Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Thank you AI, for not toying with me and making it come down to Kris + one of the other losers. Ya just made him safe right off the bat and then I could rest easy.

Hey.... pssssst.... Adam.... guess what? Guess who the Gokey fans are gonna vote for now? Huh? Any idea? Yeeeeeah, not you. Mkay? Not you.

Hometown Visits:

Gokey.... no graveside shot. No single tear. Nothing. Sorry Daniel. But bringing this up in your "I'm Kicked Off the Show" montage ain't gonna get the votes. I felt so sorry for that lady running after the car. So embarassed for her. She was, like, 50.

Kris.... tender moment between he & his dad. Glad to hear him sing "Falling Slowly" again. And, um, is it just me or is his wife dead inside? She's like a Stepford Wife or something. His parents are all emotional & crying & saying how proud they are and she just stands there.... blank face.... nothing.... something is goin' on there. I need to make a sign that says "THIS COUGAR IS FOR KRIS" and put it in my yard. Don't ask me why. I just need to.

Adam.... I really loved his hometown visit. He went to that cute MET place where he performed as a kid, went back to his high school. It almost seemed.... humble? He seems like a way nice guy. Truly. But now, due to who he is up against, he is my mortal enemy. Game on, Lambert.

Jordin Sparks? What the? Too much pelving. Too much glaring at the camera. ::fast forward::
Katy Perry? Nice cape. She sux. ::fast forward::

It's gonna be a ding-dong next week, you gize.

PS What am I gonna blog about when the season is over? Real life stuff?? I'm nervous.


Katie said...

I am not going to make the same mistake and watch the show well after voting lines are closed. I am totally behind you, Kris...or in front, whatever you prefer...

Memzy said...

^^^she totally distracted me with that.

Memzy said...

I' to.....


Jenny ESP said...

Yes We Can!!!! The look on the judges' faces was priceless. They just discovered that they can't move mountains with their critiques. They were way out of touch last night. Kris was the ONLY current singer of the three. I hope they learn their lesson and give fair critiques, and save themselves from looking stupid on the final results show.

Gokey's hometown visit was dead inside. I felt nothing, except his wife rolling over in her grave when he didn't mention her. Both Kris and Adam's were touching. Enjoyed them a lot.

This is the correct top two, IMO. I hope Kris wins it all, but if Adam wins, I won't be devastated. Love them both.

Also enjoyed watching Katy Perry pick her snuggie out of her bum crack at the end of her song.

Flem said...

Didn't see most of the show due to forgetting to pack my pants but I was relieved as well. The right thing happened. What does ding dong mean? I heard Seacrest say that and it confused me.

My big thank you to ai is planning the finale for a week in which I will be in town. Can you post some suggested dessert ideas for the finale party? Thanks.

Hot Pants said...

Flem, just go to your local tavern to watch it. They have cool tavern appetizers. No work. No cleanup. Diet Coke from a spout.

Kris can thank me later for the 500,000 votes I'm pretty sure I gave him Tuesday night.

Markie23 said...

I love starting the day with a heavy dose of laughter, and I got it this morning... thanks cougar.
Also cracking up from above comments!
As for what to blog about next... SYTYCD of course!! Do you not watch this show Landee? If not START!! I actually like it better than Idol. I can't wait. I neeeeed you to do the same kind of run-downs for SYTYCD like you did for AI. Can you do it Landeelu? CAN YOU DO IT??

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I'm having Lisa Lundell make us some "This Cougar is for Kris" banners for our front yards.
How about a T-shirt too? "Falling Slowly" on the front side. "For Kris" on the back.
I also call that we do a special fast on Tuesday.
That should do it.

Carol said...

Tiffers, LOVED your critique--but still love Gokey. I almost jumped out of my chair when you said all Gokey's votes will now go to Kris. I honestly hadn't thought of that but YEAH!!! Let's do it people. We must help Kris win. Still not a Lambert fan--at--all. And Katy Perry--eeewwww. Her singing was so bad and the thought came to me, what would the judges say about THAT performance if she were a contestant. I don't like to use the word SUK out loud but I was sure thinkin' it.

Tiffers--you MUST continue your run downs with SYTYCD. It's critical that we have your input. Critical!! Do it---do it---do it.

Landee said...

People, people, people.... never fear! You're right! The BEST SHOW EVER is coming on soon! I have watched SYTYCD since the beginning with Nick, don't even want to tell you the excitement Gty experienced when he saw Benji Schwimmer in the SLC airport, loved Sabra and that cute street dancer from last year (James?). I'm all over it.

::WOOT WOOT!!:: Here comes the Hot Tamale Train!

Jaykay. I hate Mary & her screaming.

SolidGold, I'm having our t-shirts printed up at Instant Imprints by Target as we speak. You owe me $27.95. Worth every penny.