Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Must...document...for posterity...

I have a son named Tbone.  Maybe you've heard of him.  Maybe not.  Most likely you have. 

If not, here is your first glimpse into what goes on inside his head.  Don't be scared.  This is the funny part of the brain.  Not the....other.

So he has these writing assignments he has to do as homework once a week.  Usually it's something like "Tell something you did over the weekend" or "Write about a member of your family."  I usually sit and help him form coherent sentences and keep his "Ds" and "Bs" going the right directions.  Well, a couple of weeks ago he was over at the table while I was cleaning up the kitchen or something.  He was very focused on his homework (which is highly unusual, btw).  All of a sudden he said he was done with his writing.  I was shocked.  The assignment was "Plan and write a true story about something that has really happened to you." I read it and died laughing.  I decided to let him turn it in as is.  Here is the result:

The pictures at the top are apparently his "plan." Let me type this out for you verbatim:

One Day I was runing home and a girl tript me! Slash! Bang! A BIG hole was on my face! I was crying home!  of cors I was crying.  So I pickt up my Back pakc and ran as fast as I can! I was pounding on the door.  When my mom ansord she was all like "oh my gosh." She said it about 30 times.  she gave me a bandaid.
The next day eeevreeone said "what happened to your facce." and that is abot it and yes it is true.

Claaaaaaasic TBone.

Then today he came home from school with a cute little camo journal his teacher had given him for Christmas.  He made his first entry right away.

Again, allow me:

Pokemon XD

I am playing the Best game ever.  Pokemon XD. Whoo yay cool.  I won a battel!  Bathroom bracke.  Booooooooooooooooo!  I know it stincks.  Litrly. I am on battel 90. He sent out Metagrass and Regirock.  he loves rock pokemon.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.  Oh my gosh.  I love that kid. 


I asked him to please write something in his journal every day as it would make me the happiest mother on the planet.  He made no promises. 


Memzy said...

I think we drank the same water when conceiving Char and Tbonz. Cuz, the hilarity never ends. Can you plsthanks frame those?

Carol said...

My stomach hurts from laughing. It's still tender from barfing--but the laughter was good medicine. Tbone is a keeper for sure. The stories you'll have to tell. . . . .

Talked to your Dad today. It was so fun catching up. He's on his 6th or 7th batch of caramels to my 4. I don not plan to catch up.

danandcami said...

That is GREAT!! He is a funny kid, and he has a way with expressing himself. Well done!

Kim said...

"and yes this is true" and "litrly". Apple didn't even fall off the tree much less far from it fhs. I heart Tbone. Litrly.

eekareek said...

He obviously got his spelling and abbreviating skillz from his aunt Kimmy. Way cute...but I also think his "other" dark side is way cute too.

Landee said...

He was crying. of cors he was crying.

Btw, Gty says I say "oh my gosh" a million times when the kids get hurt. Maybe it scars them for life? I mean, this story happened almost a year ago and THAT is what he remembers.

It was "crazy hair day" at school today. He said "everyone will have a mohawk" and requested "the nerd." I gave him the Alfalfa. It's awesome.

Jenny ESP said...

He abbreviates like his auntie Kimmy, but he spells just like his auntie Jespy. How? Wha? We musta drank the vry same watr!

ManicMandee said...

His spelling is like my Eden's and I love it. Totally cracks me up. Cute stuff.

Hot Pants said...

I like how he spelled "eeevreeone". I picture him thinking it all dramatic like, Everyone.

Flem said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I have heard that from you like fiddy billion times. And T-bone is hilarious post pics of his hair please.

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Carol said...

What's up with that Landee?