maggie does not count) for a couple of years now.  Finally he decided he wanted a guinea pig.  Oy.  I was not excited about it.  But, after some discussion we decided that he might just be old enough and responsible enough to handle one.  We had him save his own money and he will continue to have to buy the food and bedding stuff for him.   We have been shopping around the local pet stores and were so glad when this little guy was still at Petco when JBird had finally saved up enough money for the cage, the guinea pig, the food, the water bottle, etc.

 Isn't he adorabibble?

 My favorite feature of him, which we didn't even notice until we got him home, is that the front & back feet on his right side are white and the ones on the left side are dark brown.  I bet the other guinea pigs made fun of him for it though.

Yesterday was actually the greatest day of JBird's life.  

He got his little Zeus but before that, he had double header baseball games.  He has wanted to pitch for a couple of years.  At the beginning of this year they started working him into the rotation of pitchers.  He would come in and be a closer every once in a while and he did a great job.  One time he got three kids out in only 11 pitches.   He has now worked his way up to be their number one starting pitcher.  They "save" him for the big games.  He's their left-handed secret weapon, basically.  Wait,  I think they call it southpaw in baseball.  Anyway....

...yesterday he started and he got the win!  Here he is striking some poor sucker out.  That kid didn't even know what hit him.

A happier dad kid you will never see. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AI: Most Obvious Results To Date

Sorry Kimi.  I wish you woulda been right.  Srsly.

First of all, how dry & uninformative was that Q&A with the finalists?  Wow.   I had to doodle in my notebook to stay awake.

Ryan: So, are you busy during the week between performances?
Contestant: Yes.  Very busy.  I didn't realize how busy I'd be.


::refusing to like anything "discovered" by Perez Hilton but not fast forwarding either::

Hometown Visits

Casey-  Who are all these people??  The crying girls?  The screaming fans?  Are you telling me there are people out there who are LOVING this season?  I couldn't wrap my head around that.  Doesn't make sense.  I wonder how impressed that doctor was to get that guitar, btw.  He seemed kinda like "Um, thanks?"  I bet he sold it on eBay.  He's cute though.  No one can take that away from him. 

::randomly start giggling thinking about that lady who chased after Gokey's limo last year until she just couldn't keep up::     ::giggling again as I type this::

Crystal-  Now, you know I lived in Toledo, OH for two years, right?  Well, I did.  And I'm fairly certain that was not our mayor back then.  I would have remembered the backwards leather cabby hat and leather vest with all the pins on it like he works at TGIFriday's.  And BOWERSTOCK?  Oh my gosh.  Get serious.  Yes, let's compare this has-been-before-she-ever-was to one of the most famous musical festivals of all time.  Yeah, that works.  And her song "Holy Toledo" has given hope to all of NW Ohio?  Really Crystal?  Gimme a break.  I'm so done with her and her cocky tude.  Done, I say!

Lee- Throwing out the first pitch at a Cubbies game?  Not to shabby there, Mr. Dewyze.  And I love how they had to go back to his elementary school.  I'm guessing the "alternative high school" he attended is on some kind of lock down situation or something.  His dad looked genuinely touched as Lee sang The Boxer but his mom looked like she was Fakey Fakerson.  Like "Oh, the camera is on me, I better look all choked up."  Do with that observation what you will.

 ::start feeling sorry for the grow men who are Justin Bieber's back up dancers/singers::

Results: LEE & CRYSTAL through.  CASEY heading back to Cool, TX. 

Since everyone except Kim voted the same I'll do the points later.  There won't be much movement in the standings.

Thank you again for all of you who have stuck through with this ghastly season.  It's almost over, you gize.  We've almost made it.

AI: Top 3 Lack Luster Finalists


So this is it, America.  Your Top Three.

