Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aaawkwaarrrddd! ::sing songy::

So JBird turned 10.  Don't talk to me about it because it's depressing.  That double digits thing really hit home.  I'm mostly over it but still.  Don't bring it up in casual conversation or I might spiral again.

The point is he was spoiled rotten by everyone but most especially by my parents.  They sent him an amazing gift this year.  It came a week early or so (I could tell from the large unheavy box that it was probably a quilt) so I emailed my Dad to say it had arrived.  He wrote back "Good because we insured it for $100."  I was thinking he thought very highly of his handiwork....until JBird opened it on January 13th. 

WHAAAAAAA?????   This picture does not do the awesomeness justice.  You can't see how each of those pieces of the cougar's face is individually sewn on and the details of the quilting.  He had to download the cougar face from BYU's website and then do a bunch of stuff to it to make the pattern to create the face.  The back is made from that fuzzy BYU fabric and the rest is the softest flannel you've ever had the privilege of putting your hand on.   And the radiating beams from the cougar's face??  (my Mom's idea, btw).... amazing.  JBird has slept with it every night.  I foresee it being in shreds by the time he gets to college. 

I think they should have insured it for, like, a bajillion dollars.  At least. 

Anyway, to get to the title of my post, my parents also put something else in the box with the quilt.  It is an old sweatshirt of mine from high school.

I got it out of the box and was like, "Is this mine?"  I looked at the sleeve... "93, yup that's mine. Why do they still have this?"  Then I set it down & proceeded to watch JBird open his quilt.  Oooohed and aaaaahed for a while.   Then after the kids were in bed I went to pick up the sweatshirt to put it somewhere. 

I looked at it again more closely.

There's a soccer ball on it.   I didn't play soccer.  Uuuuhhhh.....

I turned the sweatshirt over....


Um, that would be my HS boyfriend's sweatshirt. 

Should I just start wearing it around?  It's in mint condition as you can imagine.  No point in wasting a good sweatshirt.


Jenny ESP said...

Whoa. That quilt is super awesome, despite the bronco looking suspiciously like a cougar. How much does he sell those babies for?

K, now I MUST hear more about this Dougherty fellow! You had a boyfriend in HS? How dare you not mention this before! Were you one of those "up against the locker" types, like Tony and his girlfriend? I need the whole story!!! Allll the gory deets! Don't leave anything out. Make a whole new post. And I wanna see pics. Him in his lil soccer uniform, you making calf eyes at him all dreamily, stuff like that. Make it happen.

Annalisa said...

I think Jack got their best work so far! Looks amazing. As for the shirt...well super funny that they saved that shirt all these years and it's not even your name. So funny! I'm waiting for Nathan to get a girls sweatshirt with his girlfriends name on the back. Wear it with the bumpit!

jill'E'jam said...


Jack is the quilter???


Carol said...

OK, so this a perfect opportunity for me to share some info with your readers. I considered doing an entire post about it but with no pictures to back it up I hesitated. This picture of JBird's new quilt is IT!!!

First--it's amazing. AMAZING. Second, you may already know this story but your readers do not so I'm sharing family info:

Uncle Jack (aka your dad) is a MAJOR quilter. He belongs to a quilt club (where the women swoon over him), her knows fabric, patterns, machines, threads, appliques and the list goes on. He's always been extremely creative in the woodworking arena but now has proudly joined the quilting world. He signs his emails to me "real men quilt". LOL Just last week he told me he did an applique demonstration at Relief Society homemaking. I'm pretty sure it was the first time those ladies had seen a man bringing in two laundry baskets full of display items, a power point presentation and handouts. Hold the phone people!!! He was telling me all the deets and I just about wet my pants. Your mom has always been a creative/sewing/crafty genius and after 43ish years of marriage it's bound to wear off on him. He told me he did mention his woodworking skills at the end of his presentation to keep his masculinity in tact. Can't wait for the next family reunion/auction. I'm aleady saving my money.

Memzy said...

I. Want. One!!!!!!!

But srsly, I wonder if Joe misses that. I'm sure Gty wouldn't mind a post about all that stuff. It would be worth the prom pics alone.

Markie23 said...

Does one have to be a family member to get a quilt like that?... cuz I'll start working on the adoption papers right now.

Anonymous said...

Your parents are too cool. Unreal.

So what happened to this Dougherty character? Did you break his heart?

Landee said...

I FBed Mr. Doughterty asking him if he wanted the sweatshirt back. He said he was looking for it just this past Christmas. He swore he had three but could only find two. WHY was he finding his old HS sweatshirts? Makes no sense. Anyway, he wants me to mail it to him. How can I untackily ask him to be reimbursed for the postage? I mean, right?

As for the quilt, yes AV, yes. His Enrichment on appliques created quite a buzz I hear. I need to take more detailed pictures of this thing so you all can fully appreciate its glorious beauty.

Markie, make me an offer. I'll pass it along and we'll see what he says.

Kim said...

Imagine my relief when I saw this after receiving an urgent call from Dad demanding I go read your blog. Just imagine. I blame AV. I had the pleasure of seeing this work of art in all phases of being madeness. Dad is a quilting genius. There is nothing the man can't do and excel at. Markie there is nothing (much) that would bring me more joy than to be able to call you Uncle Markie for REALZ so get on that adopting bizness. This took weeks off my life. Weeks. ::: off to Dads monthly quilting guild meeting with him wish me luck getting pics and not making it seem weird nstuff :::

brianandjennifer said...

Landee...way cool quilt for JBird! He must be on cloud 10! My boys would love them...Are they for purchase by and chance? Awesome!!!