Thursday, March 31, 2011

AI: Sir Elton John Week

My apologies to anyone who was worried for my health because I haven't posted anything about American Idol this week (that would be AV and my parents).  The fact is that I'm on spring break with the family and didn't even watch it yet!  What kind of AI Blogger am I?  A sucky one.

I'll be back next week.

In the mean time, if you have anything to say about this week please feel free to do so in the comments.  My dad claims everyone one was stellar and any one of these people could have won the whole thing on any past season.  Overstatement?

Who sang Tiny Dancer?   At least tell me that.  It's a perennial AI favorite of mine.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AI: Motown Week (um....)

This is the week where I question why I do this.

Why do I watch this show?  Why do I spend my time blogging about it?  Why does AI inSIST on doing this to me?  I don't want any more Motown weeks.  Who can I write a letter to?  Srsly.  Someone get me an email address.


But let's make the best of it I guess.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about the fact that the contestants have these amazing producers working with them this year.  I LOVE it.  And I'll tell you why.... the comment I hated the most from the judges (and it was nearly every song) was "I don't really like what you did there with the arrangement" and every variation of that comment thereof and forthwith, etc and etc.  What, praytell, does that have to do with ANYTHING???  I got so sick of hearing that when this was not a "who can arrange the song the best way" contest, but a singing competition (<---that's another phrase I hate but only when other people use it, duh).  They insisted the kids "make the songs their own" and yet would thrash them if they tinkered with it in a way they did not approve of.  It was maddening.     So, long story short, I'm so glad they have these producers helping the kids out.  It takes that whole aspect out of it & the judges can't say P. Diddly Squat.

Now, on to ::deep breath with eyes closed::...Motown week.

I Heard it Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

Ok...he's got the semi-slicked back hair which gives me just a hint of what he might look like "cleaned up."  Not bad.  I mean, not great, but not awful.  We all know Casey is not about his looks anyway but still.  As he was groovin' through the audience he suddenly made me imagine him as some kind of Will Farrell character.  And Markie's comment that he was just another Taylor Hicks has stuck with me & has tainted me.  Thanks a lot, Markie.  I now see him as entertaining but am constantly wondering about his marketability.  The fact that, as JLo said, there is no one out there like him may not be a good thing.  There's no one out there like a lot of people.  For a reason.   Buuuut, I liked him.  Of course.

Heat Wave by Martha & the Vandellas

First of all, loved her dress tonight.  Cute & age appropriate.  Not modest, but still, I can appreciate it without letting my daughter wear it.  I'm good at separating like that.  Secondly... why did it seem like she forgot some of the words?  Were those ooooohs on purpose?  Confusing.  But the judges didn't mention so either it wasn't a big deal or she didn't forget anything.  Anyway, what she did sing was great.  I still feel like she doesn't have a ton of personality but she tried and was pretty much successful.  Much better than her Pocahontas crap from last week.  Oh wait... I just ffwd'ed through the commercials and she does admit to forgetting the words there in her backstage thingy.   Good.  Glad to know I wasn't going crazy on Motown week.

You're All I Need by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Dangit.  Shoot.  Now I'm ticked.  Shoooooot!  I actually really liked this.  Like, a lot.  Why did he have to use restraint?  Why did he have to be a little silly?  Why did he stay right on pitch?  Dang you Jacob.  Now what am I gonna do?  It even made me kind of like Motown week, fhs!  This is getting bad.  I may have even watched it twice because I liked it so much.  Now I'm not saying I'd like the "future Jacob who puts out original music" but tonight, I liked him.  And his eyebrows are perfection.

You Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes

TBone:  I like this girl.  You can't even hear her accent when she sings.  It's like she's just a regular American.

I remember hearing Phil Collins talk when I was about 11 and freaking out.  What??  He's BRITISH??? It blew my mind.   So yeah, I get it Tbone.   Back to Lauren, she done good.  I loved her dress as well.  She had some attitude.  She walked around.  She sounded good.  What else can I say?  Lauren is solid.  And yet seems fragile.  I'm not sure how she'll hold up in this business.

