Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Leftovers

How many days has it been since Halloween?  ::getting out calendar & counting out loud to myself::

Ah yes....11.

That's precisely how many days in a row this one ^^^ has insisted on wearing her "Rapunzel Hair."  I've some how managed to make her understand that it's not for public consumption (i.e. school, church, etc) but there always comes that point in the day when she brings it to me with a rubberband and says "I want my hair on."  I'm guessing I would have been the same way had these things been invented when I was little though.  Instead I had to make do with turtlenecks pulled up on my head and cascading down my back as my fake hair.  Dang.  Now I'm all jealous of Beebee.  She has it good.

As you can see she gets all glammed up for the most mundane tasks such as raking leaves and taking naps.

She wanted to make sure we got ALL the leaves.  Even the ones still on the tree.


As princessy as she appears, she really was our best helper.  She hauled up the bags of leaves and stomped them down in the garbage can.  She was also in charge of bringing us a new bag when we needed one.  All with her beautiful hurrdid.

Speaking of Halloween is the "Egyptian Daggar" Tbone chose as his ninja weapon.

Take a closer look at the description:


 One size fits most?  MOST?  Praytell what "size" would this daggar be insufficient for?   Are they worried they'd get sued if they promised one size fit ALL and then somehow it didn't fit, say, Hagrid?  I need answers. 


eekareek said...

I know how you feel,Wini keeps wear her Luigi mustache left over from Halloween. I don't think those two would have much in common. Beebs is all girl and Wini is...well...not. I am glad you got your moneys worth on that Kmart hair extender. Don't forget to pack that.

Markie23 said...

Company's must cover their assets. Like the company that sold the hand held hair dryer I bought my wife that wisely advised "Do not use while sleeping".

ManicMandee said...

Ask the company because I'd really like to know. Disclaimers are one of the funniest parts of life.

Memzy said...

I can't wait to see how long this hurr did thing lasts. Will Gty put it on her whilst you are trapsing in San Fran with us?

Jenny ESP said...

I have a natural grown pony that I'm thinking of cutting off. Beebs can have it for a weave if she wants, as it's too damaged for locks-of-love.

eekareek said...

Maybe Beebs could make some bangs with the hair Jenny cuts off.

Carol said...

Whatever would you do without Beebs? She must brighten every day at your house. Her wedding video is going to be awesome cuz your collecting of embarrassing pictures is impressive.