Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be Pretty If You Are...

...Be Witty if you Can,
Be NICE if it Kills You.

^^That's a saying my MIL has had up in her house for years & years.  It's kind of a family joke now, as you can imagine.

My local McDonald's recently got Diet Dr. Pepper, on the tap.  My days of taking Beebs & her BFF to McDonald's and eating my Chipotle burrito in the Playland area just got a whoooooole lot better.  And no, I don't feel guilty about that.  I buy them Happy Meals and I buy myself a large soda (now a DDP) and that's all they would get out of me anyway.   I do still eat it in the corner with my back to the main restaurant area but that's just so I don't make the other adults in the place jealous.

What do these two random things have to do with each other?

This sign is up above the soda filling station thingy...

Oh, it's your PLEASURE to offer complimentary refills?  More like you have to to keep up with other restaurants, first of all.  And yes, by all means, please feel comfortable paying for your new drink at the front counter.  That is IF you're trying to save the environment and stuff by reusing your old cup & not trying to steal a free beverage from us.

I wonder who wrote this... Maria or Larry?

My money is on Larry.

Maria would have just put: 

If you don't pay for a new drink each time you visit (and NO, you can't bring in an old cup & act like it's new) we will call the copperz.   

She's a spitfire, that Maria.  I can tell.


ManicMandee said...

Oh Landee, you're always good for a laugh. Thanks.

Jenny ESP said...

There's a confusing sign on the soda fountain at our McDs that says, "only one refill per visit." Huh? I don't get it.

Flem said...

Once again you let racism blind you. I am sure it was Maria. Larry wanted to write the bit about throwing people to copperz (I tried to write popo but it just wasn't me) and Maria wanted to smooth it over.

I also think you love that sign because it applies to you--you are pretty and you can be witty. Not everyone has those options.

eekareek said...

So Maria and Larry might frown upon me bringing in a can of diet Coke to drink and then refilling my can before I go??? Or is that allowed since I get one refill?

Princess Kimi said...

Maria had obviously had enough of you bringing in your RT44DDPs. Are there cameras? My money is on that she has blogged about you. With pics.

Linkster said...

Maria is a witch with a capital B.

Or so I've heard.

I hope you're taking lotsa magnesium to counteract all the DDRP.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I'm putting your MIL's saying above my stovetop. LOVEIT.
And Maria and/or Larry are killing themselves with nice-ness.
p.s. My word verification was "brest". Nice.

michelangelo said...
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Carol said...

This only confirms my assessment of MickeyDee's. Highly over-rated, except for the drive thru kids meals.