Thursday, April 14, 2011

AI: Guest Blogger!

In an act of true heroism, my underbar SIL is filling in for me this week at the very last second.  I haven't been able to watch this week's AI yet, let alone mock it.  You people were probably dying for a fresh perspective anyway... well Chrissi delivers!

Thank you, Chrissi.  You are the wind beneath my wings. And I love Joe's inputs as well.  

 I didn't know I was going to be the guest blogger until after it was over, so it's going to be the take-away, not the in the moment details.  I would appreciate if Tiff would add the pictures, but please not the one of Jacob as the devil, since I wouldn't go that far. :)
 Might I first begin with a few notes about Pia.  There has been all sorts of buzz about changing the voting so that America votes and the judges make the final decision. Even Pia in an interview said she thought the judges should have some say.  Okay, that would be, in the voice of Antoine Dodson, "so dumb, for real."  It would ruin the show. They did have their say, like when they did a billion auditions and selected the top 24 and then 3 bonus people. Pia was pretty, she could sing, but if you didn't already know the song, you would have no idea what she was singing about.  She sang words, not stories or feelings. no connection.
You need to be quirky in someway to get a passionate voting fan-base, and she was just too boring.

Soooo, I will now discuss who I think has fans that will sit by the phone for two hours and hit redial.

Jacob: Loved that Jimmy what's-his-butt lectured him on not lecturing America. Jacob looked humbled... and then sang about his troubled waters. His voice. my goodness, that voice. that range. crazy incredible.  In my 9 yr old's words last week, "He's emotional."
He will not be in the bottom three this week, because his fans were so frightened by his close call that they will redial in all their holy southern glory.

Haley: Ridiculously dumb song. There are a total of three words, and three notes in the song. dumb. But that outfit was By Far her best ever. If I looked like her and could wear stuff like that, I totally would. She's been safe for two weeks, and her fans are not as passionate as they once were.  Joe think she has Pia's votes. I think Pia's peeps quit voting. Bottom Three

Casey: The judges did a standing-O because they wanted to trick America into thinking that was an awesome performance. He is a brilliant musician For Sure. He plays that base without even thinking about it, but the vocals This Week were lame. I think his fans love him as much or more than some of the other fans love their person, but I don't see Jazz people sitting by the phone for two hours. Still, safe.

Lauren: her worst performance. She's good, but I just don't see a star in her. not sure who's taking the time to vote for her, really. the country folks are voting for Scotty, I'd think.

James: Not his best. I think he's probably a favorite of many. I don't see the 40 somethings voting (Joe is a great example. He likes him a lot, but has not picked-up the phone once).
This is not meant to be rude AT ALL, but I'm sure the autistic kids will sit and vote for 2 hours.  He is to Autism and Turrets, as Jimmer is to Mormons.  I would sit and vote for Jimmer for two hours. In fact, I did. and I cheered and cried and wondered if he'd like me if we met. James is safe.

Scotty: Not his best, but his fans started calling yesterday.

Stefano: I thought, originally, that he had the David Archuleta girls, but Stefano is not adorable like I had thought.  He is not engaging like he wants to be. I don't know if you can learn to be engaging in a week; he's just cute and can sing.  Bottom Three

Paul: I still love him, Joe hates him. I think his fans will keep him safe tonight.

So Bottom: Stefano, Lauren, and Haley (Joe thinks Paul here, for the record)
Stefano goes home.

loves to you all!!! Chrissi


Carol said...

Welcome Chrissy. Great post.
This week I liked:
Lauren, sort of but not much
James has confidence but then I'm not a metal fan.
Haley--very cute outfit and good chorus but not much else.
Did Not Like:
Paul--make his stop flailing.
Scotty-usually like him but he bugged me tonight
Stefano-agree with Chrissy

Bottom three: Jacob, Paul, Stefano.
Going home: Please--Jacob.

Memzy said...

I haven't watched yet. But Chrissy was hilar!!

Memzy said...

Why couldn't you watch?

michelangelo said...

i didn't see the show either. late and long commute last night. boo.

but i already know carol is right.

i'm sad i didn't see haley's cute outfit. did she also do something to fix her nasty hair?

if i write a letter to AI producers asking them to let us vote people off - as in, if i vote for you, it's because i want you gone - will you all sign it? kthx.

Flem said...

Ha! Many funny bits.

Okay, so bottom three:

Best performance: Casey. But no one likes obscure songs.

SteveB said...

Chrissi gets a lot of street cred for putting Pia in the bottom three, so thank you for your blog! So you called shenanigans on the standing-O. I did to! It was good but not "O" worthy. I think the judges were trying to cover for not saving the save for Pia. It was interesting that you thought Lauren was not good. I really thought she was about the best last night. (But what do I know; I never would have put Pia in the bottom three last week!) Loved the purple boots Haley, now you must go!!! Casey will be sad (because they are dating you know), but she should have been gone so long ago. Add Paul and Jacob with her in the bottom three.

Hot Pants said...

I hate jazz, but I LOVED Casey. Even Dwight hit the rewind/replay button a couple times. Everyone else can go home. But, I mostly want Jacob to go home.

Morgan's Visual Idea journal said...

This is Eek.

Good job, Chrissy.

I was glad to have Pia go last week. I didn't like her. She was annoying. I was shocked everyday that she lasted. I do like Casey but (sorry Amy) I don't see me ever buying his songs. Especially cuz he is gonna stick to his guns about jazz. What happened to Nirvana??? What is wrong with Phil Collins????? Lauren is a'ight. James is super cute and I love him!...but my son is autistic...and has tourettes...soooooo....
I like Haley's voice and I think she is cute. Paul is one of my favorites and I am sad to see him go. His teeth are to die for. Scotty is nerdy cute and will get a record deal no matter what. I hated Stefano in the beginning but now his lack of self confidence is growing on me and I am starting to like him. He wants this so bad! Jacob--UGH!!! He just will not go away!!! Everyone who gets off while he is still here is unfair.

Bottom three: Paul, Haley, Stefano. Going home: Paul
I already watched the results show though.