Wednesday, September 30, 2009

J.Crew Doesn't Care About the Environment

Look at that receipt.

Look at it! Fourteen inches long.

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Landee! What the heck did you buy down at the J.Crew? A HUNDRED things? Look how long that receipt is!"

Why no, my adorable and most likely favorite reader, I did not buy a hundred things. I didn't even buy FIFTY things. "Twenty-five?" you ask. No.

K, this is guessing game is getting old. The answer is ONE. I bought ONE thing. A scarf, if you really want to know. It is dang cute but this receipt is out of control.

At the top is the normal receipt-y stuff such as store name, date, what I purchased, subtotal, tax and total. Ok, that took up 5 inches, max. It then went on to give something called a "Sales Tax Analysis" in which it breaks down the tax rates for the town, state, county, city, district and something called "SPD." Totally needed info right there.

Then comes the prolific J.Crew return policy. A huge essay ending with their phone number, email address and website for "our full return policy." Cuz the 4 inches of 4 pt. font didn't do the trick apparently.

This is the kind of stuff that is filling up the landfills at an alarming rate--not all the soda cans I never recycle. Plus, I'm gonna have to fold this sucker, like, 5 times to get it to fit into the little "receipt keeping" spot I have in my wallet and my wallet is gonna be all bulgy now.

Thanks a lot, J.Crew. I thought you'd be more tree-huggy.

Signed, my wallet and Mother Earth

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, that is Beebee's favorite word.


Can you believe such a sweet widdle face would say such an ugly word? I'm thinking my first mistake was making a big deal out of it when she said she hated someone (I don't even remember who she said it about...I may hate that person too for all I know). I think by making a stink about it, it drove her into a hate-loving frenzy.

The difference is, she's sneaky about it now so she avoids any scoldings previously incurred.

Examples of random stuff she'll say in order to wrap her tongue around that sweet word of hatred:

"Mom.... I don't hate you."

"I hate bad guys."

"I hate monsters."

"I don't hate nobody."

"Mom, I can't say hate."

"I don't hate my brothers."

"I don't hate this dinner."

And it goes on & on like this. Always followed by a little smile indicating she knows she's just gotten away with murder. I'm currently in the ignore phase. We'll see how that goes.

Now, for the yin to the above yang.

I recently synced my phone with my computer and, after doing so, noticed a new folder in my iTunes called "Voice Memos." I hadn't created this folder so I clicked on it and found about 50 voice memos uploaded from my phone....all of them (except one raunchy one from Gty I won't be sharing) were by Beebs. She apparently figured that app out PDQ. They are the cutest 20-50 second clips I've ever heard. She poured her heart out in these voice memos. She didn't hold back.

Take a listen.

As some background, Dotty is my little niece with whom she is obsessed. And apparently she eats sand.

Now imagine in your mind that teeny voice saying "hate." Yeah. It makes no sense.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Help A Poor College Student Out

It takes less than 2 seconds.


That's it and that's all. It will help her get some money for college. She's one of my former cute laurels and I took her senior pics last year. Isn't she adorable??

You gize are the best. And I mean that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Mess With Texas

Srsly. Don't.

I got to thinking today that I hadn't posted about our trip to Texas over Labor Day weekend. And, as we all know, if I don't blog about it, it never happened.

The reason we went? For a fun family vaycay where the kids can check off another state.
The REAL reason we went? To go to the BYU v. OK football game being played in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. We ended up selling my, TBone's and Beebee's tickets for a cool $1000 so you won't see any pics of that game here (mostly cuz I haven't uploaded them from JBird's camera yet).

We flew into Austin and immediately headed to the Alamo. There we learned some stuff and climbed in the trees.

We also melted. The heat was intolerable. She can't fake that face.

We then did "The Riverwalk" which is a little piece of cool(er) heaven in downtown San Antonio. Lots of fun little restaurants, shops and whatnot.

Oh, and this lady. Proof that people start looking like their pets after a while.

We then went back and stayed in New Braunfels, home of the Schlitterbaun. It's about 20 mins. from San Antonio but we have some good friends who live there. They were in our ward in Ohio and he worked with Gty. They fixed us a fabulous breakfast feast and we all got caught up on each other's lives. Good times.

We then hopped in the car and drove the 4 hours to Dallas. And, uh, we may have forgotten to put Beebee's carseat in. Don't judge.

We played in the hotel pool. And by "we" I mean Gty and kids while I sat in a chair and read my book.

Beebs had the opportunity to put what she'd been practicing in the bathtub into a real-life situation.

Then that night.....MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!!!!

This was the highlight of TBone's trip. He was screaming for our knight at the top of his lungs the entire time. Luckily this is encouraged. The show was fab & fun and our guy won.

Then the next morning, as I posted from my phone a while ago, we headed to the American Girl Doll store for our friend's birthday party. Beebs brought "Katie" specifically for this purpose. Look at the clip on chairs for the dollies! TDF.

I had to sneak a pic of this guy. His wife & daughter had obviously gotten up and gone to the bathroom or smoething and here he sat...alone...with a doll in her chair clamped onto the table. I lollerzed.

After this party Gty & Jbird headed to the game and Tbone, Beebs and I stayed at this mall for a while with our friends and then headed back to the hotel for some swimming and chillaxin.