 I vaguely remember last season's Top Three show.  I had butterflies.  I was giddy.  I couldn't WAIT to see what songs they had chosen, what the judges had chosen for them, to get my fingers busy voting (for Kris Allen)... but this year?   I was hurrying to get through it so I could get to Glee & The Biggest Loser (an emotional week where the final 4 go home to train for a marathon).  I don't care who wins.  I don't care who loses.  As long as it's the person I pick for the contest, that is.

But enough about me.  Let's get on with it.

His choice: Ok, It's Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson
Judges' choice (Randy & Kara): Daughters by John Mayer

The Eric Hutchinson song was aaaaaight.  I mean, you know, typical Casey doing the typical Casey thing.  Which, btw, I think was the point here.  He wanted to show what kind of artist he would be and this certainly proved the point that this season is bleh.  The John Mayer song, on the other hand, was actually really really good.  I may be biased in that I really like that song but that also goes to show how Casey's song choices, when left up to him, suck.  So what's he gonna do in the studio later?  When it's all up to him?  Huh?  A: Lame songs that no one wants to buy.  Prove me wrong, Casey.  Prove. Me. Wrong.

Her choice: Come to My Window by ((SHOCKER!!!)) Melissa Etheridge
Judge's choice (Ellen): Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Thank goodness she pulled her harmonica/neck brace thingy out again.  I'd almost forgotten about that annoying thing.  And srsly, Crystal....Melissa Etheridge?  Really?  Haven't you been singing her every week already?  Could you be anymore predictable? (<-- say like Chandler).  Ugh.  But again, if it was supposed to show her future endeavors in music then, hey, spot on.  Now we can only hope no one buys Melissa Etheridge albums anymore for a reason.  And not cuz they're homophobic.   As for the Paul McCartney song, it makes me uncomfortable to see her without her guitar.  I think it's cuz I look at her teeth more closely.  And, I don't care how white they try to get those things, there are still some missing.  And it's yucky.

His choice: Simple Man by Leonard Skynard
Judge's Choice (Simon): Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley

What are the chances of picking two songs by two different people named Leonard?   But yeah, best of the night, no question.  I was pleasantly surprised and entertained by his first song.  And while I think Simon's pick is a bit "overdone" on AI, I still think it was a great performance.  And I enjoyed seeing him get a little overwhelmed and emotional.  He usually plays it so straight it was good to see him get a little teary.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Safety Dance routine to watch a million times & learn.


 I realize I'm playing it safe but I'm not trying to "have a moment" this season.  I'm just trying to stay above water here.

Points awarded will be 10 points for each bottom two chosen correctly.  20 points for the correct person chosen to go home this week.  That's a possible 40 pts. right there.

 Good luck.

Camp Crystal CASEY


Camp Casey CRYSTAL


Camp We Don't Know Yet

I respect Kimi for being a little risk taker.  It could pay off big time.  It might do some of you losers unfortunate souls there at the bottom some good to try and take a little risk as well...what's the harm?  I mean, right?  Feel free to switch your vote up until about 6pm this evening.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I either saw that on a bumper sticker or someone told me they saw it on a bumper sticker or I just made that up.  However it came to be embedded in my subconscious isn't important.  The important part is what I'm about to share with you.

It's funny being a Mormon.  I mean srsly, it really is.

There are so many cultural hilarities I enjoy on a regular basis.  I consider it one of the Top 10 Perks of being LDS (avoiding cirrhosis of the liver is right up there too, btw).

Anyway, I got a FB message from one of my dearest friends a while ago.  Some of you may know her as Phoxy Brown.   She was my bestest friend in South Carolina.  We met as she came knocking on my car window while I was sitting in car line at JBird's preschool.  She had spotted my Ohio license plates and was drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  She's originally from there and was not adapting well to life in the South.  She needed a fellow Ohioan and I needed a friend.  We were a match made in humidity heaven. 

Here she is with Kimi, Memzy and a disgustingly fat/preggerz me in Chaaaaalston, SC in 2005 on the BEST girls trip EVAH. 

Kimi & Phoxy trying on some shades at the open market where Kimi wanted to look at the Lew-eese Vweetun purses (that's how Kim pronounced it...srsly). 

