Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That Time of the Month


Not THAT time.

It's time to clean my wood floors.

I'd rather have the other time of the month, to be honest with you.

Even with my patented-no-bending-over-or-using-a-mop technique, it is still a royal pain in the butt.  

And I hate it.

So I want this for Christmas.

Here is the LINK to buy it for me.  I know it's a skosh pricey but if someone takes the reins and organizes this it wouldn't be so bad.  You only need 10 people to kick in $20 or 20 people to donate $10 each.  Or even 40 people to contribute $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  That's nothing.  Please.  Someone.  Make this happen.

Thank you in advance.


eekareek said...

Or just ONE person to kick in $200. Thats not so bad.
I will pitch in 4 bucks. Who else will?

Jenny ESP said...

Wow, I gotta add that automatic cotton pony to my annual unattainable Christmas gifts-that-I-always-manage-to-attain list. And how the H do you get away with only cleaning your floors once a month? I mean, I only clean my floors once a month but I don't do it that infrequently with such unabashed surety.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

How about we time share it?
What about this little gadget?
It's a fraction of the price and they're kind of cute.
I'll go in on that with someone for you.

Landee said...

So we're at $196 left. Who will be my most generous friend? It's up for grabs.

And, Jespy, I sweep, vacuum, spot clean, etc. several times a week. But the actual put up the chairs and walk around on a wet towel? Yeah, once a month. Or if it gets to the point where I can't stand to walk around barefoot anymore.

SolidG, I would DEFINITELY be interested in a timeshare opportunity! And those mop shoes are a step up from my old towel thing but they still require my time and work. I guess I could strap them on my kids though... hmmmmm....

Memzy said...

I like this. I want to go to there. And I'll pitch in 3.47. That's what's in my wallet right now. I'll mail it pronto.

Memzy said...

Whycome you don't ask Gty for it?