Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Through The Years

A few years ago, I started taking pics of the kids and I every Mother's Day. I had visions in my head of putting up side by side pics of us on the wall.... one from when they were 2 and then again when they were 12, 18, etc. You get the point. It's going to be extremely touching, mark my words.

So I thought I'd post the ones I have. Apparently I got this idear in 2004. Living in Ohio. These were some bad hair days, you gize. Can you stand the cuteness of those boys??? I can't.

2005: Living in South Carolina. Much better hair. This must have been before the humidity took hold of it that day. I guess I was preggers with Beebs here but was unaware.

2006: Now in Colorado!! And mother of three. As if my enormous face didn't give it away. Can you believe we moved when Beebs was that little? How'd I ever get anything unpacked? I'm so glad that is now a blur.

2007: For whatever reason we let Maggie in this pic. Maybe I thought she'd even out the composition a little better? She is kind of like a 4th kid though. In that we just spent $400 on dental work for her. And by "dental work" I mean they put her under, yanked out 7 teeth and cleaned the rest. Apparently her teeth were all rotting.... oopsy. Looks like JBird was missing a couple of teeth as well.

2008: Freakin' adorable kids.

And now, the moment I'm sure you've been waiting for since this post began.....

2009: I think that is our new pose. The one we can recreate every year. And yeah, TBone ate it on the sidewalk running home from the bus on Friday. It adds to the mothery theme here, me thinks. That second pic down there is way off kilter in so many ways but I kinda like it. Dunno why.

So I did have a loverly Mother's Day this year. With a couple of speed bumps........

Outburst #1

The primary children went up to sing their Mother's Day song in Sacrament Meeting (Love is Spoken here, btw). For whatever reason, TBone was right there at the pulpit microphone. Luckily it was turned off but he held it down to his mouth and sang into it as if it were on. I eyed him cautiously just praying the thing didn't accidentally turn on for a second. It didn't. But TBone got swept up in the "power of the mic", I guess, cuz at the end of the song, right as the kids were all going to sit with their parents...... he yells..... "THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!" It took me a couple of seconds to register that that was TBone's voice I just heard and by the time I did, I looked around and everyone was looking at me and giggling. I started laughing so hard I had tears. And I guarantee my face was beet red. So embarassing yet funny. I should have disciplined him, however cuz.....

Outburst #2

The final speaker was speaking on, what else?, mothers. He was talking about how much mothers do and part of it went something like "mothers teach their kids to cook and then MAKE them cook.... they teach their kids to clean and then MAKE them clean...." And right then (you knew it was coming) Tanner yells out "THAT'S THIS MOM RIGHT HERE!" as he is pointing at me. This is where the funny left and only the embarassment remained. Who yells stuff from the audience?? He got a taste of it earlier, saw some giggles and was chasing that high again, I guess. This time there were harsher whispers in his ear and a hand over his mouth. He cried a little and said he was "only trying to say something nice about you!" Uh-huh. A friend of mine said later that she was just impressed he was listening to the talk. I guess that is one way of looking at it.

Thank goodness Standsdad (and Standsmom) had invited us over for a delicious brunch after church. I stuffed myself silly and ate my cares away. We then went home and I got my annual nap, finished a book and received my gift from Gty.... 4 hours of HIM cleaning. I'm trying to decide if I should have him do the bathrooms the next 8 times or waste it all in one shot and make him clean the basement.

Decisions, decisions.....

All in all, a great Mother's Day. One for the books even.


Cristin said...

hahahaha thank you for sharing that hahahaha I'm gonna be giggling about that all day. Your kids rock!!!!

Jenny ESP said...

It's tough being the class clown for the entire primary. Much is expected of you. He had to top the Loony Tunes reference. And I'll trade you my Lion King tickets for 4 hours of Gty's maid services.

Landee said...

Cristin... TBone is on eBay. Quick go and bid! Then I can hear these stories from YOU instead!! Lollerz.

Jesp, Gty's Merry Maids is not up for trade. Although I might take three Smithys for him if I get desperate.

Memzy said...

I know the kids growth is what we're supposed to be focusing on but my fave part is the fashion/hair transformations. Believachoome I've seen this in myself.

I really should start this idea. I say that every year for 4 years now. ::sigh::

eekareek said...

Very cute. Maybe you gize should move down to the south. I hear its okay to holler out in church there.

Landee said...

I know... the hair. It's funny cuz I've always thought my hair has been the same over the years. Slight variations on the same look, ya know? These pics prove me wrong. I've had basically the same color I guess.

And Eeka, we lived in the south and it's still not OK, unless we switched religions which is definitely something to think about with TBone around.

ManicMandee said...

That does sound like a fantastic Mother's Day. Mine wasn't nearly so good.
Those photos are all very nice too.

Katie said...

Wow, four hours of cleaning? What more could a mother want. I am officially going to start saving up some cleaning for Tom when he gets here. You know he has to do a "make-up" mother's day. Just because he wasn't here for it, doesn't mean he is off the hook.

I am pretty sure I could out groovy you in hair any day. You are officially challenged.

That is such a good idea to take pictures every mother's day. I feel a tear coming on...no, it passed.

Flem said...

I have loved your mothers day pics for many years but this year is my all time fave. Abused kid look in pic is unmatchable.

I love the outbursts--I wish someone at church had done that on Sunday.

Are his hours like Michael Scott's?

Michael: Jim, not a hard worker. I will do something that takes four hours and then Jim will do the same amount of work in 20 minutes so he obviously doesn't like to work very much.

StandsMom said...

OmGosh! I love seeing your pics. Your kids are so cute and seeing them little is totally cute too. I've been wanting to ask you, since our boys were all born on the same years and in the same month - if you also found out you were preggers on Mother's Day like I did? Anyway - I enjoyed a great amount of pride and joy in Sac. mtg when Tbone spoke up. I also enjoyed looking over my shoulder at the look on your face. Priceless. Dinner was good. I get so much pleasure out of making food that people enjoy eating :::huge grin:::. After dinner was a little slow - but that's because we were moms wanting a nap on Mother's Day. I feel a huge amount of guilt for that soda, btw. I cannot be deliberately corrupting. Tell Gty I'm sorry.