Friday, July 31, 2009

POLL: You Don't Wanna Miss Weighing In

So I come downstairs yesterday morning and my dad had already fixed all the kids some cereal and was cleaning everything up. He was snickering to himself and then said "Hey, Landee, you are soooo busted."

"Pourquoi?" I asked, (in French so I'd sound more innocent/smart).

"Well," DadDadDaddio continued,"after I had fixed everyone some breakfast I said 'Ok, now, who wants to say the blessing?' and all your kids looked at me like 'Wha?' Beebs even said 'We don't say da prayer for cereal! That's just for dinner!' So yeah, you are busted!" He was laughing and not at all "scolding" me in any way, but he did find it extremely humorous. Extremely.

I was befuddled.

Ok, so here is the poll question... do you bless breakfast? Or even lunch? Should we be doing that? I've never even thought about it. And obviously I wasn't raised this way ::eyeing the jolly man who was laughing at me:: cuz it wasn't even on my radar.



Jenny ESP said...

Hey, I pray even before I put a stick of gum in my mouth. But I've reached that "next level" of spirituality, if you know what I mean. ::twirling my halo around on my finger whilst whistling a hymn::

Landee said...

Yeeeeeeah... I've TOTALLY seen you do that. Totally.

::stomping on halo cuz it's a fake one made outta Christmas tinsel anyway::

Jenny said...

We rarely all eat breakfast together, so we don't do an all-together prayer at breakfast. (Matt eats before he leaves for work, I eat while checking my email/reading blogs before the kids are up, the big boys head downstairs to eat once they're dressed.) But, the kids are supposed to (and I think they usually do) say their own prayer over their cereal when they sit down at the table. And, we do have prayer at lunch.

StandsMom said...

Ummmm...I don't know if you're supposed to do that. Breakfast or lunch...we never did when I was a kid. I was lucky if my mom was even in the mood to make eye contact in the morning, let alone feeling reverent and prayerful. There was never a 'have a good day at school, honey' either. :::rolling my eyes:::

So, we don't now. Unless one of my kids suggests it and then we have to. How do you say no to a child who wants to pray?

Memzy said...

"I was lucky if my mom was even in the mood to make eye contact in the morning, let alone feeling reverent"


Yeah we don't do the breakfast blessing either. But then again we do family prayer shortly therafter (shining fer reals 14k gold halo). We do lunch and din-din. Good question. It's a GP.

eekareek said...

I just say a quick prayer as I am unloading groceries from the car.

Landee said...

Note to those who proclaim to have halos: When you say such things it makes me immediately think of all your unsavory-non-halo-deserving activities, actions and words. I then type these out in a fit of rage and then read them over and over. I then backspace cuz, prayer over breakfast or not, I do know that would cause more harm than good.

Eeka, best answer ever.

Jenny ESP said...

I have a halo. ::raising one eyebrow in challange::

(I cannot stop laughing at the image of Sara praying over her groceries. Brilliant!)

Markie23 said...

What I think I should do, and what I do do are totally separate things.

Ha ha, I said do do

Erin Beck said...

me and my kids totally pray over our diet pills (way cheaper than breakfast and saves time)

Hot Pants said...

The only time we've said a prayer for breakfast, was maybe at a family reunion, where everyone is trying to put on a good image. But, on the rest of the days we forget, cuz I'm a risk taker.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Prayer over a hot breakfast that I've just made and everyone is sitting down eating it AND we have a guest over: Absolutely.
Otherwise, no.
And lunch, No.
With the exception of the lunch after we come home from church on a fast Sunday. Then yes. Cause we have to say a prayer to break the fast, right?
I love the idea of prayer while unloading the groceries tho. I'm so going to do that.
We were at Country Buffet once and saw a family holding hands and praying before they gorged themselves. Smart...Uncomfortable slash Weird but Smart.

ShelBailey said...

We have family prayer in the morning when Sam leaves at the buttcrack of dawn...hmm probably shouldn't say "butt" and "prayer" in the same sentence... Anyway, Meg and I eat about 1/2 hour later and we don't have a prayer then. Although, we've read that list in the B of M about what you should pray over, haven't you? I'm pretty sure Sara's groceries are on that list.

We don't over lunch. Dunno why, I just don't think of it, usually I'm by myself.

Flem said...

No halo here, I reserve that for you self-righteous types. We pray if we are all at the table together. So crepes, waffles, ebelskivers, etc. Daily grind, nada. Especially cuz that is usually a cinnamon toast in the car. Whole grain of course.

If we are together we pray otherwise it is every man for hisself.

That's the rule for all meals btw.

Katie said...

Not me, I am usually sleeping soundly while my kids are filling baggies with dry cereal to snack on while they watch their morning cartoons. Thomas might be praying over his own. I've caught him praying in private on more than one occasion.