Sunday, January 31, 2010

No. More. Birthdays.

 I informed Beebs that she wasn't allowed to have any more birthdays.  No more growing.  No more getting older.  The day before her birthday this year I said "Guess aren't allowed to turn four.  Sorry.  I need you to stay three."  Her response?  "Too late.  You already got me presents."  

Well, look who's a smarty pants already.

Do you see this mound of presents?  It was, admittedly, ridiculous to look at but the reality was this entire pile cost much less than my boys' measly piles which included DSis and DSi games, etc.  Most of those presents were $5 or less bought on clearance.  That is the beauty of girl stuff.  Super cheap (I may amend my opinion here in about 10 years when she's demanding $150 jeans and things of that nature).  

But, as of now, she is ecstatic about each and every present, no matter how cheap.


(PS All these pictures were taken on the same day.  You might be asking why three different dresses?  Believe me, I'm asking the same thing.)
She was also lucky enough to get a fabulous quilt made by Grandpa & Grammy...ballerinas!


And one from Aunt Kimi!

It has been dubbed the "Fluffily Duffily" and was a source of contention for a while (the boys kept trying to steal it and use it).  Thank goodness Aunt Kim took pity on them and sent two more FDs.  Can you believe her?  Such a good little homemaker/blanketmaker.  The boys were beyond excited and now peace has once again returned to the house.

So that takes care of all the Landerson January birthdays!  ::phew::  Now I can sit back and relax.  I'm actually working on a little project that I'll tell you about next time that I'm enjoying immensely & intensely.  I'll focus on that in February (my fave month).  Other things coming up?  Gty's parents are coming into town for Tbone's baptism on February 6th.  Then Gty & I are flying out to Chicago for a 2.5 day getaway.  Aren't we so adventurous and spontaneous?  Plus, Gty is trying to keep his status on Southwest so....yeah.


Flem said...

She is so cute and I agree she should not age. We tried that, though, and Bridget is now 8 in spite of a demand that she not turn a year past 5.

Good luck with those designer jeans.

ManicMandee said...

She is so adorable! You did well.

Happy Birthday to Beebs.

Markie23 said...

She wasn't born on the 31st was she? 'Cause that would just be too cool. She's so cute, I just wanna pinch her head off and hang it from my rear-view mirror (said all slurry, like Pauler).

Memzy said...

How DARE shevturn four. I'd start counting up the punishments now. Smart girl tho. Anyone can see with all those prezzies.

eekareek said...

I sent Beebs a binki in the mail for her b-day present. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens it....

Jenny ESP said...

Happy birthday to the last Landerson! She is precious and deserves twice as many presents as you have pictured there! It's a puny pile. Love love love dress number three the best. Tellherkthanksbye.

Kim said...

It's sad. They are so growed up it's like you almost should update your banner. :: not even kinda fake saddy face :: You are a rilly good Mom for giving them separate posts btw. There should be a prize for that. p.s. that cake is so scrumpdillyawesome looking. And super adorable. Now I really wish I was there to have a piece! I was just being nice when I put it on the card.

Landee said...

I already told the kids when they read it..."Aunt Kim is just saying that. She can't even leave Ada County....or drive so...." then we had an FHE on the dangers of drinking.

Also, not only did the kids get separate posts, they got separate days! Tbone on Friday. Beebs on Saturday. Real birthday on Monday. We worked it out.