Hello by Lionel Richie

Obviously I was alone with this inside my mind.  Doesn't he have a single FB friend that posted that?  And did he really mouth "I love you" at the end??? Nooooooooooo!   Please no!!!!!!!!  So yeah,  can't take him seriously.  Weirdest song choice of the night.  ::stepping off the Stefano Train::  Yikes.

You Really Got A Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I really wish they wouldn't say "We've been working on her eye contact and walking more confidently" because then the whole time I'm thinking "she practiced making eye contact and walking."  I think there are people who connect with America and there are people who don't.  She don't.   She has an interesting voice & it's decent enough but I just don't think there's anything there to make people vote for her.  Sorry! ::said in a British accent like Simon::

For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

Well, he certainly "Scottyed" the crap outta this one, didn't he?  The song was practically unrecognizable.  I wish I knew how many people in America have a Randy Travis album on their iPods because then I could give you a ballpark number of how many votes he's going to get each week.  Again, not my thing but I think he does my non-thing well.   If it were my thing and I was 15, I'd be dialing & redialing and voting online like a maniac.  I'm assuming he's the South's Justin Beiber.

All In Love is Fair by Stevie Wonder

Bobblehead Pia.  Someone make one now and I will buy one.  While listening to the judges her head does not stay still.  It's awesome.    She's good.  And, like Jacob, it annoys me.  Why can't I be head over heels gaga over her?  Someone please explain this to me.  She's an amazing singer.  I'm wondering if next week when she "kicks it up a notch" if it'll be good or cringe worthy.  I just can't see her bebopping all over the stage.  But I guess we shall see as she is going nowhere this week.

Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

 I loved this.  With all my heart I loved this.  His guitar and mic stand kept him in one spot which was huge.  I was worried when he first said what song he was doing because I thought Adam Lambert's version was nothing short of genius.  I didn't think Paul could do as well or top Adam's but I really think he did.  Very singer/songwriter-y.  Like a seasoned veteran.  He seems completely unaffected by the whole AI thing (read: opposite of Lauren) Memo to Paul: More of this please.  Maybe even sitting on a stool next week, mkay?  More of that "tear in your voice" as JLo said.  You'll be glad you did.  Love, Landee

Dancing In the Street by Martha & the Vandellas

::cut to tomorrow night::  Ryan Seacrest, "Naima....Steven Tyler said it was 'E to the Z, ooh twiddly dee.  Jlo said you gave her goosebumps.  And Randy said everything you did was 'smart.'"  Dangit.  Again, I was completely taken off guard by enjoying her tonight.  Motown, what are you doing to me??  I was even waiting around prepared to hate the African dancing and then I didn't.  It even made me smile.  Which bugged.   I'm not joining the Naima Fan Club or anything but tonight was fun.  Oh, and she sounded great too.  It's like Bizarro AI tonight.    PS She is the black Hilary Swank.  K, I'm done now.

Livin' for the City by Stevie Wonder

If James ever shows up with bird cages on his shoulders I'll know his transformation into Adam Lambert is complete.  Well, that and some "persuasion" issues.   I reeeeeally liked this.  Again, he knows when to hold back and when to let 'er rip.  He's comfortable.  He doesn't make me worried about what he's going to do.  All good things in my book.    I just noticed he has sunglasses hanging off his shirt in his promo pic up there.  I wonder whose idea that was.  <---just trying to think of something to criticize about him for once.

Sooooooo.....::getting serious now::  I'd like to apologize to Motown week.  I should not have said the things I  said earlier.  You were very enjoyable and I think I forget that every year.  Aside from Stefano, you nailed it.  You can come back to AI again, if you want.  Again, I'm sorry.

Bottom Three: 


Going Home:


I just don't think she did enough to win America back.

Yikes, this is hard this week, you guys!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Because They're Nummerz....

Make these.  Love these.  You don't even have to give me credit.

White Chocolate Orange Cookies
[makes 3 dozen]

1 C. butter (not margarine, never margarine)
½ C. white sugar
½ C. brown sugar
1 egg
2 ¼ C. flour
¾ t. baking soda
½ t. salt
2 T. grated orange peel*
2 C. white chocolate chips

Mix butter & sugars until creamy.  Beat in egg.  Add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix in.  When you have a good dough consistency, add the orange peel and the white chocolate.  Bake 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees.  Cool on wire racks.   

