Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AI: Motown Week (um....)

This is the week where I question why I do this.

Why do I watch this show?  Why do I spend my time blogging about it?  Why does AI inSIST on doing this to me?  I don't want any more Motown weeks.  Who can I write a letter to?  Srsly.  Someone get me an email address.


But let's make the best of it I guess.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a little bit about the fact that the contestants have these amazing producers working with them this year.  I LOVE it.  And I'll tell you why.... the comment I hated the most from the judges (and it was nearly every song) was "I don't really like what you did there with the arrangement" and every variation of that comment thereof and forthwith, etc and etc.  What, praytell, does that have to do with ANYTHING???  I got so sick of hearing that when this was not a "who can arrange the song the best way" contest, but a singing competition (<---that's another phrase I hate but only when other people use it, duh).  They insisted the kids "make the songs their own" and yet would thrash them if they tinkered with it in a way they did not approve of.  It was maddening.     So, long story short, I'm so glad they have these producers helping the kids out.  It takes that whole aspect out of it & the judges can't say P. Diddly Squat.

Now, on to ::deep breath with eyes closed::...Motown week.

I Heard it Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

Ok...he's got the semi-slicked back hair which gives me just a hint of what he might look like "cleaned up."  Not bad.  I mean, not great, but not awful.  We all know Casey is not about his looks anyway but still.  As he was groovin' through the audience he suddenly made me imagine him as some kind of Will Farrell character.  And Markie's comment that he was just another Taylor Hicks has stuck with me & has tainted me.  Thanks a lot, Markie.  I now see him as entertaining but am constantly wondering about his marketability.  The fact that, as JLo said, there is no one out there like him may not be a good thing.  There's no one out there like a lot of people.  For a reason.   Buuuut, I liked him.  Of course.

Heat Wave by Martha & the Vandellas

First of all, loved her dress tonight.  Cute & age appropriate.  Not modest, but still, I can appreciate it without letting my daughter wear it.  I'm good at separating like that.  Secondly... why did it seem like she forgot some of the words?  Were those ooooohs on purpose?  Confusing.  But the judges didn't mention so either it wasn't a big deal or she didn't forget anything.  Anyway, what she did sing was great.  I still feel like she doesn't have a ton of personality but she tried and was pretty much successful.  Much better than her Pocahontas crap from last week.  Oh wait... I just ffwd'ed through the commercials and she does admit to forgetting the words there in her backstage thingy.   Good.  Glad to know I wasn't going crazy on Motown week.

You're All I Need by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

Dangit.  Shoot.  Now I'm ticked.  Shoooooot!  I actually really liked this.  Like, a lot.  Why did he have to use restraint?  Why did he have to be a little silly?  Why did he stay right on pitch?  Dang you Jacob.  Now what am I gonna do?  It even made me kind of like Motown week, fhs!  This is getting bad.  I may have even watched it twice because I liked it so much.  Now I'm not saying I'd like the "future Jacob who puts out original music" but tonight, I liked him.  And his eyebrows are perfection.

You Keep Me Hangin' On by The Supremes

TBone:  I like this girl.  You can't even hear her accent when she sings.  It's like she's just a regular American.

I remember hearing Phil Collins talk when I was about 11 and freaking out.  What??  He's BRITISH??? It blew my mind.   So yeah, I get it Tbone.   Back to Lauren, she done good.  I loved her dress as well.  She had some attitude.  She walked around.  She sounded good.  What else can I say?  Lauren is solid.  And yet seems fragile.  I'm not sure how she'll hold up in this business.

Hello by Lionel Richie

Obviously I was alone with this inside my mind.  Doesn't he have a single FB friend that posted that?  And did he really mouth "I love you" at the end??? Nooooooooooo!   Please no!!!!!!!!  So yeah,  can't take him seriously.  Weirdest song choice of the night.  ::stepping off the Stefano Train::  Yikes.

You Really Got A Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I really wish they wouldn't say "We've been working on her eye contact and walking more confidently" because then the whole time I'm thinking "she practiced making eye contact and walking."  I think there are people who connect with America and there are people who don't.  She don't.   She has an interesting voice & it's decent enough but I just don't think there's anything there to make people vote for her.  Sorry! ::said in a British accent like Simon::

For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

Well, he certainly "Scottyed" the crap outta this one, didn't he?  The song was practically unrecognizable.  I wish I knew how many people in America have a Randy Travis album on their iPods because then I could give you a ballpark number of how many votes he's going to get each week.  Again, not my thing but I think he does my non-thing well.   If it were my thing and I was 15, I'd be dialing & redialing and voting online like a maniac.  I'm assuming he's the South's Justin Beiber.

