Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 Kids Under 10 pt. 2

Before I get on with it already, I simply must share the rest of the fabulous reunion we had with the Landerson side of the family in July. 

On day 2 of the fun, Milly added a falcon twist in the plans and we were off on a hike of epic proportions!  K, it was about a mile, but still.  It felt epic and that's what matters.

It was a bit chillier there than we had anticipated so we wrapped up in whatever we could find in the back of the cars (beach towels, blankets, Phil's jackets, etc.) and headed on our way.

Tbone was in his element.  He's not a "stay on the beaten path" kind of a kid.  We only lost him once at the very end when he "saw something in the woods and walked toward it."  I wanna cry for his future scout camp leaders. 

Beebs & Allybear....just seeing this pic made Beebee say "I wish they could come to our house" with a big saddy face.

Blane & Dotty!

A few of our more adventuresome explorers walked around Lake Wellington to the glacier.  Yes, it's a shhh.

The Preston Family.  Cute as buttons!

A full view of the cute little lake, and the cute little girl.

Allybear wuvs me.

Blane & my other BIL, Joe were brave enough to do the rope swing across the way.  Due to the aforementioned glacier and my being a wuss, I just watched from afar.  Can you see him there dangling in the air? 



Memzy said...

Brrrr indeedy!!!

Two reoons back to back. You gize are team players for shizzle.

Jenny ESP said...

From the looks of your summer, I'd say there are only two, no three, things you care about in this world. Nature, family, and Diet Dr Pepper.