Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smashing Pumpkins

Every Halloween I walk a fine line between what I want to do (not celebrate Halloween/pretend it doesn't even exist, not find costumes for the kids, not carve pumpkins, not buy $50 worth of candy to pass out to the neighborhood brats, not pick up wrappers for weeks afterward because my kids think the space between the couch and the ottoman is a garbage can, etc.) and what I really don't want to do (cause permanent psychological damage to my children surrounding the celebrating of this pagan holiday).

I think this year I managed to balance it out pretty well.

Due to Gty being out of town the week leading up to Halloween, and my extreme to intense hatred of carving pumpkins, I figured out a way to do pumpkins this year with out having a sore arm afterward.  We painted pumpkins and then the kids stuck on some foam pieces in the general configuration of a face.

(Note: We don't get the paper.  So I had no newspaper to put down on the table.  I decided to stick a couple pieces of Press-n-Seal down in front of each kid.  Yeeeeah, no.  I still have some residue on the top of the table from that stuff.  You've been warned.)

Here are the final products.  

You can't see but the "pumpkin princess" does have a nose that you can't see (pumpkins are heavy, you gize!).  That balloon is supposed to be her blowing a bubble gum bubble.  Oh, and that line of circles is a necklace.  I'm sure that was obvious though.

I'm guessing we will be doing this again in the future.  The kids loved it seeing as I can count on two fingers the number of times I've let them paint something in the kitchen.  And no scraping out pumpkin guts.  Ding!  <---- bonus sound.


Jenny ESP said...

I love their painted pumpkins, but I also love the smell of fresh baked pumpkin seeds. And eating them while watching Sleepy Hollow. I dunno, Landee. I just don't know.

Flem said...

Yeah what Jenny said. I hear you on the other things (though I am shocked because your kids' costumes this year were seriously incredible--Al Capone???) but no pumpkin seeds? What is the point?

These are clever though, so congrats!

Memzy said...

I love this idea. We've done the painting before but I love the foam shape add-ins!

We didn't even do ANYTHING with pumpkins this year. And I don't feel the least bit guilty.

Landee said...

Pumpkin seeds are gross and the opposite of worth the effort. So it's a no brainer 'round here.

Flem, the costume actually said "gangster boy" but we named him Al Capone. Because that's much cooler, right? JBird got some book called "Al Capone Does My Shirts" so he actually does know who he was.

Memz, no guilt. Ever. I could go pumpkin free any year now.

Jana said...

I think those are actually cuter than carved pumpkins. Don't let them get you down. Nice work.

Landee said...

Thank you, JANA.

jillEjam said...

Great idea. My pumpkins are still waiting in the entry to be carved. I'm thinking they'll be Thanksgiving pumpkins now.... painted up pretty.

Carol said...

Unless you're one of those super pumpkin carvers I saw on the FoodNetwork "Pumpkin Carving Challenge" (which was awesome) I say go for paint and foam add ons. I have also seen them treated like Mr. Potato Head with all kinds of stuff stabbed in to the pumpkin. Just a thought for next year.

Hot Pants said...

My kids carved the pumpkins, when I went out one day, on their own. They thought it would be fine cuz they only used butter knives. I was actually kind of fine with it.

Jack Quilts said...

Looks awesome!