*I would be remiss if I didn't say thank you to my Pampered Chef microplane tool here.  It makes grating orange peel a joy.  An honest-to-goodness joy.  And no, I don't sell the stuff but I do believe in praising a good product when I find one. So next time your sister-in-law is hosting a PC party and you can't figure out what to get to support her & help her get some free stuff, pick one of these bad boys up.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

AI: Birth Year Funtivities

First things first... a big shout out to Steve B there on the east coast!  I welcome and applaud you.

Second things second, JLo's hair is scaring me.  A small woodland animal could be living in there and we would never know.  Plus I guarantee she loved Pia's jumpsuit.  She may have even designed it.

Ah, the week where they sing a song from their birth year... this is also known as "Make Landee Feel Super Old" week.  Geez.  Thia was born in the mid-90s???  Wha??  Just shoot me.


Year: 1984
Song: What's Love Got to Do With It? by Tina Turner

Ok, so she's not exactly a spring chicken.  ::feeling a little better about myself::  Is she married?  I may have missed that bit of information as I was too distracted trying to memorize that lullaby she sings to her daughters.  I've also just had the realization that she is Bizarro Katherine McPhee.  Her mother was a singer too.  Her mother is living vicariously through her daughter too.  Bizarro parts are, obviously racial.  But also, Katherine had talent.    I ain't gonna lie... this was no good.  They were being nice by simply calling it "pitchy."  Even with all her edgy clothes, interesting look & supposed personality, she lacks something up there when she's performing.  She doesn't even leave me wanting... it's just like eh.  But apparently "she gon bring it.  Das all she can do.  Bring it."  I'm guessing she won't though.


Year: 1984
Song: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues by Elton John

Oh, fhs.  Get this boy a chair and glue it to him so I can concentrate on his singing.  The cameramen must dread it when it's his turn.  Especially the close-up camera guy.  Geez.    That aside, he is decent.  He's like if James Blunt were to have started out on AI.  There is something cool about a distinctive voice and he's happy & nice.  I don't want him or his bollo tie to leave just yet.


Year: 1995
Song: Colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams/Pocahontas

(This is the part where I go and check my crowsfeet and convince myself that I would never want to be 15 again and have to relive all this glorious life over again.  Probably).    Ok, so yes, it was safe.  Yes, she sang another ballad.  But, honestly, I thought it was pretty good.  At first I was annoyed with all her smiling (I know Pocahontas didn't smile that much singing it).  But then when the violins swelled up there I was happy for her.  Like, I may have even done the Mom Proud Face.    I'm convinced Randy is dead inside and set the tone for the judges.  I don't think it was as bad as they claim.


Year: 1989

Song: I'll Be There For You by Bon Jovi

::singing tauntingly:: "Jimmy has a dolly, Jimmy has a dolly..."  What a girl!!  Just kidding.  TBone had a Spiderman baby he used to put diapers on...and he asked for a stroller when he was three... oh, and a Dora house.... ok... let's move on.  I liked this.  It's not my favorite Bon Jovi song but I looked up that album and yeah,  that was the best of the bunch from that year.   Had he gone the Aerosmith route as Mr. Tyler was bemoaning, he could have done either "Janie's Got A Gun" or "Love in an Elevator."   Both superior to "I'll Be There For You" but Mr.-Too-Big-For-His-Britches seems to think he's making it to the finale to sing an Aerosmith song so whatevs.  I hope that works out for him.  I think.  The reality is I'm still on the fence with this guy.  I definitely don't hate him but love?  Too soon to commit to anything.  I'm still shopping around.


Song: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston

Ryan ruined my lipstick on the chin bit.  Jerk.   Anyway, so yeah, considering the cardinal sin on AI is to sing a Whitney song, I think she did pretty good with it.  She made it a little interesting here and there.  She um.... well, she also.... I, uh, think she was wearing black pants?  Seriously, I got nothing else on her.  ::cursing Ryan for messing up my bit again::


Year: 1989
Song: If You Don't Know Me By Now by Simply Red

I take by my statement on his's not Tony Danza... it's Howie Mandel!! Exciting!  Ok, ok, ok, he grew on me with this performance.  He kinda Bruno Mars-ed it, if you know what I mean.  At first I was like "Really?  THIS song?  I'd rather you sing Hangin' Tough!"  But then I saw the error of my ways and jumped on the Stefano train.  I don't now if I'm a permanent passenger.  I may get off at the next stop but the ride was very agreeable tonight.

