Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The judges are trying to screw this whole thing up. They are liars and jerkfaces. And I hate them.

I thought Slash was a mute before this. Srsly.

I've been Slash many times in Guitar Hero. He's not that great.

The duets..... I'm liking this concept. But how dare they make them come up with a song on their own? Lamerz. The judges should have picked their duet songs.

"Whole Lotta Love" Led Zepplin

Hmmmm.... well? Ummmm..... yeah..... so....... I saw him pelve the mic stand. There, I said it and it's out in the open now. I did not approve of that move but I think overall he didn't sound like a complete moron taking on a Led Zepplin song. He struts around that stage like he owns the place, that is for sure. Such confidence. I will say, however, that during that acapella part I was embarrassed watching it. And when he danced along with the guitar solo? Ugh. But he was in his element. And thank goodness Slash told him to not improvise so much in his "upper register." I wonder what it originally sounded like?

"Cry Baby" Janis Joplin

She went to ADAM'S HAIR GIRL? He has a hair girl? I don't know why that threw me for a loop. It makes perfect sense, but still. I think she sang the song well but I kind of lost interest half way through.... started playing a game on my phone (Flood It... totally addictive), etc. And the judges saying it was a bad song choice was kind of slamming Slash, wasn't it? I mean, he told her to do that song, right? Rood. I bet Slash won't come back again. Oh, and Allison? Yeah, too much talking this time. Ssssshhhhhhh.....

DUET: Kris v. Danny
"Renegade" Styx

Loved the harmony here. Kris way outsang Gokey. Not even close. Plus, and Memzy finds this extremely attractive, Gokey was dancing sooooooper dorky. Kris knew how to beebop and not look like an idiot. Plus, way awkward high five between the two of them at the end. It was like "Hey man... " "Oh yeah... good job dude." Also, Simon is an idiot & is attempting to skew the minds of America in Gokey's direction. This was the first clue this evening.

"Come Together" The Beatles

Why had I forgotten he was from Arkansas? So doesn't fit. Holy awesome song. I love The Beatles & I particularly love this song for some reason. I thought he did the perfect amount of staying true to the original and changing it up a bit. He almost sounded Pearl Jammy there a few times. Loved it. Did he say he almost "peed his pants" while playing guitar with Slash? So endearing. Kara is a B. Paula has obviously been reading the Twilight series cuz she said Kris imprinted on the song. Simon said it was safe? Chyaaaa right! And Randy said.... I don't remember/care. Point is, Kris looked worried for the first time ever and I wanted to weep for him.

"Dream On" Aerosmith

He looks exHAUSTED. Srsly... half dead. And then after hearing his performance I wished I was dead. Worst. Performance. Ever. My ears were screaming in pain on that refrain + ending note. So so so so bad. But then, oh? What do you know? The judges go super easy on him and give him props for "taking a chance" and "being edgy." No no no no no no no.... not falling for it! He couldn't hack rock week. That's the bottom line. On the week that he couldn't be boring and predictable, he sucked. Tonight we saw Gokey's limits and it wasn't pretty.

DUET: Adam v. Allison
"Slow Ride" Foghat

First of all, I dominate this song on Guitar Hero. I can almost make it through on the expert level. B) I loved this performance. They both seemed like rock veterans up there doing a farewell tour or something. And their huge hug at the end was in stark contrast to the awkward high five K & D exchanged. Very enjoyable all round.




Markie23 said...

Yup.... very annoyed at the judges last night, especially Kara. I'm really starting to develop a keen dislike for that girl.
Kris did great. He didn't try to imitate a hard rocker like Gokey did. He picked a great song for him, and mixed it up just right. Gokey WAS painful to watch. I wonder what my sis thought of it (She's a big Gokey fan). I also wonder if the Albion 8 voted for Adam again this week. Ewwwww.
Red was solid as usual. I wish Adam and Kara would go home, but since that's not gonna happen - Gokey. I'm scared for Kris though. I hope you gave him enough votes last night Landeelu, I'm holding you responsible if he goes home.

Memzy said... one can ever claim Gokey is boring again..............and that's all I have to say.


Hot Pants said...

Markie, I've never voted for far as I know. I was on pain killers for a couple of shows though. I spent a good 30 minutes helping Kris out, and Markies big sister isn't so good working the phone, so hopefully Gokey is a goner.

Katrina said...

I always thought I like rock and roll, until last night. It was bugging me. And I like Kris-fave by far-but he wasn't good, Tiffany. Gokey did out sing him in the duet. Don't get me wrong though. It didn't make me like him even a little bit more. He sang good, but he bugs me. I don't know what Memzy sees in him. The glasses? The crooked teeth? Nerdy dancing? Tell me Memzy, what is the draw...

Carol said...

My favorite part last night? The duet between Kris and Gokey. Loved it. Kris did well but didn't wow me. Gokey was painful and I'm a big fan--but it hurt. Adam--still no likey--none--nada. Red--did well but it wasn't her best song. The judges were rude and stupid in critiquing Red. She can't win with them.

Worst part--Paula's coconuts were again burning my retinas.

Carol said...

Tiffers, I want that to be a topic of discussion on a future podcast. How we can get Paulers to cover up. PLEASSSSSSSE

Carol said...

Don't even get me started on Dancing with the starts hoochy momma outfits.

ManicMandee said...

Duets??? What the heck! I can't wait to see this.

Jenny ESP said...

Those judges bugged the junk out of me. They are totally trying to manipulate the votes. Kris was leaps and bounds better than Gokey during their duet. I don't know who this "Katrina" person is, but she's deafer than Blindy.

And I watched Gokey's playback at the end at least twenty times. Laughed so hard, my tummy hurt. Dreadful. Who lied to him and told him he could hit those falsetto notes? Have to admit, Adam would have killed on that song.

Voted a ton for poor lil Kris.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

As you can see I'm making the most of the glam-shot photo you scanned for me.
Okay, so if Kris goes home I will be crushed.
I totally think the judges are trying to sway the people to have a Gokey-Lambert showdown. The heart & soul gospel singer against one of satan's little helpers. Just for show. Not that I hate Adam, I think he is a very talented singer--just Creeeepy.
Oh, & just for fun--will you please change your ring-tone to Danny's scream?