Friday, August 13, 2010

12 Kids Under 10= Enjoyable. Really!

I figured I'd better get going on my Utah/Bear Lake Reunion Recapping before we head off to Idaho and I take a brazillion more pictures.

In mid-July we set off on a two week adventure to Utah.  The first week was low key.  We hung around Logan & did the usual Logan things.  We also took a phone call that our dog was dying, but that's another story.

Then over that weekend we had a huge reunion with all of Milly's side of the family.  200+ peeps.  0- pictures taken by me.  Ah well...I saw some cameras though so if I ever run across any I'll be sure and post.  It was fun, especially after the lunch Milly & Co. (that's us) was in charge of was over.  A taco bar for 200 people is stressful, you gize!

Then the next week was just the Phil & Milly Landerson reunion up at Bear Lake.  This is where intense cousin bonding ensued.

Here is the best pic I got of all of the cousins in one place.

This one is more typical, however.

And this is what the JBird endured for most of the week in one form or another.

I think you know these people.  This is a view from their cabin.  5th hole of golf course right off the deck is a must when you're dealing with Phil.

You might think this is just a pic of two of my kids.  Look again, suckah!

We spent one day down at the beach where these single ladies sunbathed, swam and snacked all the live long day. We also rented a couple of jet skis for everyone's (except mine) enjoyment.  As you can see below, I was in charge of the babies.  That's right, I sacrificed freezing my butt off in the lake with the wind cutting through me like a knife to sit & hold the cutest babies ever.  I'm a giver like that.

Group shot on the beach!  I think this is 72% of us.

In between jet ski rides, Tbone kept himself busy by building this pile of sand. If you wanted to help you had to shovel it on there in a certain way.  He was quite specific. So....yeah.

Tune in next time for our hike (Yes!  We hiked!  Like, with our feet and stuff!) and, the piece de resistance.... the Cousin Carnival (You don't wanna miss this.  It's SM2003 at her finest!!).


Memzy said...

I'm assuming it was cold there? Looked coldish on that lake. But that's prolly how we will be in about 5 days!!! Can't wait!

Jenny ESP said...

That was mean when you made Beebs go inside so you could take a pic of only Tbone and Jbird together. Also, I see that you've taken to calling yourself the baby whisperer. Yes, I enlarged all pictures cuz they looked a tiny bit blurry on your blog, and I saw the ridiculous names you gave each of them.

PS. Are you in ID yet?

Landee said...

Oh that's right... I was gonna make a joke about how people were calling me the baby whisperer. Dangit! Even my reminders to myself in the form of photo naming didn't help!

Anywayz, yeah, I was the baby whisperer and stuff.

And it was windy. Not cold exactly. But chilly if you were brave enough to get wet.

Princess Kimi said...

I am saddened by the lack of HHW pics. But it looks super relaxing! jay kay. I don't get what T-Bone was going for there btw. Was that the finished product?