Pia Diarrhea and her Jumpsuit

Year: 1988
Song: Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston

I canNOT WAIT until she is on Real Housewives of Queens.  That is gonna be awesome.   In the mean time we will be subjected to her poor fashion choices and horrendous accent here on Fox.  But fine, she can sing.  I wish she sucked.  But she doesn't.  The older voters love divas too so she is not going anywhere just yet.  But really, think for one second about what kind of album she would put out.  Right?  Pure crap.  But no one ever thinks that way at this point in the game.  I'm very "big picture" obvs.


Year: 1993
Song: Can I Trust You With My Heart by Travis Tritt

Naked fat baby alert!!!  Dang he was cute.  As his mother, the Elvis thing might have weirded me out a little but, you know, it all turned out ok.  He did a great job tonight....if you're into this kind of thing.  I guarantee he'll go on and do very well in Nashville.  He'll probably win some CMAs,  become the spokesperson for NASCAR,  throw out some opening pitches at Braves games.... and I will have never heard of him again after the AI Finale.  He'll only be known to me as "you know, that deep voiced kid on AI... Jenny called him Babylockthemdoors....remember?"  But I wish him well in all his endeavors.


Year: 1989
Song: Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dayne

"Don't like another prize only my Karen."  Oh my gosh.  I think I'm gonna cry.  Could her mom be any cuter?? She doesn't even want an Oscar!  Just her Karen.  Adorable.  As for Karen's performance... it was aaaaaight.  I mean, I think she's good but again, she doesn't play into my interests.  She won't be some Karen from the Block.  She'll end up being some female version of Julio Iglesias with a tenth of the popularity and no hawt son.  Do you see what I'm saying here?  Where does she go in her career?  Truly, I want to know.


Year: 1991
Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever known what the lyrics to this song are.  Load up on guns... that's really the first line?  And there's a mention of a mulatto?   Interesting stuff there, I'm sure.  I'd look it up but I'm too lazy and plus I need to finish this up.  Bottom line: Love Casey still.  Love his parents.  Love that he keeps trying new things and keeping it funky fresh.  Compare this to Thia's Pocahontas song, for example.  Can you even compare?  No.


Year: 1994
Song: I'm The Only One by Melissa Etheridge

Lauren's parents are the opposite of Casey's parents in that I'm fairly certain they must have had her when they were 12.  How young does her dad look?  30 tops?   Weird.   She & her flu did a fantastic job tonight.  She sang well.  She seemed comfortable enough.  She twanged it up without going all Scotty Tritt on us.  I liked it.  Sadly, I must conclude she is dumb as a rock though.  I refuse to allow this to be a factor in my opinion of her.  Let's just acknowledge it and move on.  ::nodding at you curtly and walking over to the next contestant::


Year: 1987
Song: Alone by Heart

Lusk-y Stank.  He said it, not me.  Leave it to Jacob to make me hate one of my favorite songs of all time.  He, once again, took me on that ride which I did NOT want to go on.  Hated it.  Hated pretty much every second of that, really.   Randy, he caressed nothing...he took that song and brutally murdered every note.  Blaaaaaaaah.  I don't know if I can take another week of that.  If next week all you see is  "Jacob   ::ffwd::"  then you'll know I reached my breaking point.

Bottom Three:



Plzthanks chime in.  I hate sitting here talking to myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Newborn Blog

Ok, ok, ok.... I just decided to go with Landee See, Landee Do.  I really should not have put that kind of pressure (to name my blog) on anyone else but me.  That was my fault.  Forgive me?

But now there is something you can reeeeeally do for me.  And it requires zero thinking.  Can you pop on over and click the "follow this blog" thingy?    I only need a few followers to not look like a complete lose-dog.  You don't have to actually FOLLOW what I'm doing over there, of course, but just putting your little profile pic over there on my sidebar would be the greatest birthday present you could ever give me... and over a month early!! You're so on top of things getting your b-day shopping for me done in March!

I'll love you forever & ever.  And I'll try not to ask you for anything else ever again for a while.

