Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Proof I've Been Doing This A Long Time

So I was looking through some old files on my external hard drive today in search of some pictures I've already scanned in of Mr. Doughterty (the owner of the sweatshirt in the previous post).  I have various folders brought over from various computers.  Some of these folders have dramatic titles such as "Landee's Entire Life" and "NEVER DELETE" while other have the usual "Old Photos" and "Scans." I happened across one called "American Idol" which was in a folder called "Old Dell Desktop."  I was intrigued (with myself) so I clicked on it.  There was one Word document in this folder called "AI Musings" dated March 2005.  Were there even computers in 2005??  Seems as if there were but that was a looooong time ago.

I then remembered how, back in the day before blogs were the go-to mode of information, people used to email things to each other.  Like, all the time.  Weird, I know, but it really happened.

This then made me remember how I used to type up all my thoughts on American Idol and email them to my MIL and SILs.  Did they ask me to do this?  I don't know.  Did they like it when I did this?  No clue.  The point is, I did it.  Unfortunately I only saved one of these "musings." 

Here it is for your viewing pleasure.... I especially enjoy my thoughts on Carrie Underwood.  I can spot talent a mile away. ::ahem::

Here is the rundown as I saw it:

Jessica- nothing special here.  She did, however, receive one vote from me due to the fact that she didn’t hold up her number at the end which could have been very easy to do since she was number one.

Anwar- I totally agree with Simon.  While his other similar performances have been amazing this one seemed a little “been-there-done-that” and I really hate that saying as much as I hate “talk to the hand.”

Mikalah- Oy vey.  She sucks.  Her outfit was atrocious.  She did the air phone at the end and mouthed “Call me!”  I hate her.

Constantine-  My, my, wasn’t he something tonight?  I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.  He will be receiving the bulk of my votes tonight plus a bonus one for not holding up his number.

Lindsey- It’s like she was trying too hard to be perky and it just wasn’t working.  How can someone be so smiley and animated and I’m still so bored I vacuumed during her performance? But, she got one from me since she resisted the urge to hold up 5 fingers at the end as per my policy of rewarding good behavior.

Anthony- He was way pitchy tonight but I hardly noticed because I just kept staring at his tracheotomy scar/hole.  It freaks me out and I get distracted.  It’s unfortunate that mock turtlenecks are no longer socially acceptable because they could do him a world of good.

Nadia-  She could seriously kick my butt so made sure she got her vote for not holding up her number at the end.  Didn’t her face seem a little angry for a love song like that?  But I thought she did a great job.

Bo Bice (I can’t just put his first name)- Loved it.  Very entertaining.  I was worried at the end though that his hand signal was a phone but it turned out it was the “hang loose” sign and he was mouthing “much love.”  For that, one vote from me.

Vonzelle- I thought she sounded great, performed great and looked great.  Did you see her dad in the audience dressed head to toe in white?   He looked like Colonel Sanders of KFC.  No wonder he brought her those ridiculous boots and hat last time.  Unfortunately she mouthed “NINE” which is the same diff in my book so no bonus votes for her.

Scott-  Sounded alright.  It was more tolerable for me than his past performances.  Looks like he got himself a stylist too which is always a good move.  He, however, actually SAID, not mouthed, “TEN” so he’s out.

Carrie- I really can’t take every week being country week.  I was not impressed with her tonight.

Nikko-  He was ok.  I threw him a vote for the emotional roller coaster he has been on lately.  It was the least I could do.  Then, I had a dilemma at the end because he said “VOTE” but he didn’t specify himself as the one to vote for.  Then I realized that he was just like those celebrities that get out there and “Rock the Vote” at election time and pretend that they just want people to vote regardless of who for when we all know who they want you to vote for. So Nikko didn’t receive the all important bonus vote from me. 

Just as a side note, after handing out all my aforementioned votes, I then went back and voted twice for everyone, regardless of talent, hand gestures, etc except Mikalah.  I figured this was the next best thing I could do since I am unable to go in and vote NO for someone. 

In the words of Bo Bice . . . much love.


Yes.   I've been a professional AI run-downer for at least 5 years.  Probably moreAnd yes I loved Constantine.    Bonus: Here's a photoshopped pic Flem put together back then for my birthday that year (Ah-hah! So there WERE computers!!!).

PS There will be more "memory"posts coming at a later date.  I found a folder called "EmailingMemz."  Yes I did.
PSS My current AI Musings will start up again when the folks at home get to start voting.  That way I can use my powerful blog & opinions to sway the voters.   Right now it does me no good to comment on Pants On The Ground guy or the fact that there is a cute MORMON boy who had cancer on there!  Love him already.


eekareek said...

First thing I did was click on that picture and save it in my file called "Stolen pictures off other people's blogs". I am so excited now for your AI posts!!!! That was the high light of last season. As soon as the show was over, I would be rushing over to my computer and refreshing your blog screen until it came up. Eeeeek!

P.S. Even more excited about Emails to Memzy than AI commentary.

jill'E'jam said...

And before computers there was talking into tin cans and recording it on cassette tapes. Yeah, we were the best DJ's ever.

StandsMom said...

How did I miss the cute mormon boy? I need to rewatch some auditions I guess. That's some kinda slit you have goin' on that dress, Tiff. ::whistle:: How could you not ADORE Carrie? She was perfect. The stylists did bad things with her hair occasionally, but you have to admit her performance of the Heart song was FANNNNTASSSTIC! I'm waiting with baited breath for your current season's musings. Bring it on!! Podcast?

Annalisa said...

I do remember getting these emails...they were funny then and now. Not sure if we asked for them, but you readily gave the rundowns for our weekly enjoyment.

Jenny ESP said...

Wow, you really dated yourself with this post. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your strappy slitty evening gown! I hope you still have it. And I'm waiting on the edge of my rolling computer chair for your HS BF post with pictures! Hurry, K?

Memzy said...

Is it possible I received these emails as well or is it just the familiar "landee tone" of AI posts that I recognize?

Baited breath for the memzy emails.

ManicMandee said...

You have being a historian in your blood. Who hangs on to stuff like that?

Markie23 said...

AI sux now that Paula is gone. That's all.

Landee said...

Stands...the Heart Alone performance was where I turned the corner with Carrie Underwood. That had not taken place yet as I believe that was a top 6 performance or so. I was letting my detestation of country music get in the way of honestly assessing her talent. It's a common recurring theme of mine.

And the dress? Well, yeah.... it was quite the slit. But I had a shawl thingy my mom made me that I wore for about 3 minutes so I was totally modest and stuff.

Flem said...

I am def. looking forward to keeping on top of AI via your blog, especially since my april is looking very on-the-roadish. I hope you realize the pressure you are under to update on the regulah.

Oh and what a great friend to photoshop that pic for you! She must love you.

Melissa and Cesar said...

So Tiff I had to reminisce how I would sit at my office waiting for all of us to "debrief" as we called it, on AI, the bachelor, or whatever other reality tv we were all watching at the time. The most impressive however is that you have archived these things. Luckily your BIL is like in charge of the archives. Maybe he can keep them for you in an environmentally safe atmosphere. Love, Melissa