But here's the shocker....Phoxy is not a Mormon.

I hadn't had many non-LDS friends since leaving high school and it was refreshing to have one again.  She was hilarious and kind and generous and snarky.  She made my life in SC go from totally geek to totally chic.  She hadn't ever known a Mormon personally before either.  Which was good for me, btw...nothing to compare me to.

K, now that the walk down memory lane is over & you have some history, let me share with you the message I got from her.  FYI, her sons are exactly JBird's and TBone's ages.  She has since had another girl who is about a year younger that Beebs.  In this message she is talking about the son who is TBone's age:

So Cade has a new BFF in his class. Went to pick him up to come over and play today. I suspect Cade has found yet another Mo-Mo to be BFF's with. Here, in no particular order, is what leads me to this conclusion....

6.) 4 kids
5.) Mom had a Shades shirt on under her tee
4.) Big ole pic of Jesus hanging in the dining room
3.) Above all the doors were "sayings"
2.) Originally from Utah

And the #1 reason I believe what I do....I was late to pick him up 'cause I didn't know where "South Meadow" was and when I told her and apologized she said...."I'm so sorry you had to drive all over HECK to get here!"

Your thoughts.... 

I mean, right?  My thoughts?  Um yeah, you got yourself another Mormon there, sister.  I don't know why it made me laugh so hard that she spotted the Shade shirt and "sayings" above the doors and that told her this lady was Mormon. She went from not knowing any Mormons to being an expert on the matter.

She then wrote me again a while later:

I gots my proof. On the way home they were asking if they could have a slumber party. I say...not tonight. Cade says...hey, maybe we can play together tomorrow. And with about a 5 second pause follows up with...oh that's right, you're not allowed to play on Sundays. So I assume it won't be much longer until Cade is in black pants and white shirt, bike helmet securely in place, cycling around Aiken, spreading the Good News. That counts as his mission, right?

 I asked her to just support Cade in his conversion and to not disown him or anything.  A couple pics of the future missionary I took just before we moved....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AI: Results, 4 becomes 3

I fast forwarded through all of it so you'll have to tell me how the performances were.  I stopped for a bit on Daughtry but I hadn't heard that song before so I kept on going.

Bottom two: Mike & Crystal.
Gone: Mike of Free Willy fame

Here are the points.  There has been some movement so pay attention.

Eeka: 18 (43)
Jespy: 14 (40)
Memzy: 14 (40)
Jana: 18 (39)
Landee: 14 (38)
Anna: 14 (37)
HotPants: 14 (36)
Flem: 14 (33)
cog: 14 (32)
Kimi: 14 (31)
Stands: 14 (31)
Mikey: 14 (29)
Stacey: 14 (29)
RT: 14 (28)
AV: 4 (25)
Markie: 0 (19) <---the price of a nice vaycay 
SolidGold: 4 (15)

AI: Top 4 Jamie Foxx Gets Seduced By Casey

Who's glad this season is almost over?  ::raising hand::

Who thinks Jamie Foxx's skull tat is disgusting?  ::raising hand higher::

Who wishes Ellen would plzthanks NOT remind us of her love of women? ::waving hand in air like a crazy::

LEE: Kiss From A Rose by Seal from Batman

First song was crap.  It was boring.  Lifeless.  Made me realize he'd be a toooootal snoozefest to hang out with.  Made me appreciate Seal more.  Made me glad to get to look at Lee's face rather than Seal's face though.  Made me want to close my notebook and not continue the show.

MIKE: Will You Be There by Michael Jackson from the movie Free Willy

Predictable doesn't begin to describe that faux gospel choir he put together out of all the backup singers they had on hand.  Another boring performance.  Had to doodle in my notebook to stay awake. Made me wish he sucked worse cuz I'm worried his "goal" of making it to top three might come true.