PS  Wanna see how famous I am?  Go HERE and scroll down.  This must be what it's like to be Angelina Jolie or something.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brainstorming Session

I've been thinking lately about making my own little "projects" blog. I adore all of my IRL peeps but my obsession with all things crafty/home decor-y/homemaking-y has taken on a life of its own. And I have it on good authority that my IRL peeps aren't that interested in all my little projects I've been working on. Some are... but some aren't. Which is fine. I can continue to use this blog to rant about American Idol, post pictures of the weird things TBone does and brag about JBird's athletics. And I'll then have my other blog to post projects and connect into that super supportive "crafty blog community" who have no real interest in my personal life as they probably don't want to hear about TBone giving that kid a wedgie, ya know?

Anyway, I need all you geniuses to come up with a fun name for my new blog. You were perfect at coming up with the brilliant name of the short-lived but oh-so-popular podcast series iLandee.


Those were fun.

So I need you to help once again.

Here is what I'm thinking.

  • Nothing that would pigeon hole me into any kind of "crafting" in particular.  As you probably know my interests range from photography to cooking to card-making to home-de-lamefying.
  • I'm open to sticking with keeping the "Landeelu" persona or dropping it.  It is nice, however, since anything with the word Landee in it is always available to use.  And, you know,  it's kinda been my online name since 1998-ish when my sister would make me go into chatrooms with her to mock people.
  • Nothing with "bird" or "Mom" in it.
Imagine if YOU were to come up with my new blog name and then in a few years, when you see me on the Nate Berkus show or my new line of products at Michaels you can be all "I came up with that name!!!!"  This is ground-level and, I dare say, ground-breaking!    Just kidding about the ground-breaking.  I will have very few readers. But it really doesn't get any more ground-level than this.

Here are some of my ideas so far.  You add your own in the comments.  Then I'll post a poll and we'll all vote.  I'm a fan of democracy, after all.

1.  Landee See, Landee Do:   This would just put it right out there that I am a fantastic copy-cat crafter.  I won't have many/any original ideas but I can certainly take an idea and work it.

2.  LandeeLoves:  You know, a collection of everything I love creatively speaking.  This is a little cheesy, admittedly, but whatevs.  I could then really post about ANYTHING that strikes my fancy and no one could yell at me.

3.  Peanut Butter Dandys (or Dandies?):   This is where the generic, non-Landee stuff comes in. This was Gty's favorite little treat his mom would make growing up.  It's a cute name.  And the URL is available for either spelling.  Yay!

4.  Yoga Pants Ambitions (or Yoga Pants Creations or something):   I thought that'd be funny cuz that's usually what I'm wearing as I do these things.  Well, most things actually that don't require a public appearance.  

Ok?  Are we all thinking along the same lines?  I'm depending on you as I stink at coming up with this stuff.  

No name will be refused, but only one can be chosen.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AI: Season 10 Inaugural Post

::moment of silence for Brett Loewenstern::

I didn't even get a chance to talk about how he has two of the most attractive parents I've ever seen and yet.... he was adorable though.  In his own quirky way.  Sad to see him go.

::moment of jubilation that the AI posts are back!!!::  Please feel free to add your two cents in the comments as this is the first time we've discussed this season!!   I've missed you.

A quick word about the judges before we get started.

My mom loves Steven Tyler.  <---- this is a sentence I never thought I'd think/write/ type/believe.  But how can I blame her?  He is nice.  He is fun.  He can even be tender (do NOT remind me of him hugging what's his face's girlfriend in the wheelchair.  I've cried my tears and I can't go back to that place).   During auditions, if he didn't think someone was good, he'd usually just say "No" rather than the degrading, one-liners we are used to from that Brit Who Must Not Be Named.  Glad Mr. Tyler is here.   The following is an actual conversation between a friend and his dad.  The Dad:  Wow... Paula looks awful.  The Friend: Dad, that's Steven Tyler.

JLo:  Sincere.  Knowledgable.  Kind.  Helpful.  Gorge.   Not on pain meds.  I could not have asked for a better female judge.  Nigel Lythgoe is a genius of epic proportions for bringing her in.

