Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slacking on the Blog Plus Offenses

I'm in one of those transitional periods where I need to find some balance.

I have a new obsession that makes me extremely happy.... it's podcasting. I can't get enough. I love doing them, listening to them a brazillion times, seeing them post to iTunes, etc. I don't do anything fancy, just a friend of mine and I sitting and chatting but who knew that could be so magical?

The only problem is, it's cutting into my blogging time. I need to find a balance.

The good news is, if you're missing me feel free to click the links over to the right there under "Anderson Family Broadcasting" and give them a listen. Or search AFB in the iTunes Store. It's basically a live blog. Rather than sitting in front of your computer reading this you could be folding your laundry or cleaning a bathroom while listening to a much better version of this. If you're not missing me then perfect. No harm, no foul.

I've recently done another one with both Memzy & Jespy and have a couple lined up this week with Standsmom and Katie Eagle-Not-Goleta. I'd also recommend The G-Bone Show.... to your husbands. Lollerz. Or if you want to get some sports knowledge dropped on you in an entertaining way then The G-Bone Show is for you.

Also, if you want to be a guest (lookin' at you Markie) or have a comment email afbpodcast at gmail.com. I'd also love to have some questions to answer (either me or my interviewees) if you've got 'em.

I recently recieved an email from an avid listener.... it reads....


I think the word "jagbag" is overused on your show. I think it might be offensive to some people.

-- A concerned listener

Is this serious? Jagbag is one of the greatest words I've ever had the privilage of hearing. It's definitely a "Thompson Boys" (Gty's cousin) word, at least they were the first people I know to use it. It is good on so many levels.

1) It sounds like it should be totally offensive or considered swearing... and yet it's not. Jag.... what is that? A sharp projection? A period of overindulgence in an activity? (i.e. a crying jag). Nothing wrong there. A bag.... something you carry things in. Sometimes with two handles, sometimes with one. Jag + bag= a fun way to call someone or something a stupid jerk.

How is this offensive?

2) It also just rolls off the tongue. Most likely because it rhymes. But try it with a thick Chicago accent where the "a" says it's own name. JaygBayg. Heavenly.

After texting "A concerned listener" it turns out they were under the impression that it might be a racial slur. What does he/she take me for? Then he/she checked some racial slur database (yes, a database full of racial slurs does exist.... who's offensive now?) and it's not on there. Take that Concerned Listener! I did learn, however, that as a whitey I should be offended by terms such as 8mile and Afro-Saxon (when I'm trying to act all ghetto, yo) and Abe Lincoln, Anglo, Aryan, BaconBits, Belegana (means "silly white person" in Navajo), Betty Crocker (I'd LOVE to be called Betty Crocker!), BirdTurd.... and that is only to the Bs people!

So many things can be considered offensive if you let them, and yet are not. Don't let jagbag be one of those things. It's too..... good.


Cristin said...

I personally like the word jagbag...it makes me giggle.

Memzy said...


Wait!! Another with Jespy?!! I'm so glad you informed me. I'm on my way.

ManicMandee said...

I would have never guessed the correct meaning of "jagbag". I imagine when you use the term, the context gives the meaning away.
Finding that balance of time is a continual struggle for so many people-- including me. You'll get it figured out I'm sure.

Katie said...

I am so glad you that are fighting for jagbag. That is the ONLY reason I listen to your podcasts-to find new ways to use it in a sentence.

I always get called 8mile. I totally thought they were complimenting me because I look like I could easily run 8 miles...now I know.

thoughtless listener

Denver Sims said...

Ack! I have yet to listen to A podcast, period. And here I thought I was so hip!

I LedOL when I read that you would love to be called "Betty," because I had that EXACT same thought! =D

Landee said...

You gize are all a bunch of Belegana8mileBettyCrockers!

I think "Betty Crackers" would be funnier.... I wonder if the racial slur database is taking submissions.

Flem said...

What kind of person gets offended by this terminology?

A crazy person.

Or... maybe this person heard the tone in your voice while you used it and assumed it was a mean old word.

I will never say it. Ever.

Also this person should never have told you about the db. It is like teaching teenagers how to swear in Spanish and them expecting not to use that knowledge nefariously.

Jenny ESP said...

I am totally blog slacking, on account of those books I was obsessively reading. But I'm done now. I feel dead inside, like after I finished the Twilight series or Harry Potter. Thank goodness for your podcasts. Utter brilliance, they are.