Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Topic #1:  Randy is mean and stupid.  And a bad dresser.  But mostly mean & stupid.  Proof of stupidness ... if he says "in it to win it" one more time I may throw whatever is near by through my TV.  If he says he feels like he's at one of the contestant's concerts again I may groan myself to death.  Proof of meanness... him saying after round one that it was a tie for first between everyone but Haley.  I don't even think Simon has ever been so mean.  Gty said it reminded him of a time when his friend Matt said to another kid "One of us stinks, and it's not me."   

Topic #2:  Lady Gaga is skuuurrrrry.  I bet Scotty was scared out of his mind to go have to look at her royal creepiness.  Why was I thinking she would show up there looking half way normal?  Yikes.  And gross.

Topic #3: Leiber & Stoller... your songs are lame.

Topic #4: I'm sorry I didn't blog about last week's performances.  Especially since it was the one we have all been waiting for.... buh-bye Jacob!

Now, let's proceed to some random thoughts on each contestant tonight.


By far the winner tonight (not even tied with Scotty & Lauren).  He killed Don't Stop Believing.  I was actually glad that Stupid Mean Randy (as he shall henceforth be known) pointed out the difficulty of that song because James makes it seem so easy.  I loved it.   Even his rocked out version of Love Potion #9 had me smiling.  He is Adam Lambert without the.... you know (::whispering::  guyliner).


She looked like she was so pissed she was going to cry there after her first song.  Stupid Mean Randy totally piled on the criticism unnecessarily BUT she shouldn't have been arguing her case with the judges.  Just smile and say you did your best and you were moved by your song and that's it.  But she has some spunk which I like.  That song was a terrible choice though.  Really... of all the songs you pick that one?  It might show some poor judgement (like her unreleased Gaga song she did...why?).  I did enjoy her dramatic I, Who Have Nothing song though and I've never heard that one before.  I hope America remembers that one the most.


I've gone from tolerating the lad to despising him in one show.  That Alan Jackson song is everything that I hate about country music.  Lame, cheesy, unoriginal lyrics combined with an unbelievable amount of twang.  I had to kiss my own cross when he finished because I felt so yucky.  And then his second song??  What in the County Fair was he doing?  Totally lame, cheesy & unoriginal.  Yes, he & country music were made for each other.  I wish them well.  


I can actually handle this kind of cross-over country stuff.  I thought Lauren looked great singing Anyway by Martina McBride and she sounded really really good.  I liked it.  The second song?  Notsomuch.  Really bad outfit I couldn't take my eyes off of and really cheesy performance.  Plus, did Leiber & Stoller not write any other songs that didn't have the word "evil" in it?  I mean, if you're that uncomfortable with it, pick another song, right?  That was weird and, once again, reminded me of her subpar personality.  

Bottom Two:  Lauren & Haley
Going home: Lauren (hoping she & Scotty split the country votes)


michelangelo said...

Don't love anyone. Not going to buy their albums when this is all over.

James is a good performer. He's a little bit too into the live audience for my taste and not so much into the TV audience. Not that he'll suffer for it.

Haley was not as bad as Randy made her out to be. Strange song choice, yes, but her voice can do anything she tells it to. Her second song is a fave of mine from my days as a Luther Vandross fan. Haley did a fantastic job.

Scotty's first song was brilliant song choosing at its finest. Not a fan of his or of the song but the message of the song was clear and the timing excellent. Second song was frightening. And if I were him, I'd be scared of Gaga, too. Whatever Steven Tyler said about Gaga and yaya and lala almost made me pee my pants laughing.

Lauren showed up for the first time in my memory. She's not American Idol materila in my humble opinion. But she's so sweet and nice. And funny, actually.

I want her or Scotty to go home. But I'm expecting it will be Haley.

And I miss Casey.

michelangelo said...

oh wait. has anyone been watching The Voice on NBC?

love it.

Markie23 said...

Landee, Landee, Landeeeeee.... I hate to be the one to point this out, but you and Randy (Randy & Landee?) are cut from the same cloth. You go off on how stupid and mean he is and then proceed to tear not only Scotty, but Country music in general, a new one. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.
Look, you may not be a fan, but Scotty does what he does extremely well and for those who ARE a fan of that kind of thing - and I believe there are a LOT of them out there - Scotty is the man.
You also weren't very kind to Lauren. Subpar personality? I think here personality is her strong suit. Haley has a much better voice, but when Haley get's criticism she gets pizzed, whereas Lauren stands there and takes it -with tears streaming down her face. It breaks my heart. Ok, maybe neither of them takes criticism well, but I'm more of a sucker for a tender heart. Having said that, it's a singing competition and Haley is my favorite singer of the remaining four.
James is my least favorite. You said it... He is Adam Lambert without the guyliner; but the guyliner was the least of what I didn't like about Adam Lambert. And why is it that every time he screams his highest notes they have to zoom in on his snaggle tooth and unhealthy gums? I hope James goes home tonight, and massages his gums.

Landee said...

Here's the difference, my little padawan Markie... I am not on nation TV spouting off about how annoying Scotty is. 5 people read this. And admit it, Scotty prancing around the stage last night during that second song with his mic all cocked off to the side, awkward pelving and unattractive facial expressions was NOT. GOOD. And you know it. As for ripping on an entire genre of music...well, that's not mean. Country music is not a person. And it sucks.

