Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Focus: Report: 90% Of Waking Hours Spent Staring At Glowing Rectangles

That was an Onion tweet a couple of days ago.  It made me lollerz because, at that moment I was staring at a glowing triangle which is of course the joke.

My eyes are buuuuggin.   I've had tons of screen time in the last little while and I'm afraid it's causing irreparable damage to my vision.

a) I've been working on this:

That's the cover of the latest edition to US Yearly: The Anderson Family News Magazine. (photo by Chrissi Richards Photography!) So exciting!!  It's really fun to put together as people send me their photos and text for me to put all together.  But it does require some serious amounts of computer time.  I even had to make a temporary "office" out of the dining room.  Anyway, I just published it and it should be coming in the mail any day.  We are only three issues into it and I already cannot believe how much has changed since the first issue.  (Pssst...this is what I do to not feel guilty about not doing any family history work. kthanksbye).

b) I am speaking in church tomorrow.  Ugh.  So I've been on reading various articles, looking for stuff I can cut & paste, etc.  I can't wait to check this off my list as DONE, btw.  The constant nagging in the back of my brain is getting tiresome. 

c) I've discovered a new fun app (thanks to Jespy) called Charadium.  It's like having a Pictionary game night at your house where you invite all your friends over and lollerz.  Except you don't have to come up with any finger foods, diet sodas or actually talk to any one of your friends.  Perfect!  Download it ASAP, add me as a friend (landeelu, duh) and let's do this.  

d) I'm working on a new blog banner for my blog.  Aren't you so sick of this one?  Me too.

e) I've been watching the World Cup NON STOP!!!  Just kidding.  Could those horns they blow the entire time be any more annoying?  Intolerable.  Plus boring.  Bad combo.   But I have watched the Glee finale three times now. 

So yeah.

Tired eyes from staring at glowing rectangles 90% of the time.  


ManicMandee said...

That magazine is so cool! Never heard of anyone doing this. I would love if someone else in our family would take on a project like that. Cuz there's no way I do something like that justice.

StandsMom said...

I could never pull anything off like that either. Ever. I totally admire your talent to do things like that. It's leaves me in awe and is therefore...awe-some. I stare at a lot of glowing triangles too. Great job today. My kids were talking all afternoon about how much fun they had today because you did the music in Primary.

RLN said...

Beyond excited to get the 3rd edition of US yearly! Thanks for all you do. Wish I could have been there for the church talk. You are such a fun speaker. Loves!

Markie23 said...

a)I've been practicing my Charadium skilz with some strangers and I'm ready for prime time. It's a stressful game for me btw... so much pressure; and some of the words they ask you to do... like how are you supposed to draw a word like "grace", or "procreation"? I did get "nipple" yesterday though which was pretty easy... and no, I didn't draw a baby bottle.
b)Nice Magazine! It puts my quarterly family newsletter to shame.
c)Did anyone get that talk recorded? Please to send kthanksbye :o)

Markie23 said...

P.S. You're gonna start the SYTYCD posts this week right? Huh?

Carol said...

A: The magazine is unbelievable and when are you going to design the Jeppson Family magazine. Let's call it "The Magnificent Seven and Beyond. . . ." Perfect title, don't you think.
B: Major appreciation for your hours in front of the computer to create your talk. It was magnificent, inspiring and worth every minute you labored. (reference my personal email)
C: Just 14 more days til I see your cute face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Great magazine! What a great idea! Where do you get it published?

I really enjoyed your talk on Sunday, btw. I was wrangling my 3 boys by myself while Matt was out of town and I STILL got something out of your talk, so it must have been fabulous!

Princess Kimi said...

I will tell Dad you took his idea (The White Collar monthly publication newsletter we all sent to um....Nath... Elder Jeppson whilst he was on his mish) and brought it to 2010s standards. Can't wait to see what you do with the Jeppson one!!!!! btw... MARKIE!!!! CHARADIUM....AYE SAPP!!! p.s. what was the moral of your story for your churchie talk? Horse sense? The fish with a hook already in its mouth when you caught it? I must know... wait... your wax is showing?

Chrissi Richards said...

sahoooooooooo excited to get the US yearly!! Thanks for all the work! AGAIN!

Jenny ESP said...

Technology rules. I got to see your glossy mag in the flesh, and it looked like a real live magazine! Good job. Good job.