LEE & CRYSTAL DUET: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & that one girl from the movie Once

I can't decide if I'm pissed that they copied Kris Allen or if I think they're smart for picking the best song ever.  Either way I loved it (yes I can love things that piss me off, ask my kids).   Memo to future AI contestants:  This song is a can't miss.  It's amazing.  If you can even half-way sing, do this song.  The mic set up made me uncomfortable at first but then Jamie got all up in my business and made me get out of my comfort zone and then I was fine with it.  That Mr. Foxx really knows what he's doing. ::raising eyebrows::

CASEY: Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkle from the movie Mrs. Robinson starring a young Dustin Hoffman

I'd love it if my hair looked as good as his, btw.  After he got done seducing Jamie Foxx he decided to make out with the microphone.  Is this a new thing or am I just noticing it now?  I didn't like it.  I did like what he did with Mrs. Robinson though.  Switched it up enough but not TOO much.  And Randy & all the rest of you judges, that bit about Kara & Casey is old.  And was dumb to begin with.  Wait, that was supposed to be a memo to the judges.  Oh well.

CRYSTAL: I'm Alright by Kenny Loggins from the movie Caddyshack

Am I the only one who pictured that little gopher dancing through the whole song?  Crystallized: v. 1) to take a song and make it sound like Melissa Etheridge. 2) to sass the judges and explain why you did things a certain way EVERY.  STINKIN.  TIME.  3) to force your boyfriend to wear American flag Hammer pants.   <---- the only thing I can think of as to why he was wearing those.

CASEY & MIKE DUET: Have You Ever Loved A Woman by Bryan Adams from Robin Hood?

Another Kopy Kat Kyler performance!!  As I may have mentioned before, Daughtry's performance of this song is one of my all time favorite AI performances.  This one didn't make me hunker down in the dark and watch it a million times but it was quite good.  They sounded great together which was a huge shock.  Casey killed it on the guitar too.  Chocolate Vanilla Swirl, right der.

This week I'm guessing they'll do a bottom two and then kick someone off.   We're gonna up the ante.  This week I will be awarding FOUR points for each bottom two you guess correctly and a whopping TEN points if you guess the one who goes home.   18 points possible.  This could make all the difference.  Comprende?

My Bottom Two:


Gone:  MIKE


Kim: Lee MIKE
Markie: on a cruise
Flem: ??? MIKE
Mikey: Casey MIKE
Memzy:Casey MIKE
Cog: Casey MIKE
Anna: Casey MIKE
Jespy: Casey MIKE
Eeka: Crystal MIKE
Stands: Casey MIKE
HotPants: Casey MIKE
Jana: Crystal MIKE
Stacey: Casey MIKE
RT: Casey MIKE
SolidGold: Mike CASEY

Monday, May 10, 2010

Potential Amputation

Did that title get your attention?  Thought so.

 So we had some extra kids a few weeks ago, as you probably already know.  Three extras, to be exact.  On my TO DO list was written "survive" and I think I did pretty well on that.   It's all about time management and organization, really.  Oh, and my no nonsense parenting skillz, of course.   This place ran like a well-oiled machine.  The "oil" being pizza, chicken nuggets and pancakes.

We also tried to get the kids to be outside as much as possible.   On Monday night all the boys wanted to go down to the creek near our house.  It was mid-60s and sunny.  A perfect day at the creek. Well, they played there for a while and all was well.  The little girls and I walked the dog down to see what the boys were up to and then left to come home.  I told the boys to come home in about 20 minutes for dinner.

 Well, 40 minutes went by and then Colin came home saying he was FREEZING and he wished he "had never gone to the creek!!"  I thought he was a bit dramatic (after all the other boys were still down there) but I gave him a towel to warm up with and told him to come in when he was drier and less muddy.

Another 15 minutes or so go by and then in comes TBone....bawling.  His hands look like they are holding two tennis balls but there is nothing there.  His arms are bright red up to his upper arm and his legs are bright red up to his thighs.  He's screaming that his "HANDS ARE FROZEN!!"  and "I HAVE FROST BITE!"  and "I THINK WE MIGHT HAVE TO CUT OFF MY HANDS!" and "MY LIFE WAS JUST SWEEPING AWAY FROM ME!" tears streaming down his face.

