Thursday, May 7, 2009

AI Results Show: Paula Goes Coconuts

Fave Quotes From The Night:

"Who will graduate from the 'School of Rock'.... and who will just get schooled?"

"I heard you can get my scream as a ringtone and stuff."

"Gentlemen, I'm just here for the music!"

"Allison ees goin to be a beeg estar."

I'll make this short and sweet, people.

Slash= needs to get some personality and some conditioner and lose the top hat (it is so 1992).
Paula= who needs two microphones to lip sync? I can't believe she is judging our contestants. It's so wrong.
No Dizzoubt= rockin' it old school
the right way ::lookin' at Slash's top hat and shaking my head::
Hometown Visit Footage= why do I always get teary when I see Eliot Yamin's mom getting emotional in that car? Love when Archie is like "Where did they all park?" I forgot Fantasia was even on this show.
KRIS IS SAFE= me resting easy and enjoying the rest of the show.
Daughtry= Love him. So so so so happy for him. The following is to answer a question posed by Flemmy (aka A Concerned Listener, btw).

He has been married to Deanna Robertson since November 2000. He has two children: a stepdaughter, Hannah Price b. July 1998, from his wife's previous marriage, and an adopted son, Griffin Daughtry b. January 2000. In a December 2007 interview with Gibson Lifestyle. Daughtry said, "I used to call [my wife] and just quickly throw in the towel. But I’ve found that the less I say and the more I actually listen to her, and just be there without actually being there, is the best thing I can do. As a man, I always feel like I need to say something. Sometimes I have to stop myself because all I want to do is call and tell her about how much awesome stuff is going on in my life, and, you know, her day is sucking hard. I could write a book on it, I’m serious.”

ADAM IS SAFE=Not surprised.

DANNY SAFE/ALLISON GONE= this is so how it should be. It's hard to beat being likable. Danny is, Allison is not. Did you see that shot of Danny looking lovingly as she was singing her final song? I'm thinking Memzy wasn't just imagining the groping during the food fight.

Next week it gets dicey, you gize!!!! We haven't had an unpredictable week for a long time.

Another duet with Adam...


Carol said...

Tiffers, Loved that you used my reference to the coconuts. Did you get my text? I'm sure that was YOU I heard screaming whilst Paula was on stage. I've watched it several times and each time I see something new that makes me say, "What. . .the. . .heck"? And who was that girl singing the girly song. She kindof scared me. Loved Daughtry--I have two of his songs on my iPhone. Kris' reaction was so genuine. I'm sure he thought he was going home. Allison is going home but I think she will have a great career. Now. . . . .how do we save Danny or Kris and send Adam back to Broadway? Hmmmm?

Markie23 said...

Paula ROCKED IT!! At 47 she can still sing, she can still dance, she can still melt me with that dazzling smile... She's forever my girl. She was the best performance of the night by far.
All this time I have been struggling to lose weight... dieting, racquetball, weight-lifting, jogging... when all I really needed was the Gwen Stephanie 4 minute "I'm just a girl" workout. I burned 300 calories just watching her.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I've been meaning to say this for a while, so I will now.
I wish I had an Aunt Carol.
She might be the coolest Aunt ever!
I love her comments.
Also I'm so positive that Red will be a total success--she will indeed beee a beeeg estar.
When Danny said the bit about the ring tone I felt so unorginal...I thought I came up with that!!!
The best part of the night was Kris's face when they announced he was safe. He's humble pie that guy.

Memzy said...

Markie she's forever your girl? I give you a srs lollerz for phraseology. You kill me!

Everyone wants an Aunt Carol btw. You are not alone. But she's MY mom. Neener neener.

Paula's number.......W. O. W. I loved it sooo bad.


Katie said...

Where did you find that gem? I must say, Adam is not very convincing as a woman lover. I think I would have totally bought it if he was singing to a man.

I was like a nervous mother watching Gwen bounce around the stage with all those stairs and gaping holes in the floor. I loved her hair. Loved it.

Jenny ESP said...

Gentlemen, I'm just here for the podcast. Where is it?

OOOOOOoooo, thanks for the Chris Daughtry "behind the music" thing. Very interesting. And you already know that I jumped up on the couch when Kris made it through. So happy for him.

Carol said...

Ahhhh, how nice of "our family" to make such a nice comment. And Memzy--love you.

Carol said...

You too Tiffers, but you already know that.

Krissy said...

Who needs a Tivo when I have you? Thanks for the re-cap!

BrianFam said...

From the first time I looked on your blog and saw you reffering to the blind fellow as "blindy" I have been laughing at your recaps of AI on a regular basis. Just now in fact I laughed out loud at the microphone comment because I thought the same thing!You are hillarious and I love reading what you have to say! Thanks for the laughs.