Randy:  Oh boy.  Randy is trying to be the "bad guy" and is looking like a doof in the mean time.  But what else is new?  It's actually kind of comforting.  Like your favorite bwankie that you got to bring with you when you slept over at Gramma's house.  Makes it seem like home even though things are different. I'm glad he stuck around.  Every panel needs a doof.

And no, Ryan is not a doof.  He has grown on me over the years.  No Ryan bashing.

Now, the contestants.  Love the theme tonight, btw.... "SONG BY THEIR PERSONAL IDOL"  This will show me the kind of artist they wanna be & I will then be able to hate/love/mock accordingly.  They make it too easy.

First up....

Personal Idol: Shania Twain
Song: Any Man of Mine

Is it just me or did that look like I was watching the talent portion of a Toddlers & Tiaras episode?  Too much winking, fluffing her hair and cheesy smiling.  She's cute and she's talented but I can tell right now her taste and mine are not gonna get along.  You all know my aversion to country.  Plus, ::checking clipboard::  yup, we already have a Carrie Underwood.  Sorry Lauren.

Personal Idol: Joe Cocker
Song: A Little Help From My Friends

I.  Love.  This.  Guy.   He is a genius.  There, I said it.  It's out there now.  And I don't think it's an overstatement.   He has yet to let me down going all the way back to his audition.  The perfect song choice to show off his personality and sense of humor.  And he has a great voice which is exponentially more pleasing that Joe Cocker's voice.  This makes for a beautiful, nay I say, magical thing.  Absolutely my favorite this season.  You know, so far.

Personal Idol: Diana Ross
Song: When You Tell Me That You Love Me"

So the hair is because of her love of Diana Ross?  Or she's doing Diana Ross because her hair looks like that?  I'm confused.  But yeah, she was obviously nervous.  Then was better toward the end.   She's definitely pretty.  I don't know how much she & I have in common musically but I don't loathe her.

Personal Idol: Ryan Adams

Song: Come Pick Me Up

Too much movement up there.  It's disconcerting.  It almost comes off as him being so nervous he doesn't know what to do with himself.   He skipped at one point fhs.  I really want him to tone it down though because I do like his style and musical tendencies.  Does he play the guitar?  Cuz I'd love to see him sitting on a stool with a guitar.  Not moving.  At all.

Personal Idol: Celine Dion
Song: All By Myself

Yes she done sang that song.  Hit all the notes.  Showed the right amount of emotion.  "Slammed it" as Mr. Tyler said.... and yet.... ::sigh::  I don't know.  Can't get past the cape.  And can't get past the name Pia.  It shows poor judgement is in the genes.  ::chanting "Pia, Pia, diarrhea" in my head and can't stop::  Not scratching me where I itch.  I'm realizing this is my feeling for all the girls though so don't hold it against her too much.

Personal Idol: Paul McCartney
Song: Maybe I'm Amazed

::checking clipboard again:: Yup, we already have an Adam Lambert.  ::reading fine print:: Oh wait!  But not a straight one with ADHD.  Yay! You can stay.   No, not one of my favorites but I do find him interesting.  He did a great job with this song that I enjoy.   And, as Jenny has mentioned, he never takes it quite over the top.  You think he might...then he doesn't.   He's teasing us.  I think 86% of America likes being teased so he's not going anywhere for a while.

Personal Idol: LeAnn Rimes
Song: Blue

Hmmmmmmmmm.... interesting.  She kinda made me like country and yodeling for 2 minutes.  Is that weird?  And this is the best she's ever looked by far.  But I agree with Randy a bit... she's confusing me. Only 8% of Americans like being confused so we'll see how this shakes out.

Personal Idol: R.Kelly
Song:  I Believe I Can Fly

This boy has dressed up in drag before.  I would bet at least $20 on it.  He would give RuPaul a run for his/her money.   I don't judge him for that but I just wanted to let YOU know that I know.  A GOSPEL CHOIR ALREADY????   That's supposed to be finale material only!   What the?   He can only go down hill from here.  Unless he brings in bagpipes or something.  I'm personally not a fan of this one.   This is an example of taking it over the top & making us all go with him even though we might be prone to motion sickness.  Ugh.  I felt woozy afterward.  Next.

