Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 U 10 pt.3 ::drum roll plz::

Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for.......

After the funtivities were over up at the cabin, we all headed back down to Phil & Milly's house.  But did we just veg at the house cuz we were all dead tired?  Did we all just take naps and try to recuperate from the constant entertaining-of-kids which had occurred for the previous 4 days?

Not if this one had anything to say about it.

That's SM2003 explaining how this whole thing was gonna go down.  But first a wider shot of the decor.

The events are as follows:

1) Ring toss (no photos taken)

2) Treasure Hunt on the Shore of the River (SM2003 had buried some candy and little toys in the sand earlier)

3) Obstacle Course

Here is Mr. Thomas navigating the intense Tire Running portion of the obstacle course.  There were also  Army Crawling Under Chairs, Walking On Rocks, and Scooter Riding segments as well. 

4) Photo Booth

SM2003 had brought a bunch of funny dress up props.  Here are a few of my favorite concoctions.

5) Bobbing for Water Balloons:  Not as easy as it looks, folks.  Especially for a couple of the kids who were missing some front teeth.

6) Visor decorating! (aka, make your own party favor)

7) Then a lunch of "carnival foods" such as hot dogs, chips, drinks, etc.  And for dessert?  A Cupcake Decorating Station, of course!

Although the THOUGHT of pulling this off was exhausting, once it got going (I was feeding off of SM2003's energy there for a while) it was fabulous.  The kids loved it & will, no doubt, want to do it again year after year.  We are hoping that next time the older kids will want to help out at the stations more which would make it easier on us.

PS I highly suggest getting yourself a SIL/aunt like SM2003 ASAP. Just FYI IMHO.


eekareek said...

2 Posts/same day???? I am overwhelmed! Your summer was way better than mine. I also think your in laws are way better than mine.

Landee said...

I'm fairly certain my in-laws are better than yours, but in your defense, my in-laws are better than 98% of other in-laws.

And I'm sure your summer rawked but who would know since you forgot how to blog??

Memzy said...

That pose that Beebs is giving is keeeling me! It looks super fun. Why can't I have a SIL like that?!

Flem said...

Tiff´s in-laws are better than 100% of in-laws but if you ever show up they treat you like family so you can pretend they are related to you too if you want.

Cristin said...

F-U-N! That looked totally fun and totally tiring. Glad you have great in laws.

Jenny ESP said...

This looks like a lot of trouble, but worth it if Beeb's face is any indication. I have a rad SIL, but I'll trade you MILs if you want. Mine is coo coo for coco puffs and barely has a apartment, let alone a cabin. Lemme know, kthanks.