Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some People Wait A Lifetime...

... for a moment like this.  

--Kelly Clarkson, American Idol Champion, Season 1

Some facts to consider:

  • The last time the Giants won a World Series it was 1953.  They were the New York Giants at that time.
  • The Giants moved from New York to SF in 1958.
  • They hadn't won a World Series since.
  • Gty was born in 1971.... so, you do the math here.

Other items of note:
  • Gty's email address (since email first came out) has been gagiants.
  • Every year, Gty, his dad and the boys go to SF to see a couple of Giants games.
  • Last year, JBird was Tim Lincecum for Halloween.  
  • Gty's grandma (now 93 years old) has loved the Giants FOREVER and has missed watching very few games.  She's the reason his entire family are huge fans.

So, that is why there was much whooping and hollering in our house on Monday night.  The boys acted like they too had waited 39 years for the Giants to finally win a World Series.  Tbone was particularly boisterous in his cheering even though he had been rooting for the Phillies in the the series before just to tick Gty and JBird off.  Thank goodness he came around for the last 20 minutes of Game 5.

Here is what they wore to school the next day.  Tbone earned it, I think.  Those twenty minutes when he cared were stressful.

A re-enactment of the aforementioned whooping and hollering.

Any guesses on who our favorite player is?

Gty wore his jersey around today too claiming he had waited his whole life to wear his team's jersey the day after a championship win.  He felt he had earned the right to collect congratulatory remarks from passersby.  The older people volunteering at the voting place today did NOT disappoint.  They were very impressed by Gty and his ability to wear a Giants jersey and hat and laid it on real thick.  He could not have been more pleased.


Flem said...

I assume he called his grandmother? I would like to know how that conversation went.

Memzy said...

LOVE this post!! I sorta remembered how much Gty loved the Giants. But thank goodness for FB who reminded me a lot. (not just Gty but others). Being as we lived in Cali, if was a very happy time around these parts too.

Memzy said...

How long have you been waiting to get those boys in the jerseys for a pic tho? A lifetime I'm sure.

eekareek said...

It feels like I am waiting a lifetime for these boring sports to be done and get back to more important things such as Hell's Kitchen.

Tell Giggity I said congrats on his win. I am proud of him.

Jenny ESP said...

Tell Gty congrats, and good job! I had no idea all this was going on, cuz it's all BSU all the time around here.

Carol said...

Sooooo happy for Gty. Is he still basking in the glow?