Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teeth: The Bling Bling of the Face

I'm always amazed at how someone's teeth can affect their entire face.

When Gty was 12 some idiot kid pushed him from behind and Gty face planted right into a water slide. This knocked out one of his front teeth and chipped the other. He had the chip fixed and the tooth replaced. Recently the little corner of his tooth where the chip had been fixed came off. It changed his entire look! Just a little chip and I started thinking he was going to start sporting a southern accent or something (no offense southerners! Just a humorous stereotype).

Howdy y'all! ::said with chipped/missing teeth, obviously::

Well TBone's face has undergone a dramatic change this past week. He had a bit of a loose tooth going and then wrecked his bike into a pole which then sealed the fate of that there tooth. He came in crying and explained how he had wrecked and had even "blacked out for a minute." Don't worry, his pupils were two totally different sizes so I knew he was fine.

Just kidding, geez, you gize!

So this cute face...

... has now become this:

Right? How can he be taken seriously now? He looks like a cartoon character. The best was when it first happened he talked like thith. And he theriouthly could not make it thtop no matter how hard he tried. I made him say "Thally thells thea thells down by the theashore" just so I could giggle. He has now figured out how to thpeak, I mean, speak, but I still love his new face. Is it wrong that I never want the new tooth to grow in? It just seems to fit him so well.

I wonder if my parents ever laughed at my gappy smile or make me thay thtuff just for kicks. They were probably too busy laughing at my thin ribbon necktie and pony tails that were two different lengths.

I guess I could just ask them as they are here visiting for the next couple of weeks. Gty & the boys head out to California tomorrow for a few days with Gty's dad and then next week is the big family reunion at my house with all my siblings! The boys start school next Wednesday. I feel like summer just started. This last paragraph is so random, just thought I'd fill you in on actual life events taking place.

But yeah. Teeth.


Carol said...

Love, love, love that picture of Tbone with the lost tooth. I agree. Don't let the permanent tooth ever come in. It's like with Charlie----is it really all that important to say your "L's" right? No. Yet's just enjoy it whiy we can.

P.S. I will always think of you as you are in that picture. Permanently etched on my mind.

Memzy said...

Yuv, yuv, yuv missing teeth. They reayie are the fabuyous.

Jenny said...

Thomas is currently missing his top two front teeth. It certainly does change their look doesn't it?

marcikay said...

i need to find a picture.. Adi was missing the 2 top and 2 bottom for a while.. In fact, she was missing the 2 top for about 3 years.. (long story) They finally appeared this year.. I miss that toothless grin!!

Katie said...

I think it's the yarn. It made me giggle.

Side note, um, if your kids talk like thith even if they have all of their teeth...

Jenny ESP said...

He's a cute kid, that's for sure. At first, I thought that last picture was Tbone with a wig on, but Markie is right... that's definitely Piper McCloud.