All In Love is Fair by Stevie Wonder

Bobblehead Pia.  Someone make one now and I will buy one.  While listening to the judges her head does not stay still.  It's awesome.    She's good.  And, like Jacob, it annoys me.  Why can't I be head over heels gaga over her?  Someone please explain this to me.  She's an amazing singer.  I'm wondering if next week when she "kicks it up a notch" if it'll be good or cringe worthy.  I just can't see her bebopping all over the stage.  But I guess we shall see as she is going nowhere this week.

Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

 I loved this.  With all my heart I loved this.  His guitar and mic stand kept him in one spot which was huge.  I was worried when he first said what song he was doing because I thought Adam Lambert's version was nothing short of genius.  I didn't think Paul could do as well or top Adam's but I really think he did.  Very singer/songwriter-y.  Like a seasoned veteran.  He seems completely unaffected by the whole AI thing (read: opposite of Lauren) Memo to Paul: More of this please.  Maybe even sitting on a stool next week, mkay?  More of that "tear in your voice" as JLo said.  You'll be glad you did.  Love, Landee

Dancing In the Street by Martha & the Vandellas

::cut to tomorrow night::  Ryan Seacrest, "Naima....Steven Tyler said it was 'E to the Z, ooh twiddly dee.  Jlo said you gave her goosebumps.  And Randy said everything you did was 'smart.'"  Dangit.  Again, I was completely taken off guard by enjoying her tonight.  Motown, what are you doing to me??  I was even waiting around prepared to hate the African dancing and then I didn't.  It even made me smile.  Which bugged.   I'm not joining the Naima Fan Club or anything but tonight was fun.  Oh, and she sounded great too.  It's like Bizarro AI tonight.    PS She is the black Hilary Swank.  K, I'm done now.

Livin' for the City by Stevie Wonder

If James ever shows up with bird cages on his shoulders I'll know his transformation into Adam Lambert is complete.  Well, that and some "persuasion" issues.   I reeeeeally liked this.  Again, he knows when to hold back and when to let 'er rip.  He's comfortable.  He doesn't make me worried about what he's going to do.  All good things in my book.    I just noticed he has sunglasses hanging off his shirt in his promo pic up there.  I wonder whose idea that was.  <---just trying to think of something to criticize about him for once.

Sooooooo.....::getting serious now::  I'd like to apologize to Motown week.  I should not have said the things I  said earlier.  You were very enjoyable and I think I forget that every year.  Aside from Stefano, you nailed it.  You can come back to AI again, if you want.  Again, I'm sorry.

Bottom Three: 


Going Home:


I just don't think she did enough to win America back.

Yikes, this is hard this week, you guys!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts....


michelangelo said...

I like Casey. I hope I always will.
Thia did a much better job. Still want to like her. Know she's got no staying power.
Have to admit that Jacob did fabulously well. But I'll never like the timbre of his voice. Make it stop.
I like Lauren. I've liked her since she sang with Mr. Tyler at her audition. She's good when she's not cheesing.
Stefano loves you, Landee. Let it wash over you.
I think Haley can sing with the best, but you're right that America doesn't feel her.
Still don't like Scotty. Sorry.
Pia can sing. I'm gonna make a t-shirt. "Pia got pipes" Pia bobble head? Yours free with t-shirt purchase.
I wondered if you would like Paul stuck behind a guitar and mic. Glad you did. I'm not in love, but I'll keep him around.
When Naima sang in tune, I knew the world was ending soon.
James is Adam Lambert. Only he doesn't creep me out. Adam Lambert is a creeper, okay.

Bottom 3. So hard because no one sucked.
Haley (she can be in twice, I say)

Going home. One of the Haleys.

samandlysander said...

Casey is way cooler than Taylor Hicks!!! I regret he said that. He's got my vote. And James Durbin, as always I loved every second.

Jenny ESP said...

I haven't even finished watching yet!!!! What's wrong with me??? So I guess I'll trust your judgement and have the same bottom three, same going home.

Princess Kimi said...