Personal Idol: Michael Jackson
Song: Smile

I liked it.  I reeeeally liked it.  This girl is good.  I didn't even hear the "pitchy" that the judges talked about.  I thought it was perfect for her age and persona.  I'm not sure she has much of a personality but I can't be picky when it comes to the girls this year.  If I don't curl my lip or get up and go do something else while they sing then they are deemed "good" this year.  And so it must be.

Personal Idol: Stevie "You Are A" Wonder
Song: Lately

I'm so glad Tony Danza's son is finally getting his chance to shine.  The first part was weird.  Then the end got better.  He's adorable but not in my top three guys.  I have nothing else to say about him.  Which speaks volumes.

Personal Idol: Selena
Song: I Could Fall In Love

If she didn't have those Selena barbie dolls I would think this was a blatant attempt to kiss JLo's butt.  Side note:  That movie was the first thing I remember seeing JLo in.  I remember at the end of the movie they showed pictures of the actual Selena and I was like "Wow, she is buttugly compared to the actress that played her."  I was literally shocked.  I kinda wanna see that movie again now.  Side note over.   Oh boy this was bad.  It had a couple of nice moments but they were fleeting.  No chance of her having a fan club let alone getting killed by the president of it.  <--- super bad Selena joke.  My apologies.

Personal Idol: Garth Brooks
Song: The River

Now this is come country music I can get on board with.  This little 12 year old George W. Bush looking kid done stoled a piece of my heart.  Doesn't it sound like his voice is being dubbed in?  I mean, that voice can't be coming outta him.  I don't believe it.  It makes me laugh liltingly with enjoyment.  And eeeeek!  Did you go back and pause it on his baby pic??  His widdle red cowboy hat??  C'mon!  I won't buy a single one of his songs later but I love him.  I do.

Personal Idol: Rhianna
Song: Umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay

Woooooooow.   That was... um,  something, huh?  Little piece of advice Naima, show us you can sing first, dance moves later.  We are still getting to know each other here.  Too soon, N.  Too soon.  I didn't hate the Snow Patrol-esque bit though.  It was definitely the highlight.  The rest was lame.  And anyone over the age of 16 and under the age of 14 is gonna hate it.  Thirteen contestants may have been one too many me thinks.




Your turn.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Can See It In Your Eyes...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not-So-Extreme Home Makeover Pt.2

Wait, I forgot I was calling it "Landee De-Lame-ifies Her House 2011."  Oh well, you know what I'm talking about.

So my next project after the entry way was our completely vanilla half bath.  I jumped to it so quickly because I wasn't even half way through Pride & Prejudice on my iPod....and I wanted to finish it... so I started painting.  Plus, once you have your painting clothes on, why not, right?

So here is the before.  Told you it was bad.  Wave at Landee there in the mirror!  I did recently get that cute rug from Target and it helped a little.  Before it was just a plain cream-colored rag rug.  Bo-ring.

Another before...

And um, neveryoumind that patch job over there on the wall.  I may have bent down and ripped the toilet paper holder right off the wall with my butt.  And that may have been about 2 months ago.  You can see where I moved the TP.  It's much safer over there now.

So I came across this tutorial of how to frame out your blah builder's grade mirror.  I knew it would add a little something more to this bathroom which, as you can see, has a giant mirror.  When my brother would come to visit he'd take a 2 minute break from playing Fifa Soccer on the Wii with Gty & JBird and use the bathroom.  Every time, without fail, he'd come out of the bathroom and say "So, I just watched myself pee again."  So yeah, the mirror takes up that whole wall.

Anyway, here is the after. 

I think it adds a little something-something, no?  I painted the walls a nice green, which I'm very happy with, before putting up the frame.  And it really was quite easy.  I had to buy a miter box since we have no power tools to speak of (except a power drill) and even that didn't make this project difficult.  Liquid nails and I are BFFs now.  And I'm fully aware I need to accessorize.  That will be an on-going process I'm afraid.

Here is my BEST corner:

And here's my worst:

All in all this probably cost me about $70.  I wonder how much a framed mirror of this size would cost...$300+?  

PS I'm almost done with building some floating shelves for that big wall over there partially behind the door.  I'll post when those are done (because if I don't blog it, it didn't happen, duh).  They really only took about 2 hours to build but I need to paint and hang them.  I'm sure you won't get a good night's sleep until you see them so I apologize.