Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not-So-Extreme Home Makeover Pt.2

Wait, I forgot I was calling it "Landee De-Lame-ifies Her House 2011."  Oh well, you know what I'm talking about.

So my next project after the entry way was our completely vanilla half bath.  I jumped to it so quickly because I wasn't even half way through Pride & Prejudice on my iPod....and I wanted to finish it... so I started painting.  Plus, once you have your painting clothes on, why not, right?

So here is the before.  Told you it was bad.  Wave at Landee there in the mirror!  I did recently get that cute rug from Target and it helped a little.  Before it was just a plain cream-colored rag rug.  Bo-ring.

Another before...

And um, neveryoumind that patch job over there on the wall.  I may have bent down and ripped the toilet paper holder right off the wall with my butt.  And that may have been about 2 months ago.  You can see where I moved the TP.  It's much safer over there now.

So I came across this tutorial of how to frame out your blah builder's grade mirror.  I knew it would add a little something more to this bathroom which, as you can see, has a giant mirror.  When my brother would come to visit he'd take a 2 minute break from playing Fifa Soccer on the Wii with Gty & JBird and use the bathroom.  Every time, without fail, he'd come out of the bathroom and say "So, I just watched myself pee again."  So yeah, the mirror takes up that whole wall.

Anyway, here is the after. 

I think it adds a little something-something, no?  I painted the walls a nice green, which I'm very happy with, before putting up the frame.  And it really was quite easy.  I had to buy a miter box since we have no power tools to speak of (except a power drill) and even that didn't make this project difficult.  Liquid nails and I are BFFs now.  And I'm fully aware I need to accessorize.  That will be an on-going process I'm afraid.

Here is my BEST corner:

And here's my worst:

All in all this probably cost me about $70.  I wonder how much a framed mirror of this size would cost...$300+?  

PS I'm almost done with building some floating shelves for that big wall over there partially behind the door.  I'll post when those are done (because if I don't blog it, it didn't happen, duh).  They really only took about 2 hours to build but I need to paint and hang them.  I'm sure you won't get a good night's sleep until you see them so I apologize.


Cristin said...

EEEEEEEK Love how it turned out! It's amazing what framing a mirror does for a room. I still heart ours. We're still trying to get re-motivated to finish the rest of the bathroom mirrors.

Flem said...

This looks great!! Can you come down this summer and help us set up our place? Whenever we get one.

I am sorry I didn't come comment on your blog earlier and am trying to cheat your comment number by combing two into one, but honestly, your front entry way looks awesome!! I can't wait to see it in person and I would like to request a close-up shot. You know, like real close to the wall to see detail a little better. I know you had one but it wasn't enough for me.

Good work landee.

Jenny ESP said...

I wanna pee in there. And then look at myself in that awesome mirror. Love it!

Memzy said...

Lollerz at Nate-train!!!! It's his fault for standing up tho. He has options.

Memzy said...

Love it btw!!!

danandcami said...

LOVE IT! You have been very busy! I need you at my house now! My girls had much to say about your wall tonight after coming to your house! They LOVED it!

Carol said...

Super good. Super good. Don't you love miter boxes?

Kathleen said...

I have been dying to do that to a couple of mirrors. Not hard huh? I'd have to get one of those miter box thingamajiggers.

Kelli said...

Wow! It looks awesome! You've inspired me to take one on. I'll report back if I get to it.