Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Laid Plans/M.I.A. #2

To Whom It May Concern:

I had such great intentions. Really I did.

I was planning on doing a HUGE post on our adventures and misadventures (the flu {non-swine} for me--- both ends, you gize) in Utah the past couple of weeks. I uploaded my pictures (426) and everything.

It just didn't happen.

I went to the pool instead.

I am now packed and ready to go to Girl's Camp tomorrow. I shall shower at about 7am and then I won't be showering again until Friday around 2pm.

Yucky, I know, but I welcome the break from my vanity. I am taking flushable wipes tho. A girl has to have some standards.

I'll miss you all.

Don't forget about me.

Take a shower in my honor. Don't be complacent. Relish the experience. Count your many blessings. Remember who you are.


Landeelu L. Landerson


Jenny ESP said...

Are there flushable toilets for your flushable wipes?

Landee said...


Geez, Jenny. You really know how to make a girl fret.

danandcami said...

The girls will have a great time with you and Kim!! sounds like a week long (maybe stinky :)) but party none the less. Have fun!

Flem said...

I have never been to girls camp but if I were in YW I would totally go just to hear your campfire stories. I hope you give them some good ones.

Keep it clean tho.

Memzy said...


Cristin said...

hahahahah SUCKAH! Reason #1 that I'm glad I'm no longer in YW I hate forced camping with no showers and iffy toilets.

StandsMom said...

You got the flu on your trip? You mean we went to the pool, stood around for and hour and a half and you never mentioned it once? What the....? I'm wondering however, if I actually said the words, "So, how was your trip? Tell me all about it!" Hmmm. Big major sorrrrrry for not bringing that Rt44DDP up to you on Thursday night. I missed the joy on your face that would have appeared at the sight of it. Glad you're back. Glad you're no longer sick.

eekareek said...

I could never forget you.