Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

So have you all tried the Pumpkin Crunch recipe?  Cuz apparently I didn't want to do another post until every. last. one. of you had tried it.

So you loved it?


I figured I'd better post what the little goblins dressed up as for Halloween this year.  We had an eclectic gathering of characters & time periods.

First, Al Capone:

Next, cowboy/TBone's Frontierville Character:

That's his "This town ain't big enough for the two of us" look.


And finally, Dorothy:

The Toto in the basket prop was the deciding factor in what she wanted to be.

Due to Halloween being on Sunday this year, we had less candy this year than we've ever had which is perfect.  They had their class parties at school, of course.  Then we had the ward Trunk-or-Treat on Friday night.  We also went around to a few members' homes on Saturday night.  We thought the kids would complain about not being able to go out on Sunday night but they actually really liked handing out the candy to all our "customers" (as Beebs called them).


danandcami said...

They all look FANTASTIC!! I especially think the Al Capone suit is AWESOME!!

Carol said...

However did you aquire such cute costumes. Did you make, rent or buy. I must know. Super fantastic.

Landee said...

I figure we will use that pinstripe suit on many occasions in the future. Like, maybe when Jbird turns twelve and is passing the sacrament for the first time? Huh? Don't think I'm not thinking about it.

And AV, were you unaware of my detestation for all things Halloween? I would never MAKE a costume. We went to the Halloween store (you know those temporary ones that pop up at the end of September) and I told the kids they needed to pick a costume there or they were outta luck. I was happy with how they all turned out though!

Memzy said...

Oh. My. Beebs!!! I totally agree with the Halloween costume buying thing. But weren't those accessories expensive? I mean, Beebs has the red shoes AND the basket AND the Toto. I mean, of course she HAS to have the basket and Toto, that's fer super duh. Wouldn't be Dorothy without them. Also, I feel I should mention that Brains went as a mobster this year too. Hilar! He resembled Charlie Chaplain a little more than Al Capone tho. Due to my aforementioned cheapness.

Jenny ESP said...

Adorable! We broke the sabbath and went trick-or-treating to every house in our ward, practically. I didn't get the memo.