Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Environmentally Friendly Belated Card +

This is just in case you didn't get my card in the mail this year.  I swear I sent it!!   I would suggest hunting down your mail carrier and asking him/her what happened to it.  Cuz I sent it.  I really did.

I will say this is my easiest card I've done in a looooong time.  It helps to start with a gorgeous picture and work from there (thanks to my SIL, Chrissi!).  Oh how I love having a professional photographer in the family.

As for the cards I received.... here was my mirror about 9 days into December....

And here it is now....

What in the feelin' the love is going on around here???  LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas cards!  I ignore the mailman all year until Christmas card time and then he's my BFF.  We are now back to the ignoring stage.  I hope he doesn't care/notice.

I'm also going to do a little project this year.  Since I don't scrapbook anymore (haven't done anything for the past 3+ years...poor Beebs has no baby book), I've decided I need to do SOMETHING to keep track of the family's comings and goings and tidbits.  Here is what I've decided.... I'm going to take at least ONE picture every day.  Some days I'll take tons just because something is going on (but only pick one photo each day) and other days I'll take only one picture specifically for this project.    I have a folder called "A YEAR IN PHOTOS" and then, within that folder, I have a folder for each month.  Then, the file name I save the pictures under will be the date were taken.  For example "1_3_10."   Finally, I have a Word document open on my desktop at all times called "A YEAR IN PHOTOS" where I will write a little blurb about each photo under the date it was taken.  HOPEFULLY at the end of the year I can upload all the pictures to Snapfish (or whatever) easily, cut & paste the text I already have written and make a fun photo book for each year.

::deep breath::

I can do this.

I'm hoping to get some funny random pics I would never take otherwise in there along with some posed ones to document how the kids have grown.  I guarantee I'll have a few of the kids sleeping because I will have forgotten to take a picture until after they go to bed but that's all part of the fun, right?

I promise I won't bore you with lame "Photo of the Day!" posts but here are a couple I've taken thus far as examples...

January 3rd: Beebs' s First Day of Primary!!

I can hardly stand how big she is.  It's physically hurting me that she is a Sunbeam.  I. Am. In. Denial. Oh, and she insisted on the lip gloss.  That is not my doing.

January 5th: The Poopy Dog Looks Cute So I Got the Camera

See?  I don't have a ton of pictures of Maggie but I needed one today for my project.  And there you go.  (Plz note the necklace Beebs had put on her.  Poor dog.  She tolerates so much.)

I also wanna recommit to Blogspot.  I've been accused of not doing so well as I've tried two-timing Blogger and FaceBook.  I don't want to break up with either of them so I'm going to try to make each one feel special.  Because I'm in love with them both.  They both complete me.

Here's to a better documented 2010!


Jenny ESP said...

I hope you're a playa, but you seem like the monogamous type. We shall see. I feel so sad for poor nerdy blogspot. Plus, AI is starting so we gotta come to your blog and see what's what.

Love your picture idea. Stealing it. Giving you credit in the footnote of my '10 blurb book.

ManicMandee said...

Your picture idea is very good! I think I'd do that too if 1- I had a good camera. 2- I was a better picture taker too. and 3- If I was responsible enough to do that so faithfully. I think you have all 3 of the above in the bag. It will be awesome!
I myself stopped scrapbooking 2.5 years ago. It is sad for those younger kids. So I actually started a private blog for each of my kids. There I try and go in at least once a month and write to them about things that have been happening specifically in their life and post photos. My plan is to eventually publish all blogs, family one, and kids to actual printed books. I've done one book. It was easy peasy. All I had to do was ask the website to publish my blog in a book and they did it for me....for $75. Ouch! So that's the downside.

Landee said...

I'm way excited for my AI posts so yeah, FB is gonna get jeeeealllouss!! And you better give me credit for the '10 book your kids cherish forever and ever cuz you certainly aren't saying anything about how Dominion came into your life ::hem hem::

And MM, $75 seems like a lot but think about how much you used to spend in all those scrapbooking supplies!! Crazy amounts of money. I think $75 for a whole book is actually not too bad considering empty albums can run you around $40, don't you think? Awesome idea on the private blogs too. Then you have all the info/thoughts down and can do whatever you want with them! PS Part of the picture a day thing is to FORCE you to take more pictures, silly! :)

Memzy said...

I knew this day would come!! Yeah. That's why I haven't scrapbooked in formyever.

I love the pic-a-day idea. I've seen that elsewhere. Some call it project 365 and stuff. I wish I was together enough to do it. Maybe for one year. But EVERY year? I dunno. Then my kids'll be like "why's 2010 so speshul?" and stuff. Parenting is hard.

Memzy said...

Plus my camera is away at the camera hospital!!! Freak.

ps. which pic is H-er's?

Jenny ESP said...

Ooooo, I like that even better. Project 365. Except for leap year, when it's project 366.

PS. I gave you D credit the first time I mentioned it, must I continue to do it every time? Is that how un-plagiarism works?

Landee said...

Memz, then you say "2010 is speshul cuz that's when we got Rue and finally knew what love was." That will also give you some time to yourself as your kids are in their rooms crying.

Maybe, if you can't possibly take a pic every day (whatevs!) you could adjust the next year to "5 Pics A Month" or something. Every Fast Sunday you sit down & write about them, put them in a special folder, etc. The point is to keep up. And I came up with this...don't bring other people into this. I, ME, ME, I made this up and inspired others to do it. Now shutty & don't forget to put me in the foot note.

Landee said...

Yes, LilJ in Vegas, every time. Otherwise people forget & then it sux to be me.

Carol said...

What a great idea. Love it. Glad to see you'll be more devoted to blogspot--the infrequency of your posts has been difficult for UV and I. ::tear drops on my keyboard:: Beebs is darling--simply darling.

Flem said...

If it hurts you to have her in Sunbeams it must be time for you to have another beebs.

I love the 365 project. You better get crackin considering it is midmorning already.

Kelli said...

Should I be offended that my card didn't make it to the mirror?

I love your card this year. Admit it...you found the ribbon before you had the pictures taken!

I love the picture a day idea, and contemplated doing that in December. One pic a day for Christmas. I had failed miserably by December 3rd, so I know I'm not cut out for it. So I'm sure I would never be able to keep up al year. Oh well!

Glad you're back. I don't do Facebook, so I miss you when you don't leave any blogspot love.

Landee said...

Picture of the day taken....CHECK!

And Kelli...it is too up there! Take another look! ::looking around nervously:: I went straight over to that mirror after your comment and I couldn't find it either! I was baffled & starting to get irritated. Then, with Gty's help, we found it up underneath my brother's card (he's such an attention hog). So sorry! But, as you can see I have rectified (teehee) the situation and it is in it's rightful place. :) Also, guess who is coming to Chicago at the beginning of February! The Landersons! Wanna go out to dinner with a couple of old friends? It'd be February 8th-ish.

Kelli said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! I love it. Though now I may feel a little embarrassed that it's front and center. I mean, I think my kids are cute and all, but now I'm blushing!

Yes, of course we would love to meet you for dinner! Where will you be? We'll come to you! How exciting. You must really need to come to be willing to be in Chicago in February. I can't even convince my family to come during the winter.