 He was legitimately scared his video gaming career was over, you gize.

 I carried him into the laundry room (cuz obviously his frozen, frost bitten feet weren't working properly) and started the warm water running in the laundry room sink.   I put in the plug and left him there to help the other boys get towels and what not.

I come back into the laundry room and see this.

He's like one of those Peking acrobats that can fit in those teensy boxes and stuff.

He stayed in there for a good half an hour.

Apparently Will had lost one of his flip flops in the muddy creek (stepped down, stepped out, shoe gone) and they had spent a great deal of time looking for it, digging through the mud, etc.

I am so glad TBone had the sense to leave the flip flop before we had to cut off both of his arms.  It was close though.

PS Are you happy now Kimi?  After all the nagging I'm guessing this is a major let down.  It's your own fault.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Annual Mother's Day Shot

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!  

As for me, "Operation Let Mom Sleep In" was a success!  Gty had to ward off a couple of kids at the door but I slept in until about 9:45a and laid there for another hour reading.  

It was heavenly. 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Real Reason #2

It musta been a team effort.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Real Reason...

...I got a Snuggi for my birthday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back in BIDNESS!

Oh my gosh, you gize!

I guarantee you don't realize how much stuff you do on the internet each day.

I realize it, however,  because I have been sans internet for like, FIVE DAYS!! It has been intolerable. But now that I'm through this trial I can look back and see that it has honestly made me a better person. Or at least a faster typer on my phone but I'm pretty sure my thumbs are getting the carpal tunnel thingy.

Anyway, I'm back.

We switched from a DirectTV/Qwest combo to everything being through Comcast.   That is why it took so long to get the internet back (after our Qwest modem died on us).  Apparently it takes a few days to transfer your phone number from one provider to another or something lamerz like that.

So we now gots us some HD TV (I didn't realize how much our HD television was NOT living up to its potential).  Is AI in high def?  I don't know if I wanna see Mike in high def.  But Lee & Casey might be fun.  Crystal's teeth?  No.

Speaking of AI, here are the points from this week. If you feel your score is incorrect please let me know.  Jespy usually checks my math for me late at night before any of you see it.

 Jespy: 1 (26)
 Memz: 4 (26)
 Eeka: 1 (25)
 Landee: 1 (24)
 Anna: 4 (23)
 HotP: 2 (22)
 AV: 1 (21) 
 Jana: 2 (21)
 Flem: 0 (19)
another example of her job ruining her/my life
 Markie: 2 (19)
 cog: 2 (18)
 Stands: 1 (17)
 Kimi: 4 (17)
 Stacky: 1 (15)
 Mikey: 1 (15)
 RoddTodd: 1 (14)
 SolidGold: 1 (11)

As you can see Jespy suddenly has a little competition.   I'm thinking that next week we will only have a bottom two (with each being 4 points) and then like, 10 points for guessing the one who goes home correctly.  We gotta ups the ante around here, dawgs!  This is still anybody's game.  You gotta BELIEVE YOU CAN WIN, that's all!  In it to win it.  

In. It. To. Win. It.

Also, this is the funniest/creepiest thing I've seen all season.

The "Kara" is a dead ringer.

PS Another bonus of switching TV providers?  Fresh & new DVR.  Finally I'm rid of those BYU football games from 2006-10.  Not having internet for a few days was well worth it just for that, believeachoo me.  They sucked up around 60% of available space on the DVR.  Srsly, the things I put up with....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AI: Ur Picks

Memzy: Casey crystal AARON
landee: crystal aaron CASEY
jespy: crystal Casey MIKE
kimi: crystal Casey AARON
mikey: crystal Casey MIKE
markie: Aaron mike CRYSTAL
cog: Aaron mike CASEY
Anna: crystal Casey AARON
AV: crystal Aaron CASEY
eeka: Aaron crystal CASEY
stands: Aaron crystal CASEY
hotpants: Aaron mike CASEY
jana: Aaron mike CASEY
Stacey: Aaron crystal CASEY
RT: Aaron crystal CASEY
solidgold: crystal Aaron CASEY

i typed that all out on my phone. Pure torture.
I'll post the points tomorrow when my Internet/life has been restored.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AI: Eeka!! A Guest Blogger!!

