Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Mentionables

  • We just finished up Day 4 of "Fall Break," otherwise known as two weeks of torture.  This break is so completely unnecessary that it makes me angry.  The kids had JUST hit their stride in their routines and schoolwork and then BAM! Two weeks off.   And my house is trashed.  It looks like I've got toddlers again.  Except without the added benefit small children give you of never having to leave the house.  I miss the days of no practices, no extracurricular activities, no annoying friends over to play.  I'm rambling, but to sum up, Fall Break is for the birds (who should be flying south by now).
  • Fall TV:  Glee and I are about to break up.  The songs haven't been amazing and they are soooo pushing it.  The religion episode was highly offensive to me.  They basically spent an hour mocking religion.  I wouldn't think too much about it except for the fact that this show is very appealing to and geared toward teenagers who are right in the midst of trying to figure out what they believe.  Glee is using this "power" they have for evil & I'm hating it.  I'd much rather have an entire show dedicated to trying to make underage drinking seem cool rather than a whole show whose end goal seemed to be to shake a person's core beliefs.  Couple that with this week's scene of Britney S. Pears and Santana making out on the bed and I about threw the remote through the TV.  That's two strikes, Glee.  Two.
  • Fall Decor:  Due to the fact that I've completely redone the color scheme in the living and dining rooms I've had to tweak my fall decor a bit.  Gone are the reds and golds in there.  It's all now turquoise blues, greens and pale yellows.  The orange pumpkins and fall foliage looked gaggy.  So I had to go with these types of pumpkins this year:

Pumpkins are kind of "my thing" as I'm not a fan of the cheesy Halloween decor.  I'll put a little porcelain skeleton guy and a sign that says BOO on my mantle for Halloween week, but that's about it.  Plus who has the energy to change all your decor every month between September & January?  Not me.  No sir.  This is it until I have to psyche myself up for pulling out all the Christmas decor.
  • Tbone got sent to the vice principal's office last week.  It was for, get this, singing in the bathroom.  Wha?  Yes.  According to him he was "excited Fall Break was getting close & singing Dynamite in the bathroom cuz it was fun."  According to the school's secretary he was being super loud, slamming doors, and not stopping after a few minutes so she called to him to come out and told him they were going up to the vice principal's office.  Mmmmmkay?  My questions are 1) was he asked to stop and refused?  2) Was he hurting another child? 3) Was he being disrespectful to an adult? 4) Are you TRYING to make my kid label himself as a trouble-maker?  
    • Answers: 1) Not asked, thus no refusal.  Give the kid a chance people. 2) No.  He was alone. 3) No. 4) Apparently.   I went along with it this time, apologizing and saying I'd talk to him, etc. but I promise you, if they attempt to punish him for something this ridiculous again there's gonna be a meeting betwixt myself and the VP and it won't be pleasant.  No one should be punished (he lost two days of recesses, btw) for singing their favorite Taio Cruz song.  The acoustics in the bathroom are amazing.  Everyone knows that.


michelangelo said...

feel just exactly the same way about glee right about now. it's passed off like it's all cute and harmless, but the undercurrent is ugliness.

my only fall decor is a pumpkin. it's still in storage. guess i'm still not cut out for homeownership. at least the interior decorating. my pumpkin is pretty awesome, though, so i'm sure i have good taste.

no kids yet, so i don't know from experience how i feel about fall break or vp office visits. but i'd probably agree with you 110%. probably.

Glo said...

Have you seen that scene in the movie Uncle Buck where Buck gets called into the assistant pricipal's office because of his niece, and Buck (John Candy) chews the lady out and tells her to "take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face" should watch it for inspiration if you happen to have another run-in with with authorities a Tbone's school.

eekareek said...

Fall Break would be super nice if it was only one week. After a week I want them back in school.

I was annoyed by those same things on Glee, especially since those happened to be the only two episodes that Morgan watched with me (kind of) but then you said Britney S Pearce and I kind of forgave them a bit.

We are supposed to decorate our house for Halloween???

Let's T.P. the Vice Principal's house.

Memzy said...

Fall break a say wha? What the ayche is THAT? Me no gettey.

Glee is naughty. Very very naughty. But I still lollerz every single eppy. Hence, the keep watching. I also still watch Grey's to which you dumped years ago (for diff reasons if I remember right but that doesn't matter) and I still find an incredible amount of "guilty pleasure" from. I need to do more repenting than you methinks.

Memzy said...

How did Tbone feel about the bathroom singing incident? I spent all of last year with a crappy teacher label-making one of my kids so I sooooo get it. Once I figure out a way to pay her back anonymously I'll share. We can plan together.

Jenny ESP said...

I think fall break would feel better if it coincided with Thanksgiving.

Tbone has an awesome voice. I hope he sang opera style.

As far as Gleeeeee goes, Britney S Peers was innocent. Santana practically molested her! Still, cringe worthy, for sure. Still, gonna keep watching, for sure.

ShelBailey said...

Totally agree with the glee thing. Meg (she's 13) was wanting to watch it, so I previewed a couple of eps online. One of them was the religion one. The other was the Brittany Spears one. It's definitely not appropriate for me to watch, hence Meg will not be watching either.

Your principal sounds like an idiot.

Most schools have fall break here, although it's only a week. We don't do it. I'd rather skip the break and get outta school earlier in the summer.

Oh, and my niece Melissa lives in Parker.

ShelBailey said...

Ok, the principal isn't a jerk, but maybe the vice-principal is. I concur with the toilet papering idea. My mom actually bought us toilet paper to do my sister's stupid English teacher's house once.

Unfortunately, she was unclear on the concept of doing it AFTER people are asleep and gave us a 10 pm curfew.

We got caught. Actually, my sister got away and the rest of us got caught. He didn't know any of us (I went to a dif HS) so he was really confused.

Carol said...

Amunition for the VP: At the end of that meeting (and you will have it) use these words: "At the end of the day-the only thing that is important is that my child believes you LIKE him. It's your responsibility as an educator/administrator. All the discipline and teaching is important but means nothing if this child feels you are labeling him as a trouble maker".

Makes me angry all over again. And yes, one of my kids went through this too. Memzy? Pleeeeaaase. Not even.

Landee said...

"it's passed off like it's all cute and harmless, but the undercurrent is ugliness."

I couldn't (and didn't) have said it better myself, Mikey. That's exactly the problem. Same thing applies to Katie Perry, btw.

As for the TBone incident, he was MORTIFIED to be going to the VP's office as he is well aware of our Home Policy regarding any discipline at school and he may have freaked out a little bit. The VP said he had to "calm down" in her office for a few minutes before they could have a conversation about it. I don't blame him one bit. If I were innocently singing in a bathroom and then someone said they were gonna haul me off to the VP over it I'd freak out too.

There was no At Home Discipline, btw. Ridiculous. I will definitely be stocking up on TP just in case.

::Cut & Pasting AV and Gloria's quotes into a Word Document entitled "Good Stuff To Say To VP Should The Need Arise"::

ShelBailey said...


Meesa lives in the Castlewood Canyon ward..she says she's in Pradera in "super south Parker". She did tell me that they aren't convenient to anywhere except Trev's office, he works only 10 mins away.