Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here is a little slide-show of some of the pics I took on our recent trip to Northern California for Gty's Grandma's 90th birthday party. We tagged on a couple of days in San Francisco before we drove up to Eureka. We had an AMAZING time and loved every minute! TBone now says he will be living in SanFran when he grows up. It was also so great to see our long-lost cousins from Germany again!!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful trip!


wheatleymom said...

I just have one question... Okay, two... Who are the Landersons? And who is Landee? Here, I thought we were BEST friends and I never even knew your "names" Or were you just so tired when you did your blog you forgot how to spell your own name?

Love ya anyway!

Memzy said...

Wheatleymom should know how this blogging thing works right? I mean, didn't you have this convo with her Landee?

I am very supportive of your blog blog world thing. It's a system I have adopted personally. ::giggle:: I love the slide show action, don't you? And looks like you had major fun up North. Where is Flem now?

ps. don't make me type in that stupid word id thing again.

Memzy said...

And why doesn't Wheatleymom have one yet?

Tiffany said...

These are all fantastic questions Memzy and Wheatleymom.... how do I stop you from having to type in that word thingy? As for the Landersons, that just makes it harder for JustJames to try and find us on the internet. Plus, you know my Mii on the Wii is named Landeelu!!

And for realz Wheatleymom needs a blog ASAP!

Nonni said...

I loved the pictures! I have to admit, I am not a consistent blog checker.......but, I will effort to check your blog more often than I check others! This way, you can claim that your blog is my favorite blog of them all (regardless of how often I check it)!

I'm exited to be more filled in on your lives. Thanks for thinking of us! We are looking forward to seeing you all!

Memzy said...

Look how cute you are with your pictures and such. I'm sure you'll get some serious "scrapbookage" looking background soon as well. I will pass the message along to Shed but think of consequences just for kicks. ::snicker::

Is Nonni who I think it is?^ I'll go check. hang on.

Memzy said...

Hmm. Yup I think so.

Tiffany said...

How many other Nonnis do you know Memz??? Me thinks none. But yeah, it's the one you're thinkin' of!

PS Is it lame that my banner pics are all from our most recent trip that is also being shown in slideshow form below?


Memzy said...

Nonni...........right, right.

And only as lame as my constant picture posting on my site of my photog practice.

Or a new funny post about my old boyfriend. You decide.

Kylee said...

Hey Tiff! So fun! I was hoping that you'd join the blogging world. We have one you'll have to keep updated on all of very exciting life. (; Here's the site:

Beardall Family said...

I LOVE SF! NCal is probably the only place I would live other than Denver.