Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day Questionnaire

{photo taken today after church}

Happy Mother's Day!  This has been "one for the books" as they say.

This morning started out fairly awful as I had a "run in" with TBone.  What it was about is unimportant but, needless to say it ended with me freaking out and taking away everything that is near and dear to him... namely his DSi.  He was screaming "I hate my family!" and the like for a good 20 minutes afterward.  I know these things happen but when it happens on Mother's Day it is an immediate and sharp reminder that I suck as a Mom.  I had no business reacting the way I did and I felt awful.  But I was still mad.  Things were not looking good for Mother's Day 2011.

We then go to church & TBone glared at me from the stand as the Primary sang their Mother's Day songs.  Awesome.  (Luckily JBird and Beebs were smiling and pointing at me as the words said "all flowers remind me of you.")

But then, during the last hour of church, someone tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a Mother's Day Questionnaire TBone had filled out during his Sunday School class.  Due to our current standing with each other I was very nervous to read it...not to mention my guilt over that morning was at an all time high at that moment.... and here is what I read (I left the spelling as is):

Why did God make mothers?  To be helpfull
How did God make mothers?  He mixed awsomeness with hair
What ingredients are mothers made of?  sugar and spice and everything nice
Why did God give you your mother and not some other mom?  we're both crazy
What kind of little girl was your mom?  I have no idea
What did mom need to know about dad before she married him?  How he would raise the kids
Why did your mom marry your dad? she was crazy
Who's the boss at your house?  Mom
What's the difference between moms and dads?  ones a girl ones a boy
What does your mom do in her spare time?  blog
What would it take to make your mom perfect?  zero
If you could change one thing about your mom, what would it be?  zero

Zero.... I started crying and didn't stop.   He then came in to find me after church and handed me a card he had colored in class.  All it said on the inside was "Sorry Mom."  I hugged him, said I was sorry too & we've been best friends ever since.

Ah, motherhood.

So,  how has your day been?


SteveB said...

Landee, I know we don't know each other, only through your blog, but I am glad to hear your Mother's Day turned around. Of course, I came here expecting to see something on AI, but I left with much more: an awesome Mother's Day story, leaving me crying, and a continued appreciation for what you mom's do. Mind you, I am very thankful that I go to work and my wife stays home and takes care of our 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy. (I am guessing that you stay home with your three too, not sure why, but it is my feeling.) You mom's are great in what you do. It is tough to spend 24/7 with your kids, but your son's apology and card certainly makes it worth it. I hope you have a wonderful week!

michelangelo said...

one speaker in church yesterday said that the commandment is to honor your mother (and father) every day and not just on the 2nd sunday of may. made me chuckle.

i don't like being made a part of mother's day. at least not yet. not that i'm super traditional in my definition of "mother," just super traditional in my definition of the purpose of mother's day. i'll wait to feel like an awful mother that day until i have kids of my very own, thank you very much.

Flem said...

We are both crazy <----- my favorite part.
Oh what a great mother's day note to cap off your day. Mine ended with an "I hate you" for trying to get someone to quit reading at 10:30 but I was pleased to have the opportunity for a guilt trip by saying "Happy Mother's day to me."

Carol said...

That note's a keeper for sure. It appears he knows you well :). Glad your mother's day ended well.

Memzy said...

I've said it before....I heart Tbone. Completely. Glad your mothers day was good!!

Carol said...

I tried to comment on your Wednesday's AI page but it disappeared for some reason. And I MUST comment on this week's AI.
First--Lady GAG GAG was horrible-both days. She has a great voice and I even like some of her songs (lyrics notwithstanding) but her nakedness/sluttyness is just too much for a sensitive person like me.
Second--Lauren's 2nd song and outfit were way bad. James for 1 for 2. Scotty is just Scotty no matter what he sings but his limp wrists when he sings could give some people the wrong idea. Haley--knocked it out of the park. She's gorgeous, sang well although I probably won't buy any of her music. Randy is REALLY trying to sway to votes. For sure.
Results--shocked that James didn't make it. Does that actually mean Scotty could win? NOOOOOOOO. He's a good kid--but just shouldn't win. My vote is still with Haley--the underdog--pretty-smart-good voice. Lauren? Whatever. Lost my enthusiasm.

Mary said...

What a touching story. Oh the guilt that we have to contend with as moms.

rajumadhur said...

Am far away from my native place and you Questionnaire questions made me to remember my mom.... thank you so much yaar