If You Thought Landee Was Judgmental....

...I've got pages and pages of rude comments on the night. 

The first thought that came to mind when they said Frank Sinatra was "Ugh". Why in the world do they pick such boring old music??? Do they want me to hate the show??? Then they bring on Harry Connick Jr as the mentor. I didn't even know he was a musician. That is how popular he is in my mind. I also don't think bragging about being the musician for When Harry Met Sally is anything to write home about. That movie is OLD just like the computer HCJ was using to help arrange music for the contestants. It looked like this old "time machine" my dad used to have in our garage when I was growing up. Anyways, on to the contestants.

Aaron Kelly
Fly Me To The Moon

I bet Aaron peed his pants with excitement when he found out it was Frank Sinatra week. His hair looked fuller tonight and very fluffy but I noticed it didn't really move as he did his famous legs-apart-while-wiggling-his-body move. He sang the song just fine but it was a snooze fest. JEspy said it best when she said that she could hear that song on the radio today. On some AM station.

Casey James
Blue Skies
Love it when he pulls his hair back into a piggy tail. He looks less like Landee that way but it is better for him to not look like her. I actually kind of agreed with the judges about his performance. He didn't have his guitar and he did sound like a lamb. I wished he would have pulled out his guitar and rocked Frank Sinatra especially because his friends at home might start watching him this week. At least if he gets voted off, he will have $50 and a free meal from that gig with his friends.

Crystal Bowzersocks
Summer Wind
I love her casually starting out sitting by the piano and then walking over to the mic when the music started. She is so chill and casual. J/K of course. This girl has bugged me since day one. She was very stiff and only had one feather earring. Where was the other feather earring??? Did it fall out somewhere??? Randy said he wasn't sure if she changed it up. I guess that means that Randy had never heard this song before. I hadn't either. She didn't take her criticism very well either. She argued back and not in a good, funny way. It came across very whiney and complainy. JEspy said she looked like a two bit western whore in her getup, as well.

Big Fat Mike
The Way You Look Tonight 
I wonder what Big Mike's suit jacket looks like hanging on a hanger. It has got to be massive. Would it even fit on a regular hanger? Does he have to have special hangers for his suit jacket? I bet if he wanted to hang his suit pants on a hanger, he would have to hang each leg separately on their own hanger and then spread the hangers apart so it wouldn't wrinkle. His stylist would have to be very imaginative when coming up with ways to prevent his clothes from wrinkling. Someone as creative as Cinna, possibly. Oh, btw, his singing was whiney as usual. The judges loved his arrangement though, thanks to HCJ's 1940 music computer/time machine.

Lee Dwyze
That's Life
Lee is definitely the best of the worst. I don't how well he would have held up against Kris Allen or David Cook but against Crystal, Aaron, Mike, and Casey, he is awesome. However, I noticed he was dancing like Taylor Hicks. Moving around all stiff-like as though he needed to go big job. It was a bit distracting from his song, which was good. I think he needed some bag pipes in there. The best part of his performance was when Kara told him to write down "I Can Win" over and over and over again. It reminded me of this picture frame that Manic Mandy gave as a white elephant gift that had "I Love Me" written on it in puff paint. I L-O-Led when she said that. I can picture Lee writing in magic marker on his bathroom mirror that he can win. If he wins, I am going to write on my mirror in lipstick "Next Season Of American Idol Will Be Better".

My bottom three tonight are: Aaron, Casey, and Crystal

Going home: Casey :(                                              

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Tbone Got Me

Royal blue, no less.