SO laughing...SO sooooo laughing. And the reason I didn't text you during this time is cuz I had a friend in yahoo spades that we were going thru the play by play and mocking and lollerzing and then awwwwwing. But we made fun of the African dancing. So she filled your void. But yeah. Same bottom three as you. And I, too, was srsly ticked off I liked MO freakin town week. what the? No. This doesn't happen every year. srsly. we usually hate it. K put me down for the same bottom three but instead of putting Stefano in put in the black Hillary Swank..and for the black Hillary Swank going home. Just for kicks.

Carol said...

Aunt Gibson Girl and I watched AI together at Nick's and LOVED it. Well, most of it. Did NOT like the African dancing--made me nervous--it just did. Casey needs to keep his hair "mussed". Slicked is no good. Pia can really sing and I love her---but--there's something I can't put my finger on. Oh yeah--it's that she thinks she's already won. Let's get humble Pia. Again, Thia good but won't be in the final 4. Jacob? OK he did a great job but come on judges!!! Are you purposefully TRYING to sway America? Way too obvious. Stefano--I thought he was going to keep his eyes open. Not possible. Scotty--he'll stay around but won't win. Paul--better--much better. Loved his vocals but the stomping leg? No. James--very good--like him but he also thinks he's already won. Bottom three
Haley--had nothing to say about her
Going home--Haley.

StandsMom said...

I agree with your beginning comments about motown week and I'm wondering why they don't have the kids sing songs that resemble what they would like to put on an album of their own. Why? Stefano (still can't type or think that name without remembering a million years ago when I used to watch Days of Our Lives) stunk stunk stunk. Geez, man. Did the judges tell him he tried too hard? Cause he did. Haley should be going home. She bugs. I'm warming up to Kenny Loggins, er, Paul or whatever his name is. And I liked James. I can hear some Adam similarities in there, but I love his pitch and his bravery and even those little things he does with his eyebrows. I almost felt like I could foresee him in the top three. Hmm. Guess we'll see. I predict Stefano, Haley and Scotty in the bottom three and Haley going home.

Princess Kimi said...

Scotty as the southern Bieb btw..genius. kthanks.

Rodney said...

Dearest Landeelu!

I agree on two out of your bottom three....Put me down for these bottom three: Stefano, Haley, and Please get kicked off tonight Naima!!! If we as americans have to see that "interesting" form of dancing one more time....Scotty McCreery is the Bomb!!!


Chrissi Richards said...

casey; first time I didn't like him
Thia: boring girl but she has Jasmine Tria's loyal audience. See where they've gotten her? where is she, anyway? exactly.
Jacob:he can sing
Lauren: best outfit she's ever warn
Stefano: I'm dumping him. I wonder if he'll be sad.
Haley: I still really like her. She has the most controlled and fantastic voice in the compo.
Scotty: he's has his fans and probably a Lot of them
Pia; Gorgeouso, beautiful voice but I can never understand a word she is singing. Luckily she usually sings songs with only one or two words in the whole song.
Paul: loooooooooooove him
Naima; I just feel sad for her. She will never have a loyal fan base.
James: love him.

bottom Three:

going home: Naima

Chrissi Richards said...

ps typos don't count in blog comments.

Girl282 said...

Helloooo!!!! This is April, Kimmies friend. We played spades and yelled the whole time AI was on. I totally without a doudt LOVE AI. Big fan BIG. ok, got that outta the way, I feel much better now. whew. OK, I think with certainty, that Stefano is toast. He has the look and all but it just not happening. If you know what I mean. OK, Imma just say it, geez, he is to FAKE, made if you will. So, for the bottom 3, I say the same with LOVER BOY going home. OK there, I did it!! wooo hooo that was hard work. Great to meet cha btw. Thank you and have a nice nite!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Princess Kimi said...

Noooo idea who ^^^is. but yeah..

Girl282 said...

OK........I see..........hhhhmmmmm........^^ is a LOSER. Just like Stephano.....LOL......Hugs!!!!!

Princess Kimi said...

can you block RT from commenting btw? His comments came across as racist. thx.

SteveB said...

I did not watch everything until last night. A few thoughts: how does Haley not go home? How is Haley not in the bottom three? Casey in the bottom three and would have gone home? "Say what?" in my best Randy Jackson impersonation. "Bobblehead Pia" classic! Paul thank you for the guitar and mic stand, so I did not have to figure out what the heck you are doing up there. Props to Chrissi bring up Jasmine! Did I ask, how Haley did not go home?