Friday, February 12, 2010


Look who's accountable now!

It wasn't an easy road to get here.  But we made it.  The following is a conversation he & I had a few months ago.

ME: So, are you excited to be getting baptized in a few months?
TBone: Nah. I'm not getting baptized.
ME: Why not?
TBone: Cuz then I won't have to go to church anymore.
ME: You'll still have to go to church.
TBone:  ::thinking::  Fine.  I guess I'll get baptized then.

I know.  
A powerful conversion story.  
Feel free to use it in your next sacrament meeting talk.

But, I will say, as the event approached he became more and more enthused about the idea and by the time it arrived he was positively giddy about it.

Here's the program so you can read through it and pretend like you were there.
It was fun for him to get baptized with a couple of his buddies.  And it was fun for me to be able to plan it with a couple of mine.
Gratuitous photos.



Gty's parents flew in for the festivities.  It's always so fun to have them here.  Easiest house guests on the planet.  And so willing to do anything at anytime.

So, it's official now.  He's now a full-on member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He even has a certificate to prove it, if needs be, at a later date.  
The next day at church he leaned over during the sacrament and said "Now I really need to pay attention to this since I got baptized and everything."  

Ok, maybe the kid gets it after all. 

 It made his mother happy.


Markie23 said...

Now that I'm a High Priest I can STOP paying attention. Something for the little guy to look forward to.

ShelBailey said...

What a cute kid! Nice name, too. (Family name...we have a few of them in our family 'cuz my Grandma was a Tanner)

He gets it. You're right to be proud of him.

And Markie, I don't think HPs are supposed to stop paying attention, lol. They just do.... :0)

Landee said...

I'll let him know Markie that a) he can stop paying attention when he's a HP and b) they are now letting "remarkable women" be HPs.

ManicMandee said...

Congrats! Cute stories/conversations and photos. The program looked so nice! I felt like Eden's baptism was totally not personal like that and I was kinda disappointed.

Flem said...

I LOVE the pic at the top of this post, it is beautiful!

And are you wearing a black skirt or sleek black leather pants? Can't tell but you make it look classy anyway.

Memzy said...

Baptisms are soooooo different where you are. I can't emphasize this enough.

Way to go Tbonz!!!! He looks ginorm.

Lollerz at Flem's leather pants comment!

Kim said...

Oh my.... I can't say any of the words I was gonna since it is a reverent sorta post. But it's like he grew up overnight. You might wanna discourage the paying attention thing btw. He strikes me as a ruley rulerson if he believes in the cause and that could really cause probs for you and your love of the Diet Dr. P. And the cursing. And the dressing like a ho. (j/k... about the diet dr. p)

Carol said...

Loved the pictures and story of Tanners baptism. Hmmm? Is he more like his mom or his dad? Me thinks he's a good mix of you both. And BTW--phew--no comment on my last post. It appears I dodged a bullet.

Landee said...

There's no bullet to dodge, AV. It's cute that you try to pretend tho. I will say, however, that you're not a great actress. I can see right through the lies.

Flem....sleek black leather pants? Really? At my son's baptism? Use context clues fhs. Or enlarge the pic.

Jenny ESP said...

I saw leather pants too. I need another angle. Either way, bow chicka bow. Congrats on the special, personalized baptism.

Nat said...

So I'm just a random soul who happened upon your blog when looking for baptism programs. My friend and I are in the same boat with our little peeps, and we were trying to decide how to format it.

Love your program! Is it just one page, or did you have a front cover? If you had a front cover what did you put on the front (another pic of the boys or the Savior)?

Thanks a bunch!