Haley disguises her hurt with anger. She & I are the same. Lauren is a wuss. A boring wuss. But last night was her best night (except her outfit).

Mikey, I agree. I don't love anyone either. But I am interested in what James puts out later. I wasn't the biggest Adam Lambert fan but I've loved what he's done since. And I'm not falling for Scotty's attempt at sentimentality. "Oh, we killed Bin Laden! I better do that 9/11 song!" Neveryoumind the boy was 6 when it happened and I guarantee he knows very little about any of it. Inspirational my ars.

Memzy said...

I heart you Landee. Lotsa.

Markie23 said...

Yur mean LanRandee.

SteveB said...

Hello all, I missed you last week. Landee, I agree on Randy that his "style" is awful, in it to win it (I think I spoke on that before (say something new {talk to Steven T}), and with the concert thing (yawn)! However, even though he went on and on after he got his point across about Haley, Simon said many more truthful and hurtful statements! Did I tell you I miss that?! He at least stated that he did not like what she sang (I'll be it, over and over and over again). I wish he would have just said his favorite singer though! As a side note: I think if someone went up on stage and burped a whole song Steven would love it. Anyhow to the singers -

I am with my girl michelangelo that I do not love anyone, which is odd at this point.

I know this will come to a total shock to you, but the one I choose and hope that will go home tonight is...drumroll please...HALEY or as my wife calls her Hadley. (she just can't get it right. I just come up with any H name and she knows who I am talking about. Sorry I will get on with it. It is not like you have all day to read this. Oops, there I go again!) You all really think that she has the best voice, really??? Grant it. She has been so much better than she was in the first few weeks of the top 13 and my wife's negativity about her probably has skewed my opinion of the girl, but I so much like the other three. She has no stage presence and that was an awful song (not the words, but) to choose. All of the other ones picked songs that were similar to the songs they would sing. Bye-bye...PLEASE!

James: I thought the Journey song was not going to be good, because it is such an iconic/well known song, but I loved it. He should make it to the finals against Scotty or Lauren (I assume that someone is going to get double votes from the losing crew on those two.) Props to markie with the snaggle tooth comment! Have some distance on that camera please!!

I can't believe you thought that Scotty's song was lame and all the other things you said. It was like a fastball down the center of the plate. He killed that first song. Country music sings about our country, getting drunk, and cheating on your spouse. I think that is about all they sing about. So he chose very wisely, now the running around and eye movements on the second song were more disturbing to me. Still ok with him, though. He will sell more records than all of the other three put together. His voice is just so signature country like it or not.

I love who Lauren is, boring and wussy as she might be. I really think she has a great voice. However, last week I thought she was going to cry and curl herself up in a ball when Jimmy said she might go home. Great comment on the Evil though. Why sing it? She said the word like 100 times. No wonder she was uncomfortable with it. I thought she sounded good with it, but were all the L & S songs accounted for and she had the last choice???

Burket out..and sorry for the length

Chrissi Richards said...

I actually love all of them. James' voice is so so clear, and a good guy. While he's the most talented, maybe, or equally, I'm not sure who's sitting by the phone voting for him. I doubt it's the young girls who are hitting redial for Scotty.
I do love Scotty, finally. The last song was lame-o, but I like his personality. DYING with the Lady Gaga spectacle. What was AI thinking? Maybe what I had thought, that she could be decent when appropriate. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy would she talk to a 16 year old boy like that?? Not everyone has to "express" themselves by being nasty. Does she think that she and Madonna are the only two people to ever express themselves? Bugs.
Lauren is adorable and still so young, too. beautiful voice, but will she be Driven enough in the Real World to become a huge star? I don't know.
I really love Haley, she shouldn't have argued with the judges, just dumb. Her last song was my favorite song of the year from anyone.

PS I looooved seeing Casey out there. He's so cool.

Bottom: Lauren and Haley. Going home: Lauren

PS my blogger word verification is Promoof wha?

Chrissi Richards said...

Lauren's second song and OUTFIT were horrible.
The judges lied when they said it was good... and Mature? why was that mature?

Carol said...

I tried to comment on your Wednesday's AI page but it disappeared for some reason. And I MUST comment on this week's AI.
First--Lady GAG GAG was horrible-both days. She has a great voice and I even like some of her songs (lyrics notwithstanding) but her nakedness/sluttyness is just too much for a sensitive person like me.
Second--Lauren's 2nd song and outfit were way bad. James for 1 for 2. Scotty is just Scotty no matter what he sings but his limp wrists when he sings could give some people the wrong idea. Haley--knocked it out of the park. She's gorgeous, sang well although I probably won't buy any of her music. Randy is REALLY trying to sway to votes. For sure.
Results--shocked that James didn't make it. Does that actually mean Scotty could win? NOOOOOOOO. He's a good kid--but just shouldn't win. My vote is still with Haley--the underdog--pretty-smart-good voice. Lauren? Whatever. Lost my enthusiasm.

Markie23 said...

Apparently Blogger didn't like that I was right.