Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What have I been doing this past week?

Taking some senior pictures of some beautiful people, that's what.  Well, two beautiful people anyway.

I've said it before, senior pictures are my absolute favorite to take.  The part I feel bad about is that these guys left it up to me to document this time in their life rather than someone who actually knows what they're doing.   Imagine how fabulous they would have looked with a real photographer.  I mean, right?  Look!  Gorgeous.

First, my beautiful Micah.  One of my Laurels.  She is the sweetest girl on the planet.  And I'm not exaggerating.  You know how I hate exaggerating.  She's always helpful and nice and upbeat and she's a huge fan of GITYD which always helps (::teehee::).   Her mom said she was the "perfect baby & toddler" too which is no surprise.  And look at her...it's like she can't take a bad picture.  Even when she'd look away to "regroup" I'd keep shooting due to her extreme beauty.  Loved spending this time with her one-on-one.

Next up, the ward heart-throb, Dallin.  His mom (CIP) is a good friend of mine so we had fun posing Dallin in uncomfortable ways & making him STOP doing Blue Steel so we could get a few good pictures.  Sorry ladies, he recently changed his FB profile to "in a relationship" so you're outta luck.  I'll keep you posted though, if you're interested.


Memzy said...

Her eyes canNOT be real!! Greenemous!

These are GORGE.

Seniors are the coolest.

Jenny ESP said...

UNreal, those green eyes! I've seen them in person, and I'm still an unbeliever. They must be surgically enhanced or something.

Awesome picture-taking. Your humility is commendable, but you know you're basically a profesh.

Oh YEEEEEAAAAAH. GITYD. Sigh. You're gonna love the next chapter, btw. It's intense. Lots of kissing. On the lips. Lots of abrupt sentences.

Kylie said...

Thanks for doing Micah's senior pictures! they look awesome! get ready to do mine in two years! you already did two of the Goodwin girls so you at least have to do one more!

Flem said...


You are super talented. If I were in your ward I would walk around pointing at you all the time, saying "she's my bff. Since college, yo."

And maybe that kid wants to play Gale.