Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AI: Best Night Ever...

...for that fiddler dude.

Did you see him and his highlighted bob haircut??? He was in 5 out of the 6 songs! Earlier this season when I told him this wasn't about him I was wrong.

He made it to the finale

And he played that fiddle like...well, like a fiddle.

So congrats to him.

As for the rest...well, you know my feelings on the matter.

The one bright spot? David Cook and that 4 second shot of David Archuletta in the crowd. Made me long for the days of yore.


Memzy said...

I bailed out weeks ago. But I did, however, watch a "Behind the Music" on Steven Tyler today.

SteveB said...

Landee, Thanks for the post! I know it was torture for you (even if you only talked about the the fiddler :-) It was funny you brought up the "fiddler dude". He did get a lot of time on camera. To me some of his looks were a little scary.

I enjoyed the festivities last night. I am just happy my girl Heidi...no Hadley...oh, that's right, Haley was not there, because if she was I would have had to vote for four freakin' hours. I admit she would have made it more interesting for me in some respects, because there is nothing better than "disliking" someone to get you more interested. Regardless, I liked both Scotty and Lauren last night. The only song I did not like was Scotty's last song. I think Jimmy could have picked something better. I actually think Lauren might win, because of her last song. Scotty will definitely have the best career by far out of all the singers in Season 10.

michelangelo said...

baby lock them doors.

i didn't watch.

did i tell you i'm being deposed tomorrow? don't be jealous. srsly. don't.

Markie23 said...

So You Think You Can Dance - Two hour season premiere tomorrow night!!!

Carol said...

I must say, I was conflicted at the end of the show on Tuesday--thinking Lauren probably had it in the bag. They both did well--Lauren better than Scotty.

Now comes the results show and WOW--loved Mark Anthony and 'red-hot-JLo'. LOVED IT!! What can I say, I'm a sucker for married couples who are so cute together and have twins. Not a big fan of the AI group numbers. And Lady GaGa? Her voice is awesome but her porno moves were soooo not appropriate for young viewers (of which there were thousands). And then Scotty wins!!! Congrats to him. Sorry Lauren but you'll have a career anyway. (Giving a big sigh for Pia) She should have won.

Carol said...

And YES Markie--SYTYCD is way awesomer than idol.

Hot Pants said...

I HATE country music!! I have never been so disappointed in America. I'm even counting that whole stealing all the land from the Indians thing.

SteveB said...

It was unfortunate that most of you fell off for lack of interest or a severe distaste for Country. I had fun with you all throughout. Major props to Landee! Thank you once again for inviting me into your exclusive group. Maybe we'll see each other along the trails again...boy, that just sounded country, didn't it? I do apologize. I know some of you are still smarting about that...how 'bout, Peace out, ya'll!!! ;-)