Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Still July... I don't feel bad about posting 4th of July pics this late. Here are the kids doing their patriotic/obnoxious Americans faces.

But before that we were up at Phil & Milly's cabin in Bear Lake for the week. All the grandkids were there and, lemme tell you, it was a party! I took exactly 0.0 pics. I had to steal this one off my SIL's website (yes, yes, I know, her pic is exponentially superior to any of mine...she's a PROFESSIONAL, you gize! Don't judge me. More on that later). Why didn't I take any pics? Oh well, cuz the night we arrived I spent a good 12 hours in the bathroom with an insane case of the flu... or something. Awful. Then spent most of the remaining time up there recovering from said flu. I was lucky to shower, let alone take pics.

The kids were in hog heaven with the beach and jet skis and golfing and general cabin merriement. The flu has since gone through just about everyone that was there now. They will be sending me thank you notes, I'm sure.

Then it was back to Phil & Milly's house for some backyard fun. Phil rigged up this swing so the kids could swing into the river. That water was icy but no kid seemed to care.

We then headed up to Preston, ID for some fun at Riverdale Resort. Have you gize ever heard of this place? A little gem in the middle of nowhere. Hot springs, wicked waterslide, huge swimming pool, etc. Not to mention the delish dinner my cute SIL, Stackey, cooked up for us afterward. I'm still thinking about it. Obviously.

So yeah, I forget from year to year how fast this slide is. And so did Gty apparently. Here are he and Beebs comin' in hot.....

Uh, Gty? Gty?


Oh good ::phew:: there he is.

Recovery time.

Beebee seemed not to have noticed anything had gone awry.

JBird at least figured out he needed to plug his nose.

TBone.... I guess weighing nothing makes a difference. He was cool as a cucumber.

DOTTY! Love her.

Another activity was taking the kids up to the university for some QUICKSAND fun. Doesn't sound fun? Well, it is. Nobody strikes poses like these when they are bored.

The waders were the best part. As you can see they are one size "fits" all.

Here I am down in the quicksand pit. I was at Phil's mercy. The sand was compact and I could stand on it. Then he did something. I sank down. Then he did something else. I was stuck. He could have left me there, you gize. Srsly. Luckily all the kids wanted a turn so he had to let me out. Crisis averted. I do have pics of everyone in there but, srsly, I'm way lazy. Use your imagination.

And the whole crew.

So that was our two weeks in UT condensed down to a few pics.

Did I mention my SIL is an awesome photog? Well she is, and she took some some family pics of us whilst we were there.

Here is a teaser....

You can see a few more on her website HERE. I can't wait to get the rest and get them printed and frame them and hang them and and...and.... look at them everyday! She is moving to Lancaster, CA if you're in the market for some fun family pics!


Memzy said...

I had no idea Chrissi was a photog. WAY WAY good.

Did you get the "silver lining" of dropping a few pounds with that flu? Something good has to come from that. Right?

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Your family does the most WAY fun things! I'm sore jealous.
Sorry to hear about the puking tho...what's up with you & vacations and puking? Isn't this the second time?

Jenny ESP said...

No way!!! I've always wanted to jump into a vat of quicksand! It's on my bucket list. Luck-eeeeee.

Kat said...

I have been to the Riverdale Resort a few times but it has been y.e.a.r.s! Great photos!

Carol said...

Sounds to me like you've had a rather fun yet busy summer with more to come. I will expect mucho posts post-family reunion. I need good stuff. . . like. . . the latest funny business from Scotty, the total scoop on Nathan and Annalisa et al. All the goods. That's what I want. p.s. Is the puking on vacation genetic? I believe your best frousin does it all the time.