Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getcher GLEE Fix Here

I know you're out there.  Those of you who are already going through withdrawls from Glee even though tonight would really be the first night you'd actually be missing it.

Some of you are so desperate, in fact, that you have subjected yourself and others to watching The Sing Off.  This is NBC's attempt to get in on the Glee frenzy while providing a bit of an American Idol twist.  There are some good groups on this show (including one cute-as-a-button-all-girl group from BYU-- quote "We don't sing anything with swear words or innuendo.").

The problem is this program continues to put one particular group through which I find highly offensive in so many ways.

That's right...Maxx Factor.

To say they are deeeesgusting would be a grievous understatement.

They make me feel all gicky, vomitous and abhorrent inside.  To watch them sing is to watch a horror movie.  And, to top it off, they attempted "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse last night.  Not good.  Not.  Good.  I think there was some pelving and body rolling involved.

But here is the point of this post.  To provide you with a bit of relief from your Glee hiatus blues.  I know it's not Finn or Mr. Shue... but there is an Asian and they ARE super nerdy. The choreography kills.

See more funny videos and Music Videos at Today's Big Thing.

Plz enjoy.

PS The eye is all cleared up.  It only took about 5 days.  Thanks for worrying (<---for Aunt Visor only).


Cristin said...

That video is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have not laughed that hard since....probably yesterday. Thanks!

eekareek said...

I love the Asian boys "eye patch" move that he did at the beginning. I imagined there was a zipper on it. I am having withdraws from Glee, BTW and the Singoff is helping. Hater.

Landee said...

Did I not make it clear that I love The Sing Off? Well I do. Just not the Maxxis. They are almost enough to make me quit forever. But then Nota and Nick Lachey's dimple brings me back.

Ppppppppoker face.

Carol said...

LOVED IT!! Made me laugh---in a good way. Glad your eye is better. For a moment I thought you had joined the "Wierd illness/symptoms club" that Memzy has always belonged to.

eekareek said...

^^^^Oh Snap!

Ashley said...

Maxx Factor makes me want to puke! I want to mute the TV everytime they are on. They can't sing and they are nasty! I went to high school with one of the guys in Face - too bad they got kicked off already.

Landee said...

Ashley! Let's go up to Boulder and listen to Face! After your baby is born, of course.

And yes. Gross!

AV, Memzy has weird illnesses? Do tell. ASAP.

ManicMandee said...

That was most definitely enjoyable to me. Thanks!

Glad your eye is better too. Did you go to the doc?

Ashley said...

I am glad that I didn't have to throw up tonight since those nasty ladies got kicked off. And yes, we should go to Boulder and see Face sometime. I was actually good friend with Ryan Driver, the dude who sang their lead on Monday night. I hear they are really good live...

Carol said...

Memzy's wierd illnesses:
1. Crazy sternum pain in highschool never properly diagnosed
2. Extreme ballooning face, can't breather from CT scan dye.
3. Random itchy attacks at night
4. Stop laughing at me when my leg collapses as I walk 9 months pregnant.
Stuff like that.

Kim said...

^^^ close second to the video on the funny factor! As far as the Sing Off goes... RT was all actin like he didn't know who was gonna get kicked off when it got down to the final two tonite... I mean... if it wouldn't have been Maxface Factor I woulda stopped watching. Maybe. FTR I loved when they JUST stuck to barbershop. But.. they didn't. And I said NO NO NO! Lota rawks my socks. Beelzeebubbers are so adorable tho... But can ya believe Ashleigh won SYTYCD????? I'm so mad!

Landee said...

::banging my fists on AV's kitchen table and chanting "More. More. More."::

Jenny ESP said...

So relieved that those creepy old broads are gone. Phew!