Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Fun @ Camp Riverside

So I need to play a little catch-up here.

Over the 4th of July we spent about 2 weeks out in Utah living it up. It was the 2nd Annual "Camp Riverside" in Logan with some jaunts down to SM2003's for our Utah County fix. The following are some fun pics for your viewing pleasure (and my chance to show how cute my kids are, si claro).

Mitzi (my MIL) is constantly worried when we visit because of the river that runs through their backyard....but of course, her nightmare is my kids' dream! They love spending time down on the shore, throwing rocks, playing in the sand, cooking hot dogs in the firepit, climbing the trees, etc.

The first line of defense is Butch in his lifeguard chair. He's most likely contemplating the next activity he will be doing with the kids... sleeping out in the tent, putting up a rope swing, going for a hike, or whatever else JBird dreams up. I have yet to hear Grandpa say no to anything!

Here are Mitzi & G$$ in "backup lifeguard" position manning the river festivites.

JBird's favorite thing is climbing out on this tree and diving in.

That water is bitterly cold (like, legs-start-aching-after-a-couple-minutes-of-wading-in-it cold) but don't tell JBird that.

TBone liked rearranging all of Butch's river rocks or throwing them in the river. I heart his widdle bum crack which is CONSTANTLY showing due to his having 1% body fat.

Then it's into the hot tub to warm up! (BTW, Butch has to change the water in the hot tub a couple of times every time we visit due to sand, leaves, boogers, and other things the kids bring in there with pee).

Proof that even princesses have to TCB (take care of business) from time to time:

OK, I think that's enough for tonight. Next installment will be when we ventured out of Logan and headed up north to Idaho and down south to Provo for some more family fun. Hint: Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are two completely different people/acts! Who knew??? Double hint: One act is potentially awesome and has all the hit songs and one is quite lame and sings nothing I've ever heard.

Stay tuned.


Memzy said...

OBVIOUSLY everyone has to TCB. Fer super duh.

I'm guessing Miley is the one you recognize, no?

ps. Breaking Dawn is INSANE! Have you read?

Tiffany said...

She TCBs more often than you'd think.

And, no, "Hannah Montana" is the one with all the hits. Miley has like, one. And she was all awkward & 15 yo and stuff. More on that later.

ps NO! I pre-ordered it from Amazon like a month ago and still haven't gotten it. I'm pizzed.

quesetescapa said...

Um, Bridget's bum is cracking constantly and she has more body fat so you are going to come up with a better reason.

Breaking Dawn... insane. Also insane, the fact that you don't have it yet.

Beardall Family said...

I should have scrolled down a little further... these are the shots I was talking about. I absolutely love the one of Tanner w/ the rock and his crack showing. SO cute!