The next day we were able to see our good friends from the BY. The wifey actually had a significant role in getting Gty and I together. I'd like to think we would have figured it out on our own, but we will never know cuz H-er stepped in and made sure of it. We ate some authentic TexMex & loved it. It's amazing seeing good friends from years and years's like no time has lapsed. We're back at BYU and hanging out...wait... what are all these kids doing here and why do they keep talking to us?

Our flight left the next day so we needed to drive back to Austin. We made a quick stop at the Grassy Knoll first for some American History lessons. This dude here had some fairly disturbing photos of JFK's assassination.

That "X" out there in the middle of the street is apparently exactly where it happened. And there we are in front of the Texas Book Repository (it's now called something else) where supposedly Lee Harvey Oswald shot from the 6th floor. I know this all seems morbid but it was quite interesting.

We then drove back to Austin and flew home. Our kids had such a great time and so did we. So fun to have a couple of sets of friends down there to visit as well.

It was freaking hot.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Edukashun is #1

I am a firm believer that it is never too early to start educating your children/getting 2.5 hours twice a week to yourself. So guess who is in PRESCHOOL???

Oh, that's Beebs, in case you couldn't figure it out.

She is in the same class as her BestFrenemyForever, SassyPants. Yes, they are basically joined at the hip and they don't mind (usually). Neither do their mothers (always).

StandsMom & I have decided they just need to live the same life. 24/7. The only difference is Beebs likes Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips and Sassy likes BBQ chips.

So the first day the parents got to stay for the first half and then we had to go to some boring meeting where they went over the "rules" and "suggested shoe wear" and "when tuition is due." If they think I can get Beebs to wear socks and shoes rather than her cute sandals, they are sadly mistaken.

I don't mean to brag but in circle time, Beebs was the only one doing the actions to the song with the teacher. Srsly. Star student already. Oh, and did I mention it was pre-beauty school? I can't wait to get my nails & hurr done for free someday.

They have these cute totes with everyone's names on them that go back and forth from school. I love these. It's much better than trying to cram everything into some teeny little backpack. They just line them up in the hall and put things in them throughout the day as they are finished. Genius. Oh, and Sassy almost left her headband on the entire time. A new record I think!

So that was last Thursday. Her first REAL-sans-Mom day was Tuesday. Standsmom drove and Beebs LOVED it. She was made for school. When she got home I asked her what she did.

"Played...painted....had a snack..."

"What did you have for a snack?"

"Grapes...bunnies...water...and a napkin."

Gty asked, "How was that napkin?"


It's show & tell tomorrow. Oh to see how that goes down.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Yes, Gty turns 38 today. Sorry ladies, he's taken.

{Can he really be two years away from 40? It boggles the mind.}

He's not gonna let a little thing like age keep him down though. He keeps current on all the latest TV shows.... like iCarly, for example.

He really needed to know where her parents were. And of course I knew the answer cuz I'm way younger than him and stuff.

And, even at the age of 38 he needs me desperately. Please note the time lapse between his text regarding the camera charger and when he gives me grief about not answering back... yes...19 minutes. I made him sweat it out for another 40 minutes before replying just to seem mysterious/desirable.

So happy birthday to my Honey. He's 38, practically retired, sexier and funnier than ever.

Life is good.

Friday, September 11, 2009

And the Home of the Brave!

Guess what? JBird got to sing the national anthem at a Rockies game on Wednesday night! I'm serious! Why would I lie about something like that? It is the only reason why he signed up for choir this year. Hey, whatever gets you there, I say. Apparently the rule was that you could quit choir at any point leading up to the Rockies game, but you can't quit anytime after the game. The choir teacher is very astute.

So we paid for our tickets through the school (a whole $2 off!) and headed to the game on Wednesday. We may have gotten Jbird there late and a guy had to come down and get him to take him to where the rest of the choir was but whatevs. We worked it out, yo.

Pay no attention to the men in kilts. That's not why we're here.... come the stars of the show! There's the JBird walking on the field like he belongs there.

They looked so little out there in short left field.

This is where being young (4th grade is the first year you can be in choir) and being short has finally paid off. JBird...front & center..... he apparently didn't know what to do with his arms. So he folded the reeeeeal tight like so they wouldn't flail around and cause a distraction.

Toward the end of the song he relaxed a little. Just a little tho.

Here's the other half of the choir... oh, and "choir dress" was "black bottoms, white top." I need to meet the mother who thought a strappy black polka-dotted dress fit that bill. She needs to be slapped.

JBird was featured prominently on the jumbotron. There was even one shot where it was just his face with a faint American flag waving in the background. I missed getting a pic of it, but you better believe people in the audience were moved to tears. It looks like a heat sensor the way my camera took a pic of it... but it was full color. Don't worry your pretty little head.

And afterward. Here is JBird with a couple of choir buddies. I have a sneaking suspicion they signed up for choir because of the Rockies thing too.

After gathering the kids at Gate E we all headed up to our seats.

Our view from behind home plate. Nosebleed seats but still, we could see everything.

As you can see, we are lucky we prepaid for our tickets. It was pretty much a sold out game. ::ahem::

Above are some friends who also had kids in the choir. SolidGold is up there posing for her daughter but unbeknownst to her, she was posing for me too. And below her there is the StandsFam beknownst to them, posing for Landee.

We ended up staying for about five innings. That was 4.5 more innings than Beebs wanted to stay.