Sunday, June 27, 2010

ESP & Co. Part Dos


Day Four was Sunday...Father's Day and Cord's 12th birthday (and Memzy's bday too, btw)!  You'd think that with all the events that day I would have taken more pics but no, that one above is all I gots.  Homer & Beebs eating the bday/father's day cake.   That morning was my first "Wha?" wake up moment as I woke up to find out that Homer had spent the night throwing up.  Jenny and Anthony had been up all night scrubbing floors, doing laundry and teaching Homer to barf in the toilet while I had slept like a rock not hearing a thing.   Thank goodness I had shown Jenny where I keep my disposal gloves.     Gty had gotten up early that morning to go to his meetings but then came home and flopped down on the bed in his church clothes with a fever & proceeded to sleep 4 hours while the rest of us went to church (minus Anth & Homer).  I'm going to have to recreate my annual Father's Day pic one of these days and fake like it was taken that day.


Gty had to fly out at, like, 6:30am on Monday morning.  Thank goodness Anth offered to drive him to the airport!  I slept in and then, again, woke up to WHA???  I came downstairs at about 9:30am to find Jenny & Anthony fully dressed sitting on the couch.

Me: Wow, you gize are up & ready to go early today.
Jenny: Well, we had to go to Urgent Care.
Me: ::confused look on face::  Huh?
Jenny: My neck was hurting so bad last night I couldn't sleep.  After Anth got home from taking Gty we looked up an Urgent Care place and went as soon as it opened.
Me: Are you srs????

I'm not used to being woken up by shocking news, you gize, and this was starting to become a habit.

So Jenny got some sweet meds and started feeling a bit better (meaning she could turn her head almost 2 inches to either side) and we planned our day.  Little did we know it would turn out to be one of our busiest ones yet.

We headed off to Heritage Square in Golden, CO which is basically a glorified Fun Spot (for you Boiseans).  You may remember we spent a day here when I had my family reunion here last summer.  There are go-carts, rides, and most importantly, the ALPINE SLIDE!
Waiting to go up on the chairlift ^^ on the chairlift below:

At the summit! Please note the Denver skyline in the background. 

Here are all the boys lined up to go down:
But these two stinkers had to wait for their moooooommmiieeeessss  ::said all Nelly Olsen-y::

Luckily no one got lost on the way down.  These are the only gize I beat down the hill. 

Beebs saw these heart chairs from afar (they're in front of a little ice cream shop) and insisted on taking her pic like this sitting in one. 

Have you seen on YouTube how someone will do a video and then there are "reaction videos" or spoofs of said video?  Here is the boys' reaction/spoof shot:


 We then returned home and explored the tourist traps a little closer to home... like the creek behind our house.  The older boys caught a frog & claimed to have seen crawdads (?). 

 And we sampled the tasty vittles of a little local pizzeria here called Papa John's while sitting around the front yard and enjoying the cool evenings of Colorado.  A game of HORSE might also have been played on the driveway which, shockingly of course, came down to Jenny and JBird.  JBird won.

 When it got dark we came in and Anthony played a game of Dominion with the older kids while Jenny entertained the young'uns in a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Goose.


"Good times" doesn't even begin to describe the fun we had.  Despite some medical issues I think the Espys had a decent time as well.   I am sooooo hoping this is not the last time they grace us with their presence.   The kids love each other, Anthony & Gty only had a few spats (Anth is so uptight!) and if you've read GITYD at all, you already know the magic Jenny & I create when we get together.  It's a can't miss family vaycay!

So, what was YOUR favorite part of our get-together?


Memzy said...

I can't.....

Memzy said...

It's too painful for me to come around here.

Landee said...

I know Memz. This is why I don't even wanna know when the Shedersplin vaycays are and get all bratty when I do find out about them.

It's intolerable.

Two days tho, right???

Carol said...

the Homer/Beebs picture is my fave. That's a keeper. See you soon.

eekareek said...

Wow! I want Jenny to come visit me now! Kids barfing and Urgent Care visits and I don't have to "get involved"?!?!?! I hate being woken up...

Jenny ESP said...

I had no less than 3 sleepless nights, and somehow had the energy for a rousing game of ring-around-the-rosy the last night. Miraculous! Beebs and Tbone are born entertainers. Thanks for hosting us, and sorry about the puke.

PS. I heart your crick!!

Flem said...

You are lucky I am not the jealous type. My favorite part of your get together?

1) I didn't get to see the jespys while in Vegas (well we cancelled Vegas but it was a potentially lost opportunity!)
2) You couldn't be bothered to answer a VERY important text about whether McDs carries Coke or Pepsi.
3) These beautiful pictures make me wish I would have ditched Carolina for Denvah this year. I love your kids. Oh and you.

Princess Kimi said...

p.s. what does your vinyl lettering say in the Kitc'?

Princess Kimi said...

How overwhelmed and totally behind do you feel? I bet you have 8 gabrillion pics to post/edit/say fuggettit about. But I wanna see them kthanks. Especially the ones of you chillaxin with HHW. srslykthanks this time. bye.