Monday, November 23, 2009


So, there we are.

The SF7 (as we so named ourselves).

The above picture was taken on Thursday night/Friday eve as we awaited the premiere of New Moon.  You can see the crazed look in a few of our eyes (::directing you to Memzy in particular::).  After a full day of travel, reuniting and eating we were ready for what we went to SanFran for... and I think I speak for all of us when I say it did not disappoint.  As for me and my house, it far exceeded the expectations.  I adored the movie.  Literally fell in love with Ja.. I mean, it.  So so so so fun.

What I can't figure out now is, did I really adore the movie or the hilarious girls I saw it with??  And now that I can't separate the two we will never know.  Thank goodness.

Here is Eeka taking pics of the group.  I put this pic up to show her authentic Forks sweatshirt she bought on our last trip to Seattle/Forks, WA.  Yes, we are those people. 

And here we are at the second time we went to New Moon not 16 hours later.  It...uh...was raining...and....yeah...the rain made us do it. ::whispering:: Rain scene.

What else did we do in SanFran?  We rode the BART like professionals.  Some with friends....

Some alone.

We took what we thought were "teenage FB profile pics" self portraits of ourselves.  I particularly enjoy HotPants in this one.

And tried to re-create our sister's FB profile pic.  Dang me and my normal-sized head!  I couldn't quite capture it.

We rode the trolley just to be cliche. Until it broke down.

Then we were forced to ride a yucky bus.

We rode on an intensely informative double decker bus in which we learned which houses our "tour guide" found nice looking.

 It was cold?

And we met Willie who is the most famous musician we would meet down there (according to him).  He only charges $1.37 for his autograph which is sweet.  I'm assuming you need to bring your own pen though, cuz he's homeless and stuff.  Why take a pic of him and Katie together?  Oh, right, cuz after we met him the FIRST time he had a lovely dream about her.  He tried to give her the details of the dream after we met him the SECOND time but I didn't hear much.  It's difficult to hear things when your hands are over your ears and you're screaming. 

I found this pic online of the band "Graham Central Station" of which he claimed to be a member of back in the day.  I'm trying to figure out which one is him.... the guy in the back, second from the right?  It's hard to know what homelessness does to a person's face.  Homelessness and toothlessness, that is. 

I'm not surprised by his dream though after sorting through my pictures.  Look at how Katie is looking at him!!  He couldn't resist, obviously.

Here are all the girlies who brightened up my life this weekend.  I had so much fun reenacting scenes from the movie, figuring out where the songs are in the movie,  playing games, dying laughing, eating "free" junk food, walking in the rain, tasting macaroons, admiring intricate details, screaming "Jacob!" randomly, giggling at parts in the movie that weren't supposed to be funny,  singing Morissey every time someone said double decker bus, texting from room to room in the hotel, laughing so you'd think you were missing out on something, staring at Willie's one tooth together, mocking your hand sanitizer, pretending to love stories about your kids and singing in the car, bus, etc.    I can't wait to wear my cape Stands made me next time!!!!!

PS Feel free to add to the list above in the comments.  I'm compiling a complete history of November 19-22nd.  It's for my genealogy project.


Memzy said...


I think that pic of me just goes to show how much more of a true fan I am that you gize. Those crazy eyes don't lie.

Jenny ESP said...

You forgot to mention that in that movie theater pic, I'm wearing the same shirt that Bella wore in the final scenes of New Moon. Only true fans do that. Jusayin'. ::crossing arms like a gangsta::

danandcami said...

Sounds like such a FUN girl weekend!! Glad it was a memorable time and I am wondering so did you pay the $ to get the autograph? or was he a good enough friend by the end he gave it to you for free??

eekareek said...

I didn't get his autograph but I did give him my bus tour ticket to try and sell. Give a man a fish, feed him for a meal, give a man your old bus tour ticket, and then he can Draank and dream about Katie this way and that way.

I feel so lonely right now. This blog post definitely helps but now that I am all done reading it, I feel empty inside again.


ManicMandee said...

Glad you all had such a great time!

Cristin said...

Looks like you gize were totally bored. Sorry you had such a bad time....I wish I was bored with you gize.

Hot Pants said...

Here's two more, me saving you from licking the public transportation seat, and a gray slouchy nipple.

Carol said...

LOVE the pictures and write up. And thanks to the SF7 for the yummy San Fran bread. You guys rock.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Looks like you guys had a kinda perfect weekend! I'll try not to be too jealous.
Happy Thanksgiving btw! Hope you make a lot of those yummy crescent rolls! (::ahem::and bring whatever is left over to my house)

Kim said...

no pic of the posters in your hotel room? You all look like you totally missed your husbands and your kids.

Flem said...

I was not really jealous since I have been so busy...until you mentioned singing Morissey and then I felt the depth of tragedy that I have missed it.

Glad you had fun anyway.