Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brainstorming Session

I've been thinking lately about making my own little "projects" blog. I adore all of my IRL peeps but my obsession with all things crafty/home decor-y/homemaking-y has taken on a life of its own. And I have it on good authority that my IRL peeps aren't that interested in all my little projects I've been working on. Some are... but some aren't. Which is fine. I can continue to use this blog to rant about American Idol, post pictures of the weird things TBone does and brag about JBird's athletics. And I'll then have my other blog to post projects and connect into that super supportive "crafty blog community" who have no real interest in my personal life as they probably don't want to hear about TBone giving that kid a wedgie, ya know?

Anyway, I need all you geniuses to come up with a fun name for my new blog. You were perfect at coming up with the brilliant name of the short-lived but oh-so-popular podcast series iLandee.


Those were fun.

So I need you to help once again.

Here is what I'm thinking.

  • Nothing that would pigeon hole me into any kind of "crafting" in particular.  As you probably know my interests range from photography to cooking to card-making to home-de-lamefying.
  • I'm open to sticking with keeping the "Landeelu" persona or dropping it.  It is nice, however, since anything with the word Landee in it is always available to use.  And, you know,  it's kinda been my online name since 1998-ish when my sister would make me go into chatrooms with her to mock people.
  • Nothing with "bird" or "Mom" in it.
Imagine if YOU were to come up with my new blog name and then in a few years, when you see me on the Nate Berkus show or my new line of products at Michaels you can be all "I came up with that name!!!!"  This is ground-level and, I dare say, ground-breaking!    Just kidding about the ground-breaking.  I will have very few readers. But it really doesn't get any more ground-level than this.

Here are some of my ideas so far.  You add your own in the comments.  Then I'll post a poll and we'll all vote.  I'm a fan of democracy, after all.

1.  Landee See, Landee Do:   This would just put it right out there that I am a fantastic copy-cat crafter.  I won't have many/any original ideas but I can certainly take an idea and work it.

2.  LandeeLoves:  You know, a collection of everything I love creatively speaking.  This is a little cheesy, admittedly, but whatevs.  I could then really post about ANYTHING that strikes my fancy and no one could yell at me.

3.  Peanut Butter Dandys (or Dandies?):   This is where the generic, non-Landee stuff comes in. This was Gty's favorite little treat his mom would make growing up.  It's a cute name.  And the URL is available for either spelling.  Yay!

4.  Yoga Pants Ambitions (or Yoga Pants Creations or something):   I thought that'd be funny cuz that's usually what I'm wearing as I do these things.  Well, most things actually that don't require a public appearance.  

Ok?  Are we all thinking along the same lines?  I'm depending on you as I stink at coming up with this stuff.  

No name will be refused, but only one can be chosen.


Landee said...

Um, hello?? People!! Srsly!!

I have had one submission via text so far...


'Twill be entered for the vote. Now that the first submission tension has been broken, you can suggest one. I'm hoping that you guys are just still thinking about it and will get back to me shortly.

Regards, Landee

Jenny ESP said...

I still tell people "I came up with that name!" when they mention iLandee. It's not very often nowadays, so I need to take advantage.

I would say call it A Blog of Unfortunate Crafts, but that might send the wrong message. Landee See, Landee Do is good. Or you could name it after your favorite half finished book, The Girl in the Yellow Dress. But I really think you should go the Landee route, rather than the generic non-Landee route, cuz some of those craft blog names sound like they're reaching for the peach, if you know what I mean. Major eye rollin'.

Landee said...

Oh gag. I know. Believe me, I know.

So, I've decided to just go with Landee See, Landee Do. I shopped it around a little to actual real-life people and you should have seen their little eyes light up at the thought!! go here if you want to see it. It's always nice moving into a new place. So clean and uncluttered and all that jazz.