Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Unusually Schooly For This Time of Year

The rumors are true.  School started today.

"What?" you say, practically dropping your drink you were casually sipping by the pool.

"Yes," I respond, adding in fake sign language so you understand me better.  "School.  Today.  Started."

"That can't be!" you exclaim. "It's only August 4th!  Summer is just now hitting its stride!"

"You're preaching to the choir," I reply, waving my hand in disgust.  "But look, they at least SEEM happy to be going back, don't they?"

Case Study #1

JBird Landerson.  First day of 5th grade.  New backpack.  New tshirt complete with creases.  Hair coiffed just so.  Teeth brushed and sparkling.  Big smile.  Excited to have lots of good friends in his class this year.  Loves school.

Case Study #2

TBone Landerson. First day of 3rd grade.  New backpack.  New tshirt complete with creases.,  still damp from his morning shower and looking dorkier than usual.  Teeth brushed (?).  Semi-smile (as good as I got anyway).  Promises to focus & listen to 3rd grade teacher (who seems quite young and has me worried she my not have encountered "someone like him" before).  Has two quiet, well-behaved girls from church in his class who I have already put on my payroll as full-time spies.  They are to report to their mothers and their mothers are to report to me.  Always gotta be one step ahead on this one.


School year 2010-2011 is underway!  You can rest assured I will keep you posted on any, ahem, developments and what not.  In the mean time I'm gonna pretend summer is still going and the boys are just outside playing from 8:30-3:30p every day.  New wrinkle though... due to extreme budget issues they are now charging 50 cents for each ONE WAY bus ride to school.  For you math whizzes, that would be $1/day/kid!  What???  So guess who gets to drive and pick up every day?  Thank goodness it's just a couple miles down the road, but still.  Buggy.  Luckily pick up time is right during Sonic's happy hour though (<---my Pollyanna is showing).


Cristin said...

What the.... school sucks! bummer for your kids. At least we still have another month but jeeeeez. I'm not looking forward to school. I remember what homework time was like and dropping off and picking up...I don't even have a Sonic to make it better. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!

Your boys are so super cute and look unusually happy for school. niiiiiice!

Memzy said...

I already saw that Pollyanna peeking out from under your crop pants in the first paragraph. I can read you a mile (or hundreds) away. I do not envy this school start time. But more importantly the bus situation is intolerable.



Jenny ESP said...

What?! ::practically dropping my drink I was casually sipping by the pool:: That can't be! It's only August 4th! Summer is just now hitting its stride!

Oh well. Love that dorky picture of Tbone longtime.

Welcome to my world of no buses, although it's a self-imposed world of no buses. I'd actually be OK with school starting if I wasn't currently on my 3am bedtime schedule. I don't think I have what it takes to get up early just yet. ::taking another sip of my drink by the pool::

eekareek said...

I am sooo jealous. I am thinking about moving to Denver just so I can put my kids in school again.

Carol said...

Hold the phone---was that a buck teeth picture of Tbone---or Scotty? Coulda been either one. School starting on August 4th is against the law. . .isn't it? See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flem said...


T'bone is you. We need your mom to start blogging so she can show pics of you at that age, making the exact same face.


Good work on the spy setup, I am sure he won´t find a loophole.

Markie23 said...

Well in a sortakinda way I have to go to school EVERY day, so no sympathies here. In fact I'm for year round school... at the Milford Acadamy, where children are expected to be neither seen nor heard.

Hot Pants said...

I hate school. I have to drive all my kids too and this year they are in three different schools. But, I'll be all by my lonesome while they're gone this year.

Landee said...

K so, update, three days into school and I don't HATE taking and dropping off. The reality was that they HATED the bus. Foul language, kids were always fighting, etc. Jbird begged me to take them and pick them up last year. So this has been nice. And, like I said, it's only 2 miles down the road. I feel bad for Jespy who srsly drives 15 minutes one way to the school (it felt like anyway).

Plus, Sonic. Happy Hour. You get it.

Also, first reports from the spies "Tbone doesn't really listen to the teacher."


Princess Kimi said...

Who's side of the fam did T-Bone get that cute dimple on the top of his left cheek apple from? Or is that dirt? They look way too growed up for my liking...but way way way handsome! I didn't think it was possible for J-Bird to look any more like Gty than he did last year. Man I hate being wrong. Luckily it isn't often. Srsly why wouldn't you HEART picking up and dropping off? I know for a fact you have ltrly nothing else to do. p.s. posts with zero pics of Beebs leave me with a soul hole.

Princess Kimi said...

and your pollyanna was totally peeking out under your "shorts".