Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Expected Halloween Post

I'll admit it.  I'm not a fan of Halloween.  No, that's not even strong enough.  I ALMOST hate Halloween.  It's true.  What?  You didn't take me for a party pooper?  Well, I am when it comes to this most lame of all lame holidays (and that includes ALL CAPS DAY!).  It's a lot of prep and fanfare for nothing.  Go around and get candy while simultaneously giving candy away?  It makes no sense.   Lemme just say this....if the brethren came out tomorrow and said Halloween was no longer to be celebrated by members of the church I'd be the first one to organize a "Halloween is Dead" bonfire in the church parking lot where we all threw in all ugly Halloween decor (cuz there is no cute stuff), annoying-to-carve pumpkins and all receipts of all the money we, as a society, have wasted on this pagan observance.

::stepping off my soapbox/Debbie Downer ramiumptum:: That being said, here are the kids' costumes for this year. 

As you can see, we don't do "homemade" stuff.  I try to do as little effort on my part as possible while still making sure the kids have an enjoyable time. 

JBird wanted to be Tim Lincecum this year.  He's the dy-no-mite pitcher with the San Francisco Giants and is JBird's favorite player.  If you've ever seen Tim Lincecum you know that he has some sweet long black hair.  We have a black wig but JBird didn't want to wear it.  So really, he's just a kid in a Lincecum jersey.  Ah well, people still gave him candy. 

Tbone headed out to Target with me thinking he wanted to be a skeleton.  When he got there, however, he saw the weapons section and realized skeletons don't carry weapons.  He quickly switched to a ninja (I didn't have the heart to tell him these are historically inaccurate weapons for a ninja) and was happy with his get-up.

And then we have the princess.  She started out as Sleeping Beauty but then we discovered my fake ponytail from HERE and she instantly became Rapunzel (according to her).   I didn't realize what we were getting into though.  We tried the hair on her Friday for the ward Trunk-or-Treat and she wore it all day.  Then she insisted on me putting it back in her hair on Saturday morning, wore it all day, took a nap with it on and then wore it for trick-or-treating that night.  Before going to bed she begged me to let her wear it to church in the morning.  Uh, no.  So we made a deal.  I'd put it in right when we got home from church and she could maybe wear it to dance class on Monday. What am I gonna do here?  I canNOT have a girlie with a fake pony running all my errands with me.  People are gonna think I'm on Toddlers and Tiaras fhs. 

So, while I hate Halloween in general, this year was better than most.  Why do I have no pictures of the kids actually trick-or-treating? Because our friends invited us over for soup/rolls/pizza/caramel popcorn and then the womenfolk stayed home while the husbands took the kids around.  So no trick-or-treating OR manning the door!  I'm going to try and make this an annual tradition with said friends. It made the evening delightful.

Wondering about the snow?  Yes, it is still on the ground but it was about 60 degrees yesterday and made for a pleasant evening.  Cool enough where kids didn't stay out all night, but warm enough that the little kids could stay out for a goodly amount of time.  {so plz still move here}


Carol said...

With the expected Halloween post comes the expected comment. Your kids are so stinkin cute it's pathetic. The older they get, the more they look alike. If they were close---I'd have to bite me some cheeks.

Glo said...

Loving that hair piece! so classy

Markie23 said...

I have a rather embarrassing question to ask you. I'm just so ashamed that I don't know. I try to keep up, I really do. Please don't tell anyone that I asked you this, but...
what does fhs stand for?

Cristin said...

I have the bomb fire all set up...just waiting for the call.

Annie said...

I hate Halloween so much I didn't even take pics this year. I know what you're thinking..."Mom of the Year."??

eekareek said...

I imagine Beebs to have a pretty bad lisp. Does she have a lisp?

Jenny ESP said...

I would dread Halloween too if I had to freeze my A off, and walk 2 miles uphill in the snow to get a few pieces of candy. I'll hate it too once I move there. But right now, Halloween is still da bomb. I'm glad to see you getting your money's worth with that gorge pony.

PS Markie: Don't be embarrassed. I had to ask that same question. It means "for hell's sake", which basically means "for Pete's sake", or fps.

Landee said...

No, she has no lisp Eeka. What makes her appear lispful? Her full princess-like lips?

And WHAT???? I thought it just meant "for heck's sake"!!! I can't use that anymore...profanity reasons.

That gorge pony is classy. ::putting it in for dance class as per our agreement::

Markie23 said...

Thanks Jenny, I'll come to you for all my urban lingo questions from now on foshizzle <<--- Heard that on the streets somewhere (I think it means fhs).

ManicMandee said...

I hate Halloween!

I love Beebs pony!

ShelBailey said...

Cute kids!

And if I had more than one kid at a time I'd hate it too. But, this year I told Meg she had $5 and 2 hours max.

And, we've never done any scary, skeletony, zombie, vampirish, ghoulish costumes. It's just a day when dressup is legal.

I do hate the candy thing.

Memzy said...

I too used to dislike Halloween until I grew a baby Char Char. His overwhelming love of the holiday makes it UNpossible to hate. He likes it more than Christmas.

I am loving JBirds "baseball" poses. Too. Funny.

Tbone's choice of weapons makes perfect sense to me.

Hair piece.

Kim said...

fess up. It's YOU that wears the pony to dance class. And Chick-fil-A. and Spin class. Tell J-Bird I'm saddy he didn't wear the wig. It's a mulletpalooza this year fhs. (for freaks sake)