Thursday, January 27, 2011

Decorating Advice Wanted*

I am having an intense urge these days to spruce up the house.  Like, it’s over-whelming.  After 5 years in a house I NEED SOME CHANGE.  I’m not used to this stagnant lifestyle. 
Anyway, so a major project I want to do is take the stairs and make them a bit more exciting.
(crappy night time iPhone pics coming at you due to laziness--there is no pattern/weird sponge painting on that wall, FYI, that is just the reflection from the light)

I want to paint that little section of the wall there that curves.  Stencil it too.  And possibly continue it down to that little alcove below.  I neeeeed some pizzazz lest I die of boredom.   I will also eventually be ripping off the lame carpet, painting the stairs, painting the railing.  But that's all in good time.  For now let's just focus on the wall.
Here is where you come in.  I need some advice.  Which direction do I go here?
A bit of a traditional damask but in a fresh color such as this (but on the wall, not the ceiling, doyee)?

Or a bit funkier pattern?

Just as a reminder, here is the room right to the right of the stairs.  It's a little more formal but hopefully not stuffy.  I have plans for in there as well, but it will continue in the direction of formalish-not-stuffy-ish.  I would totally paint that wall too but the 2-story ceiling in there is a pain in my buttocks.  But enough about that.

Even if you've never commented here I really need your input.  I'm paralyzed with indecision.

In the meantime, next week I'm going to do this to my lame builders grade half bath mirror.  Eeeeek!  I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Looks easy enough.  ::famous last words::

But seriously, here is the TUTORIAL I found.  Who can't cut molding in a miter box and use liquid nails?  ::more famous last words::

I'll keep you posted. 

I also have some birthday posts to do and blah, blah, blah...  I know you can't wait.

*Landee may or may not adhere to what is voted upon depending on her mood at the time the final decision is made.  Thank you for understanding.  Your vote is very important to her tho.


Jenny said...

There must be something about 5 years, because I've been feeling an overwhelming need to redecorate a little at my house, too. I've been trying to make myself wait until IKEA opens, but I don't know if I can wait that long.

I like the funkier pattern best, but both would look nice I think.

Memzy said...

No doubt. The "spicier" version. That's easy. Specially since it's in very specific wall areas. And I might add that it will bring out that turquoise color in your family pic there in the living room. I'd add pops of that color in there more when you freshen up that room as well.

So I have spoken it.

danandcami said...

I am with you DYING to do something to my house! I liked the Damask style stuff and I LOVE the mirror idea. When you are finished I can't wait to check it out to see if I am brave enough as well!!

Anna B said...

I'm totally going to copy your bathroom DIY.

Kelli said...

I'm gonna say I like the funkier one, too. There is a stenciled, wall on a blog called "Isabella & Max Rooms" that I always drool over. Go for it!

I can't wait to see the finished project!

We've been in our house 5+ years now I totally have the itch, too...

Carol said...

Three years is usually when I get antsy. Love the damask but be careful--it could look like your gramma's house. The funkier one is awesome if muted a bit. But what do I know---I usually just copy Memz.

Cristin said...

I heart the funky pattern! It's a braver pattern then I would do but maybe that's why I want to see you do it. lol

Love the mirror thingy. I saw that when we decided to redo our half bath but instead of buying a kit we just used our old trim that we pulled. It makes such a huge difference and every time I walk in the bathroom, I'm so glad we did it. We had actually thought of just pulling the whole mirror off and buying something more our style but the expense kept us from doing it. So glad I found people who are way more creative then we are. I spend my weekends looking at decorating websites.

Can't wait to see what you do. I feel frozen when it comes to actually decorating.

Landee said...

Jenny, I know... I see that IKEA making progress and my heart leaps each time I drive by. I'm definitely waiting for IKEA before I do anything to my kids' rooms but I have to do something before Fall 2011.

Memz, I said nothing of freshening up that other room. RUDE! But ::writing "funkier" for your vote in my deco-redo notebook:: thank you for your vote on the wall.

Cami, you're already wanting to do something with your house!?! I'd think you'd just want to be focusing on unpacking boxes, mate. BUT if the mirror thing is as easy as I'm suspecting it is, I will come and help you do it in your house. Since we are neighbors and stuff.

Anna, vote please!!

Kelli, I've totally seen that wall!! It's one of the websites that have gotten my wheels turning. Love it. And your house is gorgeous, what would you want to change?

AV, you know I'd never do damask grandma style. But your concerns have been noted. A muted funky is your vote.

Cristin, was it hard to frame out the mirror? And did you just stick it on? I need someone with experience.

Cristin said...

It wasn't difficult, just took time and learning a few things. I'm not sure how the kit is put together but the toughest part for us was getting the right amount of glue on the boards. Less is more btw. If you do use glue, use it closer to the outer edges because you will be able to see it in the mirror if it's too close to the inner edge because of reflections and stuff. Our first try, we used lots of glue, it made it difficult to keep the boards up. We had to use temporary nails on the edges to keep the edges on. It was more of a hassle then difficult. You might not even have to deal with this stuff with the kit.

Landee said...

Oh it's not a kit. I'll be getting the molding at Lowe's (and a miter box and saw) and cutting and gluing and caulking and sanding and painting.

But thanks for the tip on the glue showing! Good to have a heads up on that.

Cristin said...

Oh doyee ok, then make sure to get the very straightest molding you can find because even a tiny bit of bend and it makes it a trillion times harder. We found out the hard way.